1. Dungeons

  • Fixed the damage increase on summons in Stasis 5, 6, and 7. It was unusually high.

2. Miscellaneous

  • The environmental quest "Competitive: Questionable Conduits" in Ereboria gives consistent rewards.
  • The environmental quests "Solo: Where We End Up" and "Solo: Fishy Fish" in Pandalucia are triggered at the right level.
  • The archmonsters "Stork the Ingenious" will properly spawn if conditions are met for the Abyssal Creepers/Foggernauts challenge.
  • Monsters in the Foggernaut Complex as part of the quest "Foggernauts and Stasis II" deal much less damage now.
  • The quest "On Silent Paws" can properly be completed by bringing Padded Epaulettes to Miranda.
  • The objective "Find a pretty shell to give to Mishell" in the quest "Mount Zinit - Wild Beach - Contract Rank 2 - Miscellaneous Facts" can be completed.
  • The February Boss Smasher is no longer available in January.

3. Foggernaut

  • Using Scuttle on a monster with the Stasified state from another Foggernaut properly consumes the state.

4. Items

  • The items Tauxik Hammer and Backagens can be crafted at the lowest rarity.

5. Monsters

  • Monsters you have to interact with for environmental quests in Ereboria have a consistent level.
  • The Protoctopus no longer casts the Stasified Deflagration spell in the first round.