Various fixes have been made to the quest Goomy's Family's Gone:
  • The book "Journal Remnants" can be obtained properly from Hark Saniss by all characters in the quest.
  • The book "Journal Remnants" can be put in the library.
  • You can restart the fight with the Deathburns near the bridge as long as the objective has not been completed (after losing, for example).

Other bug fixes:
  • Losing a fight in the Foggernaut Complex in the quest "Foggernauts and Stasis II" teleports the player to the entrance to the Complex instead of disembodying them.
  • There is only one attack option for Hark Saniss.
  • You can complete the objective "Confront Cire Momore" in the quest "Death is a Way of Life".
    Reminder: You just have to confront it.
  • The dialogue to hand over the Foggernaut guard essences no longer depends on having completed the quest "A Roaring Trade in Abyssal Creeper Seeds".
  • Ereboria dungeon leaderboard chests are available.
  • The Infernyob no longer casts its spells into empty space before taking its turn.
  • Raeliss no longer places a water prison around allied summons.
  • The Assassiren's Deadly Kiss spell immediately KO's the character instead of disembodying them.
  • In the Foggernaut dungeon, some obstructing cells that shouldn't be in Sire Flexington's room have been fixed.
  • Sire Flexington plays his death animation properly.
  • The Deathburn dungeon does have "Challenge" achievements.
  • Experience given by level-230 Ereboria monsters has increased.
  • Trapper actions on Bitter-Hammer monsters now required a minimum of level 30 in the profession to be performed.
  • Tentacles play their death animation properly.
  • Background and fight music changes when Cire Momore's intervention stele is activated.

Cire Momore
  • Cire Momore's intervention steles can be properly observed in the Octopus Crew and Abyssal Creeper dungeons.
  • Recipes for Cire Momore's intervention keys have been fixed.
  • The characteristics of Cire Momore's Greaves have been fixed.


Changes to the Earthy Assistance passive:
  • It is specified in the description that blocks' protection zones cannot overlap.
  • Also, invalid cells are grayed out when an Earth spell is selected.

  • Bloodthirsty Punishment is not deactivated when you die while deactivating it.

  • The level required to craft the Dorabyss is now 130.
  • The Ice Knight Sword costs 6 AP to use.
  • Characters who would appear on a strange desert island now appear at their respawn points.
  • Killing all the archmonsters or hordes in special challenges (Osamosa, Shhhudoku Kingdom, Shustuft Crust, Ereboria, and Pandalucia) no longer ends the challenge.
  • Compatibility with recent versions of AMD drivers has been improved.

  • The flag on the mast of the guild boat mount no longer disappears when moving.
  • The guild emblem appears on the Guild Pirate Costume.