1. Rushu

  • The interaction between the Saccage vestige and the Huppermage's QB is fixed: the Huppermage gains 75 QB per WP earned.
  • The bonus of Meteor and Obscurity vestiges increases to 10% per level.
  • It is no longer possible to survive after turn 21 in a defeat scenario.
  • Rushu cannot pick up any more vestige at the end of turn 20 and play on turn 21.
  • The resistance malus of the Final Pact is applied at its maximum value in all cases.
  • The Devastation vestige correctly displays that the damage area around each enemy is 5 to 8 squares, instead of 5 to 10.
  • Evil Incantation lasts one more turn.
  • Evil Incantation has three additional damage thresholds.
  • The loot bonus earned by inflicting more damage on Rushu is halved.

2. Classes

2.1. Rogue

  • The spell Badabang can be used after a reconnection in combat.

2.2. Masqueraider

  • The spell Psychopath Mask II can be used after a reconnection in combat.

3. Combat

Mount Zinit Ultimate Rift

  • Cerebratacean no longer gains MP with the legendary artifact Noximilian's Ring, and therefore cannot move outside of its acid squares.
  • Bubotron Buburg no longer gains MP with the legendary artifact Noximilian's Ring.

4. World

  • It is possible to get rewards if you are 216+ on the challenges of Shhhudoku and Osamosa.
  • The visual glitch on the Pandits that made them look like an unstructured patchwork is fixed.

5. Interface

  • The color gradients of the hero management interface appear correctly.

6. Items

  • The drop rate of End of Time Aegis and Gobbsaggy Dagger is halved.    
  • The Mysterious Blade now has correct characteristics for its level and rarity.
  • The dance emotes correctly display the head of the characters.