1. Osamodas

  • It is now possible to summon 1 creature per Osamodas within a fight.

    Each creature summoned in addition to the first one gains Summoning Sickness: -40% damage inflicted for 1 turn, then regenerates 1 WP at the start of the summoner's next turn.

    We think that summoning multiple creatures without any protection such as Summoning Sickness can be a source of abuse. We will keep a close eye on the status of summons after this change, and we aren't ruling out making further changes in the future.

    For the time being, we don't want to fall back on other limitations that limit class duplicates' gameplay.

  • The Art of Taming
    • The Osamodas correctly regenerates 1 WP at the start of their next turn if a summons with Summoning Sickness is on the field.
  • The cooldown period for a summons appears correctly in the Gobgob interface after reconnecting in combat.
  • The button to open the symbiote is fully clickable in combat again.
  • The Osamodas no longer loses 2 AP at the start of their next turn after regaining 2 AP by targeting their summons with High-Energy Shot.
  • The CeEvroaint summons's Insanity spell takes 2 turns to recharge instead of being usable 1 time per turn.
  • Summons' names no longer get mixed up when playing with 2 Osamodas simultaneously on the same account.

2. Cosmetics Inventory

  • The equipped mount appears correctly in the Haven Bag.
  • The "Hide Hat" option is now available.
  • Weapons and insignia are no longer visible in the costume preview.

3. Combat

  • The usage limit for Ogrest's "Rock-It Launcher" spell is now 2 per turn.
  • The final damage bonus earned by Ogrest has changed:
    • Level-201–215 player group: 20%
    • Level-216–230 player group: 40%
  • The "It's a Case of the Biter Bit" state has changed to be less punitive.
    • It is triggered if the encircled monster was encircled during the last 2 turns, and it is not triggered in some unavoidable cases (borbat in the Vampyro dungeon).
  • Fighting Minibulia in the Shustuft Crust ultimate rift correctly lets players obtain Minibulia's loot after the fight's 40 turns.
  • It is no longer possible to obtain Ogrest's or Rushu's key fragments in the dimensional rifts.
  • It is possible to obtain legendary items in the Shustuft Crust rifts.
  • Rogues' "Encumbering Shot" and "Obliteration" spells have the right spell icons again.
  • The "Imbalanced" state is no longer applied to the carried ally when the Pandawa suffers indirect damage.
  • Characters no longer become invisible after quitting a fight.
  • Vaal'Enthia's rocks summoned by her "Last Resort" state correctly vanish after casting her "Goddess Pear" spell at the start of her turn, not before.

4. Miscellaneous

  • The search bar appears at all machines.
  • The controlled territory bonus is correctly updated as follows:
    • 1 HP for each territory controlled (no change)
    • 15 Wisdom and Prospecting if 20 or more territories are controlled (instead of 5% damage inflicted)
    • 15 Wisdom and Prospecting if 30 or more territories are controlled (instead of 10% Wisdom)
    • Nothing beyond that (instead of 10 Prospecting from level 40)
  • The names of account chest tabs (for withdrawing only) now appear correctly.
  • The rare Koaxx Kimono recipe is now in the right category: armorer.
  • The Shustuft Crust ultimate rift's end-of-season reward chests correctly give Voidivion skins instead of Voidivion hides.
  • The Shustuft Crust rifts' rare and mythical sublimations have the right visuals.
  • The Featherweight sublimation has changed at level 2 (mythical) of the sublimation:
    • At the start of combat, per MP above 4 (instead of 3 previously):
      • 4% damage inflicted (maximum 24)
  • Tokens' and quest items' descriptions appear correctly again.
  • The volume is no longer turned down when opening the sound tab in the settings.