1. Dungeons

  • The void aura won't change shape when Ar'Nan dies.
  • You can no longer be affected by the void aura multiple times in one turn.
  • New items earned in 3-player dungeons (e.g. Gladiatrool or Macho items) are properly identifiable and actually have sockets.
  • There are no more linked items to get from Ultimate Bosses. Previously earned linked items have not been unlinked. These can be broken or used at the enchantment table with a non-linked item.
  • The key is properly consumed at the start of the fight against Sham Moon.
  • Ashdragon is no longer immune to ranged damage in phase 2.
  • The Risk Taking state only affects damage from Kali, not from all mobs.
  • Dead mobs properly respawn if the players lose or surrender the fight in Flaxhid's Sanctuary.
  • The odds of seeing a Mimic have been rebalanced for the new Stasis difficulty curve.
  • Companionship stones no longer drop in the Grandmeow's House dungeon.
  • Drop rates for companionship stones have been halved.

Remington Smisse

  • Animations have been fixed.
  • Fixed certain cases where he would not make 3 mists appear on the battlefield at the end of his turn in phase 2.
  • Remington only becomes invisible if he was not found on the previous turn in phase 2.


HP increase curves have been changed to make the difficulty more reasonable.
  • There is a significant increase starting at Stasis level 8 for all dungeon formats and ultimate bosses.
  • Smaller increases have been applied.
  • Ultimate bosses at Stasis 1 have less HP now.

Ultimate Bosses

  • Excarnus, Milkar the Moowolf, Magmog the Gobbalrog, and the Black Crow gain a resistance bonus.
  • Nogord Wungleezared and Shadofang have reduced HP to offset the increase in HP starting at Stasis level 5.


  • The skeletal gobballs are no longer disembodied when Excarnus dies. Also, their stats are consistent with their level.
  • The Evil Earth Totem grants 300 Elemental Resistance to its allies while active.
  • The Fire and Wind totems deal more damage and penetrate armor.

Milkar the Moowolf

  • Milkar has a resistance bonus under the influence of the Waxing Crescent.

Magmog the Gobbalrog

  • At Stasis 5+, the Gobbalrogs are properly summoned if an attack kills Magmog bypassing his HP caps.

Black Crow

  • At Stasis 8+, the Black Crow will land on the ground with his Windy Protection (+1000 Elemental Resistance).
  • The battleground where you fight the Black Crow has been enlarged.

2. Classes


  • It is no longer possible to suffer damage from multiple explosions at the same time caused by the flaming effect.


  • The description of Whip has been corrected.


  • It is no longer possible to summon a 4th bomb of the same element with the boombot.
  • The Explobomb passive does increase damage inflicted on critical hits at level 6 and up by 50%.


  • Damage inflicted by the Cog on itself passes through any form of immunity.
  • The Cog can no longer be healed.
  • Damage from Hammhour is no longer replicated by the Voodoll spell.

3. Interface

  • Added a notification that shows what preferences are changed in the audio settings.
  • The invisible item that would freeze inventories is no longer accessible.

4. Miscellaneous

  • The drop rate for key fragments from dimensional rifts to craft the Shadowed Potion has been increased.
  • The Royal Puddly does summon barrels in the Frigost Ultimate Rift.
  • The Gunsho Belt's characteristics have been rebalanced.
  • Mobs do spawn in the Whisper Crisper.
  • User preferences load correctly now.
  • The shop is once again accessible on all versions of MacOS and Linux.
  • The name change service is available again.
  • The option to disable the background FPS cap can be selected again.
  • Gnat is once again available in Astrub for the Madrague event. To make up for his absence, the event will be a week longer; that means it will end on August 26 at 10 a.m. (Paris time).