1. General

  • Due to various technical issues, we had to make significant changes to the sidekick Hippolyre.
    • Support Melody is no longer triggered by increases in mastery.
    • Rousing Melody increases the ally's damage inflicted. There is no longer a fixed damage aftershock. In turn, the boost has increased from 10 to 15%.
    • Reactions are only triggered if the ally has a state that was applied by the sidekick himself; they are no longer triggered if the ally has a state that was applied by another Hippolyre.
  • The amount of equipment obtained from end-of-season chests has been reduced.
  • The Tundrazor Dungeon Chest can properly be opened.
  • The chests for the Bwork Dungeon and the Kokokobana Dungeon have the right contents, not the contents for other dungeons.
  • Fighters can no longer stand on the same cell.
    • The issue was most likely to occur near the extraction altar in Pandalucia.
  • There was an issue when exiting a trade that would freeze the client; this has been fixed.
  • Steel Beak's HP is properly stuck at 20% of max HP in phase 3 instead of at 16000.
  • Sham Moon can no longer use his Moon Hammer of Death spell outside of phase 2.
  • The Sistzerkers can no longer switch places with players on Stake cells if there is at least one open cell around them.
  • It is no longer possible to get stuck at the end of the 3rd room in the Hushquarters without the fight ever ending.