1. Classes


  • Burning Arrow properly inflicts critical hit damage if cast on an empty cell.


  • The Medium passive no longer lets you steal health in the Calm state.
  • The damage inflicted through portals bonus is properly applied if the passive is equipped.
  • Exaltation properly gives 30% damage inflicted on allies with the Reminiscence passive.
  • Celestial Portal's teleportation properly takes into account the Eliotrope's free portals only.
  • In Exalted mode, the Eliotrope does not recover 1 WP too many if they have no active portals.
  • The Deafening Targe spell's damage properly accounts for location and single-target mastery.


  • The Backband spell properly costs 2 AP.
  • The description of Moonbeam properly specifies its area of effect.
  • Solar Stronghold is properly applied to an ally other than the caster.
  • Glistening Halo
    • Damage is lowered
    • Cannot target a summons.
    • Cannot target a fighter who already has a Glistening Halo from another Huppermage.
    • If the target dies or is again targeted by the spell, only Glistening Halos placed by the same Huppermage in the state's area of effect will be triggered.
    • The state is properly removed in every instance and cannot be triggered more than once.
    • The area of effect is now a square.
  • Energy Flux and Light Arrow inflict consistent damage on bosses that are 9 cells away.
  • Several adjustments and corrections have been made so that it is no longer possible to accumulate several Will-o'-the-Wisp on the same cell or to summon several at once in certain special cases.


  • The Turret properly gives Armor to allies with the Tactician passive using Destruction Shot.
  • Fixed a bug where a Foggernaut didn't lose all their SP at the end of their turn after using the Fogginator spell with Immediate Execution if they had extra max SP from the Patience passive.
  • The Pummel and Trampling spells no longer have a straight-line casting restriction when the Energy Moderator passive is equipped and the Foggernaut starts their turn with all their WP.
  • The Stasis Flux spell costs 2 AP and 3 SP, even with the Energy Moderator bonus.
  • When the Foggernaut has two turrets due to the Advanced Mechanics passive, moving one will no longer remove the blocks placed in the turn.


  • The effects of Dial Master are no longer triggered when under Counterclockwise.
  • Fixed a bug where the Symmetry spell couldn't be cast if the dial was in play.
  • The bonus APs from Knowledge of the Past will be given if the Xelor turns the dial equipped with the Dial Master passive.

2. Miscellaneous

  • Etnop is reappearing in Astrub!
    • The event is being relaunched from 10:00 AM (Paris time) on April 14.
    • The Fleaster event is being extended for seven days, so it will end at 10:00 AM (Paris time) on April 28.
  • Some monsters (mimics, tropikokos, etc.) no longer play their death animations endlessly.
  • Heroes no longer return to a fight with 0 HP after being disembodied in a previous fight.