1. Major Changes

1.1. Dungeons 2.0

The dungeon system has been significantly revamped. These changes are related to the various dungeon formats, Ultimate Bosses, the Stasis system, and the ranking system.

Full details are available in the devblog.

Various mobs and bosses have undergone extensive changes to their mechanics or stats.

  • All quick dungeons (those with 2 rooms) inherit a mechanic from the boss in the first room.
    Also, significant changes have been made to the following dungeons:
    • The Ratatombs
    • The Undieworld
    • The Horned Glacier
    • YeCh'Ti'Wawa's Kennel
    • Castuc Dungeon
    • Srambad Dungeon
    • Bistrogue
    • Ow El Dungeon
    • Tropickle Dungeon
    • Kanniball Dungeon
    • Kannivore Dungeon
    • Badgeroxes' Lair
    • Vandalophrenic Dungeon
    • Sunsloth Dungeon
    • Scramshell Dungeon
    • Plantiguard Dungeon
  • Dungeons converted to the 3-player format have inherited entirely new mechanics. Significant changes can be seen, especially with Kali and the Supervillains:
    • Trool Academy
    • Supervillains' Hideout
    • Tormentor Pit
    • Flaxhid's Sanctuary
    • Forbidden City
    • Kali's Lair

There is no more weekly restriction on accessing and getting drops from different Ultimate Bosses:
  • For each Ultimate Boss, a key is needed to enter their lair and battle them.
  • These keys are crafted using various different fragments, which drop in dungeons throughout the World of Twelve.
  • Tokens from these Ultimate Bosses can no longer be obtained or traded in for equipment. Characters' outdated tokens can be traded in for keys (60 tokens) that unlock the corresponding Boss's lair. Items that used to be accessible from these machines will be added to the Bosses' loot.
  • The 4 oldest and lowest level Ultimate Bosses in WAKFU – Excarnus, Milkar the Moowolf, Magmog the Gobbalrog, and the Black Crow – have been completely revamped; they have new mechanics and new rewards.

The dungeon entrance interface has been updated to describe Stasis mechanics or the rarity of available equipment, depending on the difficulty selected.

The dungeon formats are shown on the world map, in the dungeon interface, and in the dungeon entrance interface.

  • Dungeons can now be filtered by format in the dungeon interface.
  • The following dungeons have been removed from the dungeon interface:
    • Father Kwismas's House
    • Father Kwismas's Workshop
    • Sanctuary of Oktapodas
    • Mechamummy Palace
    • Bonta Gobbowl Stadium
    • Bovis's Lair
    • Ogrest's Cult's Blast Hole
    • Abandoned Workshop
    • Incarnam Dungeon
    • The Occullege
    • Märine Pälace
    • Al Howin Dungeon
    • Decepticod's Weight Room

1.2. Cosmetics Inventory

Auras can be earned by completing achievements. Some achievements are back so the aura can be unlocked.

The following are not retroactive:
  • Dora N.I.O.: asks you to craft the Dora N.I.O
  • The Portal: asks you to craft the Portal
The following are retroactive:
  • Amakna/Sufokia Sword, etc.: asks you to complete the related "Ecosystem Hero" achievement
  • Eternal Sword: asks you to complete all four "Ecosystem Hero" achievements
The Sentiment Aura can be earned as loot from a Ballotwine Gobball, or by converting the Sentiment Ring (double-click on it in your inventory). The Sentiment Ring itself can no longer be obtained and no longer applies an aura.

The following auras, if in a character's inventory before the update, will be automatically converted to the new aura item model; i.e. they can be learned with a double-click:
  • Stasis Stench
  • Distilled Torment
  • Fanatic Beverage
  • Kwismas Spiced Api Juice
  • Rip Aura
  • Aurara
  • Shadaura
  • Wakfu Warriors World Aura

The Anti-UH Boots aura can be purchased from the Abandoned Workshop Machine in exchange for tokens.

The way various auras work has been standardized. An aura remains in front of the character when they're running, and it doesn't appear when the character is hidden behind a wall.

A few auras have been slimmed down so they can go in front of the character:
  • Inky Veil
  • Mirage Amulet
  • Fave O'Right Epaulettes
  • Beber Breastplate
  • Eternal Sword
  • And others
  • Runs and finishers can be learned and are part of the cosmetics inventory.
  • Duplicate runs and finishers can be exchanged in the basement of the Astrub Inn.

2. Combat

  • If a Masqueraider is wearing a costume with the "Hide Hat" option enabled, the Masqueraider double's hat is properly hidden.

3. Classes

  • Flaming can no longer exceed twice the character's level.
  • Initial damage from Flaming, adjacent to the bearer, is now area damage instead of single-target damage.
  • A single target can only suffer damage from an explosion caused by Flaming once (even if there's a chain explosion, for example).

WP granted by class spells (Ecaflip, Eniripsa, and Feca) can no longer be earned by summons.

3.1. Eniripsa

  • The Hammle Mark spell is now limited to 3 uses per turn and 2 uses per target.

3.2. Feca

  • The text for Truce has been corrected.

3.3. Osamodas

  • The icon for the Solar Aura bonus with the South Star passive is more coherent.
  • When a unit has one of the gobgob's auras, there is a status notification about it.
  • Incendiary Crow properly affects the second target if the Osamodas first kills an enemy in the same row while in dragon form and with the Dragonic Transcendence passive.
  • The Osamodas's Stalagmotes summon applies the same Scalded status as any other class.
  • A spell that removes the Osamodas's last WP properly applies all of its effects if the Osamodas has the Dragonic Power passive.
  • Velocity costs 2 AP and 1 WP, not 1 AP and 1 WP.
    • The bonus to damage inflicted in close combat is 15% instead of 25%.
  • The Animal Link spell transfers 30% of the Osamodas's HP instead of 25%.
    • The spell now has a cooldown of 2 turns.

3.4. Rogue

  • The Elemental Bombs passive has a new effect and no longer lets you set 4 bombs of the same element on the battlefield:
    • The bombs have a resistance penalty.
    • When the Rogue's bombs explode, the Rogue gains 20% damage inflicted for each different bomb element in the explosion on the next turn (max 60%).
  • The Explobomb passive's critical damage bonus is now 10% per level instead of 5%.

3.5. Sacrier

  • The Blood Rush spell is now limited to 3 uses per turn.
  • The Sacrier can no longer get Impending Death every turn with the Clinging to Life passive, only every other turn.

4. Monsters

The archmonster Scoobidursa correctly leaves his honey behind at the end of his turn.

Anathar has an icon that properly differs from that of normal monsters in groups of monsters.

The monster Grim Preacher no longer occasionally causes lag after dying.
HP increments based on certain Bosses' level have been lowered.

Voidivion Dungeon
  • The Void Aura no longer changes shape when a player dies.
  • The Void Aura's damage has decreased and now gradually goes up as the same character suffers it over multiple consecutive turns.

5. Items

You can trade in your Lazurite Dofus for a Dragominus mount at the Sanctuary of Oktapodas Machine (in front of the dungeon). This change prevents heroes from needing to redo the dungeon individually to get their mount.
You can trade in the Lorko Kasko for a Stasis Rune Fragment at the dungeon leaderboard machine in the basement of the Astrub Inn.

Drop rates for equipment have been standardized across the game:
  • The rates for two items in the same level bracket will no longer differ.
  • Drop rates are slightly higher from level bracket 126-140 to bracket 171-185.

You can no longer earn common equipment (weapon, epaulettes, etc.) as loot from monsters above level 35.

The 3 rarities for standard equipment that apply to the remaining content are: rare, mythical, and legendary.

You can still upgrade common items to rare items.

Stasis difficulty no longer increases the number of attempts on transmutations or boss resources.

Relic fragments between level 141 and 185, as well as between level 186 and 215, have different visuals so they are more distinguishable from other relic fragments.

All epic and relic sublimations have a new handyman recipe.

Certain epic and relic sublimations have updated effects:

  • Steadfast: The bonus to damage inflicted in close combat is 20% instead of 15%.
  • Unraveling: Converts 100% (instead of 75%) of Critical Mastery to Elemental Mastery if the state bearer has at least 40% Critical Hit at the start of combat.
  • Wield type: Dagger: The bonuses and penalties are now 25% / 15% / -30% instead of 15% / 10% / -10%.
  • Measured: The bearer also gains a 10% bonus to damage inflicted on critical hit.
  • Alternation: The elemental mastery bonus is now 20% instead of 15%.
  • Alternation II: The elemental mastery bonus is now 15% instead of 10%.
  • Flame Aura: In addition to the original effects, if there are no enemies adjacent to the character when they start their turn, the character gains Flaming equal to 100% of their level.
  • Brazier: The secondary mastery bonuses are now damage inflicted bonuses (10%).
  • Breeze: The penalty applied to an area spell's indirect targets is now -25% instead of -50%.
  • Directives: The bonus to damage inflicted is now 15% instead of 10%.
  • Robust: The distance barrier bonus is now 100% of level instead of 50%.
  • Stasification: The sublimation's maximum bonus is now 20% instead of 30%.

New epic and relic sublimations are available:

  • Controlling Space II: At the start of combat, if the state bearer has at least 3 Range: +30% indirect damage.
  • Inflexibility II: At the start of combat, if all secondary masteries are less than or equal to 0: +15% to elemental masteries.
  • Assimilation: -50 Elemental Resistance. If the bearer suffers damage from an enemy, the bearer gains 100 Resistance in that element (not stackable) for 1 turn.
  • Excess II: -10% damage inflicted. All 5 spells that cost at least 1 AP: +50% damage inflicted on the next spell.
  • Lunatic: Odd turns: 25% damage inflicted, -25% healing done, and -25% armor granted. Even turns: 25% healing done, 25% armor granted, and -25% damage inflicted.
  • Sentinel: At start of turn, +3 Range, 15% ranged damage inflicted, and 15% healing done. The bonus goes away as soon as the state bearer moves (movement that costs MP).

The Delay sublimation is now stackable up to level 4 instead of 3. Bonuses to damage inflicted and healing done are 4% per level, down from 5%.

A very rare issue that caused an item to disappear when a player collected it from the PvP inventory has been fixed.

The Bilbiboy and Bilbigirl costumes are now Bilby costumes. A Bilby costume will match the gender of the character wearing it.

6. World

  • The bonus to wisdom and prospecting linked to activated steles is properly shown in combat.
  • The Streye Dungeon II achievement can be completed.
  • The Chafer Burner III achievement now requires you to complete all 7 battles in the dungeon, with no requirements for time, difficulty, or adjustment.
  • The Furious Hordes XIII achievement can be completed.
  • The dialogue illustrations for the characters Tyra Misu and Sarkophagus have been corrected.

7. Interface

The names of account chest tabs are properly shown; they are no longer interpreted as translation keys.

When you select an enchantment effect, the effects' icons are now consistent with the sockets they can be found in.

The interface for machines has changed:

  • We added an option to only display what can be purchased.
  • Descriptions have been added.
  • You can now preview an item by mousing over it.
  • Items can be filtered by type.

Search bars in vending machines and the achievement interface are no longer accent sensitive.

Mousing over the experience bar in a character's summary page shows the percentage of the level.

A marketplace listing can now be cancelled using the Esc key instead of closing the marketplace window if an item is still listed.

Loading the inventory has been optimized so that it opens more quickly.

The size of the minimap can now be changed.
  • The map shown in the minimap is also more complete.

The button shown when rewards are pending has been removed in favor of one of the new notifications (in the form of a "toast").

Selecting a build in the manager no longer causes the list to scroll back up to the first element.

The duplicate "Total price" column in the sales history shown in the marketplace interface has been removed.

The chat window can be scaled down so it only shows the text box.
Inventory bags and categories can be collapsed.

Changes related to managing the following audio settings:

  • If not logged in to an account, global preferences are applied.
  • If logged in to an account, legacy settings are applied; that is, the settings for the account determine the preferences. If not, the global preferences previously mentioned are used, or else the default settings.

The method for calculating average prices has been updated to maximize their availability.

Consuming shards after enchanting an item is no longer disrupted by the presence of shards in two different bags.

Switching characters during a battle no longer causes the first character to appear in the world.

The cursor used to change the interface size in the options menu works properly.