1. Major Changes

1.1. Tactical View Improvements

Tactical view is changing. You can now switch between classic view, semi-tactical view, and tactical view.

You can learn more about tactical view in the devblog.

1.2. Quick Trades

We are adding three "quick trade" features:
  • You can now combine the entire contents of the active heroes' inventories into one of the targeted heroes' inventories. This means you can now merge three inventories into one. Some items such as consumables, cosmetic items, and identified equipment are not affected and remain in the inventory.
  • You can now transfer the entire contents of a bag or your inventory to a trade window. Some items such as consumables, cosmetic items, and identified equipment are not affected and remain in the inventory.
  • You can now transfer the entire contents of your inventory to the account chest. Only items that are already in the target chest's tab are transferred.

1.3. Single Point of Connection through Ankama Launcher

You can now connect to the game only through Ankama Launcher. Learn more

2. Combat

2.1. Kit Skill

Kit Skill is also being removed from items, the haven world building, and guild bonuses.

Now through Update 1.78, your characters will have a +4 Kit native bonus to compensate for any losses.

We are removing Kit Skill because it is a characteristic that we now consider to be of little interest from a conceptual standpoint. At its core, this removal is a choice for optimization: Kit causes complex calculations in your client and on the server to work out which items your character can equip. It is also a source of problems ("HP loss" bug when taking a zaap) that cannot be fixed without causing many risky knock-on effects. Since it is of little interest, we have decided to remove it gradually.
  • Fighters no longer use their run in combat.
  • The Rouse bonus given by Hippolyre has been doubled.
  • You can display the resistances of all enemy fighters using the Shift + V shortcut. Pressing Shift + V again hides it.
  • Buttons have been added to the shortcut bar to add combat markers and change the combat view (tactical views).
  • Some monsters' play time has been extended from 30 to 60 seconds.

You can designate cells in the combat bubble using a new marker system.
  • Pressing R and then clicking on a cell displays a temporary marker on that cell. There is no change to how this works.
  • Pressing R and R again and then clicking on a cell displays a marker selector.
    • Clicking on one of the icons in the selector places the marker on the already-targeted cell.
    • The marker remains until it is placed on another cell.
    • To make the marker disappear, you must put it back on its current cell, or press R three times and then click.
    • A marker can be replaced by another.

3. Classes


  • The Scalded state can be applied at several different levels (not stackable):

    • 10% additional indirect damage received for each level
    • Maximum level 6
  • How different classes apply Scalded has been balanced accordingly.

Class Natural States

  • The Feca, Sram, Eniripsa, Iop, Sadida, Pandawa, and Huppermage classes now have a natural state that is always visible in combat.

3.1. Eniripsa

  • Eniripsa spells have new animations.
  • Eniripsas now have a class passive that is always visible in combat.
  • Damage redirected by Link of Pain now penetrates armor.

3.2. Osamodas

  • Offensive and altruistic summons now have 0 Lock. They still have 100% of the Osamodas's Dodge.
  • Defensive summons now have 0 Dodge. They still have 100% of the Osamodas's Lock.
  • Neutral summons have half the Osamodas's Lock and Dodge.
  • Weakening Cry removes 50 Elemental Resistance for each hit received instead of 70.
  • Fixed some cases where the creature died as soon as it was summoned if the Osamodas had too low a level.

3.3. Ouginak

The Ouginak class has undergone a major revamp.
Ouginak characters' skill points are reset and can be reassigned.


Natural Changes 

  • The Ouginak no longer gains Fury for each spell cast.
  • Fury is gained by attacking your Prey and exploiting certain effects.
  • The Ouginak can reach a maximum of 30 Fury, or 40 using a passive.

  • The Ouginak can turn into a Were-Ouginak whenever they like.
  • The Ouginak can no longer gain Fury in Were-Ouginak form.
  • They lose 1 Fury for each AP/MP/WP from an elemental spell cast.
  • When the Ouginak has no more Fury, they lose the Were-Ouginak state and regenerate all WP.


  • All poisons applied by the Ouginak take into account their best masteries out of Ranged or Melee, regardless of their position.
  • Fury lets you perform actions in Were-Ouginak form and use your bonuses for longer.

Third Bar

These spells are obtained in the third bar at the start of the fight and do not take up any space in the deck.

  • 1 WP, 1 to 4 Range, straight-line casting
  • Places a Prey on the target
  • The Ouginak can place a single Prey
  • Each turn where the Ouginak hits their Prey:
    • 15 Fury
    • +15 levels of Tracker (60 max)
  • The Prey state is removed if the Prey ends their turn at 7 or more Range from the Ouginak
  • 1 per target

Bow Wow
  • 3 AP, 1 Range
  • Has 6 AP, 4 MP, 40% of the Ouginak's HP, and 100% of their Elemental Resistances
  • 100% of the Ouginak's max WP, 100% of the Ouginak's Dodge
  • Cannot lock
  • Can use the Ouginak's basic WP spells:
    • These spells' additional effects are applied by the Ouginak
  • MP removals attempted by the Bow Wow are performed by the Ouginak
  • 4 turns to recharge

  • 0 AP, 0 Range, non-modifiable
  • 50% Damage Inflicted
  • Does not gain Fury, loses 1 Fury for each AP/MP/WP from a spell cast
  • When there is no more Fury:
    • Regains all WP and leaves the Were-Ouginak state
  • 3 turns to recharge

Tracker (state)
  • 1% Damage Inflicted for each level
  • Max 60
  • Lasts 1 turn
This state is obtained each turn if the Ouginak inflicted damage on a Prey.

Bow Wow Spells

  • 2 AP, 1 WP, 0 to 3 Range, non-modifiable
  • Stabilizes the target
  • +5 Fury for the Ouginak
  • 2 turns to recast

  • 4 AP, 1 to 3 Range, in a straight line, non-modifiable
  • Places the Boney-O glyph
  • If an ally steps on it:
    • 2 max MP
    • 10% Damage Inflicted
    • The glyph disappears
  • 1 use per turn

  • 2 AP, 1 WP, 1 to 2 Range, non-modifiable
  • Sacrifices up to 50% HP to give them back to the Ouginak
  • 2 turns to recast

  • 2 AP, 1 to 2 Range, non-modifiable
  • -1 MP
  • 3 uses per turn, 1 use per target

Active Spells

  • 2 AP, 2 to 4 Range, non-modifiable, straight-line casting
  • Cast on an ally:
    • Attracts the ally 3 cells
    • Gives 200 Dodge
  • Cast on an enemy:
    • Attracts the Ouginak to the target by 3 cells
    • Removes 200 Dodge
  • 2 uses per turn

New Active: Surge
  • 2 AP, 1 to 2 Range, non-modifiable, straight-line casting
  • Cast on an empty cell:
    • Teleports to the cell
  • Cast on the Bow Wow or a Prey:
    • Switches places
  • 2 uses per turn

  • 3 AP, 2 to 4 Range, without line of sight, straight-line casting
  • Places the Canine glyph (lasts 2 turns)
  • At start of turn:
    • -3 MP
    • 63 Light damage
  • 1 use per turn

  • 2 AP, 1 WP, 0 to 3 Range, non-modifiable
  • 2 max MP (1 turn)
  • If Fury is ≥20, consumes all Fury
  • Per Fury point consumed:
    • 1% of caster's max HP as Armor for the target
  • 3 turns to recharge

  • 3 AP, 1 WP, 0 to 6 Range, non-modifiable
  • Applies Tracked on the target and Tracker on the Ouginak
  • At start of turn:
    • The "Tracker" state bearer teleports opposite the target
    • The Ouginak gains 10 Fury
  • Unlocks the Tracker spell
  • 3 turns to recharge

Tracker (unlocked if Tracking is present)
  • 5 Fury, 1 to 6 Range, non-modifiable
  • Transfers the "Tracker" state to the target
  • 3 turns to recharge

New Active: Pack
  • 1 WP, 1 to 4 Range
  • Cast on an ally only (Bow Wow included)
  • If the ally inflicts damage on the Prey:
    • 15% additional damage
    • 5 Fury for the Ouginak (1 time per turn)

Elemental Spells

The damage values shown are the values at level 200.


  • 3 AP, 1 to 3 Range, straight-line casting
  • 81 Water damage and steals 1 MP
  • If the Ouginak has more than 90% HP:
  • Steals 2 MP
  • 3 uses per turn, 2 uses per target

  • 4 AP, 1 WP, 1 to 3 Range, straight-line casting
  • In a 3-cell horizontal line:
    • 125 Water damage
    • Health Steal: 40% of Damage Inflicted
  • 2 uses per turn

  • 2 AP, 1 to 2 Range, non-modifiable, straight-line casting
  • 58 Water damage + steals 50% of damage
  • Double damage on summons
  • 3 uses per turn

Weigh Down
  • 3 AP, 1 Range, non-modifiable
  • If the Ouginak has more than 90% HP:
    • 108 Water damage (3-cell vertical line)
  • Otherwise:
    • 81 Water damage (3-cell vertical line)
  • 3 uses per turn

  • 5 AP, 1 to 4 Range, straight-line casting
  • 155 Water damage
  • If the Ouginak has more than 90% HP:
    • Incurable (level 6: -60% Heals received)
  • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target


Fang in the Works
  • 2 AP, 0 to 1 Range, non-modifiable
  • In a 1-cell cross, on enemies:
    • 54 Earth damage
    • -2 MP
  • 2 uses per turn

  • 3 AP, 1 WP, 1 Range, non-modifiable
  • 69 Earth damage
  • Applies "Brawl" on the target
  • On the following turn:
    • Brawl damage is tripled on that target
    • Can no longer apply Brawl
  • 2 uses per turn

  • 4 AP, 0 to 2 Range, non-modifiable
  • In a 2-cell cross, for each enemy affected: 
    • 350 Armor for the caster
  • 100 Earth damage

  • 2 AP, 1 to 2 Range, non-modifiable, straight-line casting
  • In a 3-cell horizontal line:
    • 58 Earth damage
    • Crumbly (level 4: -40% Armor received)
  • 3 uses per turn

Fits and Starts
  • 5 AP, 1 to 2 Range, non-modifiable
  • Steals Armor from the target by up to 8% of Ouginak's max HP
  • 145 Earth damage
  • 2 uses per target


  • 4 AP, 1 to 3 Range, straight-line casting
  • Attracts by 1 cell
  • 108 Air damage (enemy)
  • If target is or will be adjacent:
    • 135 Air damage instead
  • 2 uses per turn

  • 3 AP, 2 to 3 Range
  • In a 1-cell cross:
    • 75 Air damage (enemy)
    • Pushes by 1 cell
  • 3 uses per turn

Big Dog
  • 4 AP, 3 to 5 Range, non-modifiable, straight-line casting
  • 100 Air damage
  • Teleports behind the target
  • 2 uses per turn

  • 2 AP, 1 to 3 Range
  • 29 Air damage
  • Fracture (1 turn)
  • After moving (with MP/Xelor's Dial):
    • 58 Air damage
  • 3 uses per turn, 1 use per target

  • 6 AP, 1 WP, 1 to 3 Range
  • 125 Air damage
  • At end of turn:
    • 125 Air damage
    • Damage increased if the target is adjacent to the Ouginak
  • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target


Passive 1 – Sidekick
  • Bow Wow:
    • 2 AP, 100 Elemental Resistance
    • The Bow Wow has 0 Dodge
  • When the Bow Wow dies:
    • +2 WP

Passive 2 – Haggling
  • When casting Were-Ouginak, for each Fury point:
    • 3 Elemental Resistance (3 turns)
    • Loses 5 Fury at start of turn in Were-Ouginak form

Passive 3 – Growlight
  • 300% of level as Lock
  • When turning into a Were-Ouginak:
    • Converts 100% of Lock into Dodge

Passive 4 – Relentless
  • 20 Force of Will
  • +4 Fury when the Ouginak removes 1 MP from a target
  • -10% Damage Inflicted

Passive 5 – Open Season
  • -10 max Fury
  • Attacking the Prey gives Fury and Tracker instantly

Passive 6 – Assimilation
  • -15% indirect damage
  • When the Ouginak inflicts indirect damage:
  • +4 Fury
  • Heals: 5% of max HP

Passive 7 – Canine Energy
  • 3 max WP
  • -20% Damage Inflicted in Were-Ouginak form

Passive 8 – Ardor
  • 30% melee damage on the next turn if the Ouginak ends their turn adjacent to a Prey
  • -1 max MP

Passive 9 – Raiding
  • -10% Damage Inflicted
  • 30% Armor received
  • 400% of level as HP
  • At start of turn, if a Prey is adjacent:
    • 12% of max HP as Armor

Passive 10 – Fury
  • +10 max Fury
  • -1 WP

Passive 11 – Exhaustion
  • 50% indirect damage
  • -2 Range

Passive 12 – Tailing
  • 20% Damage Inflicted from behind
  • 1 max MP
  • Prey can only be cast from behind

Passive 13 – Sniff
  • When applying Prey:
  • 50 Light damage (indirect)
  • 75 Light damage at start of each turn of the Prey
  • Prey costs 2 WP

Passive 14 – Canine Art
  • -15% indirect damage
  • Steals 40% of indirect damage inflicted and grants them as Armor

Passive 15 – Burrow
  • At the end of the Ouginak's turn:
    • Switches places with the Bow Wow
  • At end of the Bow Wow's turn:
    • Switches places with the Ouginak

Passive 16 – Cunning Fang
  • The Ouginak converts their Block (1:1) into Critical Hits when they turn into a Were-Ouginak.
  • 20% Block

Passive 17 – Canine Tracking
  • When ending your turn adjacent to a Prey:
    • +10 Tracker
    • Tracker gives 2 Elemental Resistance for each level instead of Damage Inflicted (for 1 turn)

Passive 18 – Wise Strength
  • Transforms MP removals
  • No longer removes MP
  • Indirect Light damage at start of turn

Passive 19 – Dog Handler
  • The Bow Wow copies the Ouginak's actions
  • The Bow Wow can no longer cast spells
  • When the Ouginak attacks a target, the Bow Wow tries to target it on the Bow Wow's turn (depending on its Range, line of sight if necessary, its alignment if required by the spell, etc.). If the criteria are valid, the Bow Wow reproduces the spell's effects.

3.4. Pandawa

  • The Elemental Resistance penalty applied by Flaming Burp is shown in the target's status bar.

  • The spell now costs 2 AP and 1 WP, and not 1 AP.
  • It can be cast at 1–4 Range, non-modifiable, and not 1–2.
  • It can only be cast every other turn.
  • When cast on an enemy, the spell applies Scalded (4 levels).

3.5. Sacrier

  • Blood Rush is now limited to 4 casts per turn.
  • The way the Sacrier class's backfire works is changing:
    • As long as the Sacrier more than 1 HP, they cannot kill themself with their backfire (their HP is blocked at 1 HP).
    • If the Sacrier has 1 HP, they no longer block damage from their backfire and can die.

3.6. Sadida

  • The Sadida class's WP regeneration is now a state that is innate to the class.
  • The Sadida Prayer passive is now:
    • If the Sadida did not apply armor during the turn:
      • 50% Armor given on the following turn
  • The Voodoll is naturally stabilized

3.7. Huppermage

  • The Cursed state is no longer triggered by the Huppermage class's Sharing.

3.8. Xelor

Dark Bolt
  • The spell now requires 5 AP. The damage values have been adjusted accordingly.
  • The spell now requires 4 AP. The damage values have been adjusted accordingly.
  • The spell now requires 3 AP. The damage values have been adjusted accordingly.
  • The spell is now triggered at the start of the target's turn.
  • Casting the spell on a target with Distortion active inflicts area-of-effect Fire damage on the spell's target.
  • The spell is now triggered at the end of the target's turn.
  • The damage values have increased.
  • Casting the spell on a target with Distortion active inflicts single-target Fire damage on the spell's target.
  • The spell is now limited to 3 uses per turn and 1 use per target.

3.9. Masqueraider

  • A Zobal wearing the class mask can dodge KO'd enemies adjacent to them.
  • The Cavalcade spell now inflicts consistent collision damage.

4. Monsters

  • K'abah'al always has 20% of his life when summoned by residue, regardless of Stasis level.
  • Nogord's damage counter is correctly incremented if the damage received is greater than 327,670.
  • Fixed a case in which the appearance of monsters' orientations could be incorrect in the first room of the Or'Hodruin Volcano dungeon, causing issues when Gulnaz dies, for example.
  • The "In a Shell" resistance bonus granted by Soft-Boiled Dreggons to their allies can no longer persist when the Soft-Boiled Dreggons are dead.
  • When a Mimic dies, it no longer increases Kali's Angrrred if the stele with the same name is active.
  • The Elemental Resistance penalty applied by Kali's Angrrred state no longer counts in the -200 cap.
  • The Chrysavoid is properly disabled with the Eliotrope's Centric Point and Rogue's Magnet spells.

Slight changes have been made to the following monster families and dungeons:
  • The Tofuhouse
  • Hoola Hoopiwi
  • Kokokobana
  • The Undieworld
  • Elite Riktus Dungeon

The following monster families and dungeons have undergone major revamps:
  • The Hill Hazize
  • Dry Selachii
  • Jelly Dungeon
  • Hagen Daz's Pot
  • The Frozen Tower
  • The experience given by three-player dungeon bosses has decreased.
  • The movement speed of some monsters has increased.

5. Items

  • The Armor Length sublimation's bonus is correctly added to other % Armor given bonuses additively, and not multiplicatively.
  • The price of the Chewer pet at the Boss Smasher machine is now 5 tokens instead of 14.
  • Some level-100 items' levels have been reduced to 95: Almanax items, items crafted with master seals, etc.
  • The Beber Breastplate item correctly applies its Armor received bonus.
  • You can trade 5 Mystical Sakura Cuttings for 1 Mystical Sakura Cutting (Haven Bag) at the Mentor machine.

  • An eleventh level of enchantment is available for level-216+ items.

6. Interface

  • Builds can be sorted in the manager.
  • The transportation interface has been enlarged.
  • The natural state of each class – explaining how the gameplay works and which spells are unlocked in combat – is now shown in the spell interface.
  • The purchase limit in the Marketplace is now 9,999 instead of 999.
  • Shortcuts now show more than 999 items: When they need to show 1,000 or more items, the number is shown as "#k" up to a maximum of 99,999, from which it is then shown as "99k+". 
  • The mini-map, the clan member, and the shop no longer appear in spectator mode.
  • Selecting a quantity at machines is limited to the value that it is actually possible to buy. 
  • Using the Shift key in the enchantment window lets you reach the highest possible level of enchantment.
  • You can now switch from one enchantment statistic to another without having to confirm.
  • The stasis gauge slider no longer exceeds the maximum allowed when opening the interface from a dungeon where you cannot increase the difficulty any farther.
  • The "Keys" category is back in the Marketplace.
  • When hovering over recipes and cosmetic items, it is indicated whether you can learn them. Recipes and cosmetic items that have already been learned will be marked "Already Learned".

The chat collapse setting has changed:
  • It is now saved for each chat window.
  • When you collapse and expand your chat, the old size is restored rather than a default size.

The interface for separating piles of items, adding kamas in the Haven World collector, and buying items has been refreshed with the following changes:
  • Added arrows to reach the maximum and minimum.
  • Numbers entered are now formatted to separate thousands.

7. Miscellaneous

  • You can now equip the same ring on several equipment pages.
  • The size of the mini-map is now saved.
  • The default volume value has changed.
  • Moon Epaulettes and the Imperfect Kel'Dwa no longer have an aura.
  • The chat collapse setting is now saved for each chat window.
  • Characters no longer run on the spot after teleportation.
  • The default memory allocation when the game is launched now takes into account the computer's installed memory.
  • Remington correctly appears in all cases after the cinematic in the Bistrogue dungeon.
  • The door between rooms 1 and 2 and the exit of the Wa Wabbit dungeon are working properly again.
  • The Mount Zinit Summit is no longer considered to be a dungeon, so there are no longer any affixes on its monsters.
  • Some inventory actions are now allowed while doing the following things: sitting down, riding, planting, playing an emote, and activating a pact.
  • The servers' stability has improved.

The collapse setting for sections in the inventory is now saved in your client's preferences:
  • For the cosmetics inventory, the collapse setting is saved for your account since this inventory is specific to the account.
  • For the quest inventory, the collapse setting is saved for the current character.
  • For the regular inventory, the collapse setting is saved for the character linked to the inventory.