1. Rushu

  • Rushu's Palace is accessible.
  • Rushu is a level 230 Ultimate Boss. You must be at least level 216 to fight him.
  • The entrance to his palace is unlocked with a key, which is crafted using various fragments dropped by bosses in the Shustuft Crust. The recipe for the key is a level 145 handyman recipe.
  • The reward tiers can be viewed on a special stele at the palace gate.

To learn more, read the devblog.

2. Combat

  • Vaal'Enthia no longer tries to cast her Goddess Pear spell on a KO'd character. As a result, the spell is always cast 3 times at the start of the turn.
  • Vaal'Enthia's rocks all disappear at once.
  • K'abah'al's Devastation spell no longer has a targeting limit.

2.1. Streye Boss

  • He no longer gains a bonus if he can't cast his glyph on the 1st turn.
  • The bonuses to resistances and damage inflicted applied to the boss only last for 1 turn if he was unable to cast his glyph.

2.2. Voidivions

  • The Xelor's Gears spell properly increases the Chrysavoid's inactivity state in every instance.
  • Deactivating a monster with a summon or character that dies on the same turn no longer makes it impossible to raise their activity state for an entire turn.

3. Quests


3.1. Thirster Challenge

  • Characters at level 216 and up properly receive their rewards at the end of the challenge.

4. Items

  • The recipes for infernal orbs require monster resources instead of boss resources.
  • The following recipes have been added:
    • Rare Headgear of the Vanished
    • Legendary Clinging Ring
    • Legendary Screwy Driver
    • Mythical Beltomorrow
  • The drop rate for Anathar's emblems has been reduced.
  • The Unyielding Sword can be used in combat.
  • The Constant no longer has sockets. Existing shields must be identified in order to get the new one.
  • Pentagrain Bread has a level restriction. The "Heal yourself fully" command works with this bread.
  • Penn Knives actually grant -1 AP to equipment.
  • It's once again possible to earn legendary and epic items in the Mount Zinit ultimate rift after defeating 5 waves.
  • The Julith Costume can be traded in for the complete version (the entire body) at the Dangerous Delinking Machine in the lower level of Astrub. The costume can still be traded in either case.
  • A new costume for the Boss Smasher is added to the Boss Smasher machine in the basement of the Astrub Tavern.

5. Classes

  • A safeguard for certain complex spells, such as Detonation and Tempest, has been added to make sure all their effects are triggered.

5.1. Eniripsa

  • The HP bonus from the Constitution passive properly increases after level 200.
  • Damage reflected by the Hammle Mark is no longer halved twice.

5.2. Eliotrope

  • The Hiding spell properly accounts for melee mastery when cast in close combat and distance mastery when cast through a portal.

5.3. Sacrier

  • Critical hit damage for the Burning Blood spell has been corrected.

6. Dungeons

  • The permanent rankings for the Ogrest fight properly keeps track of the scores from previous months.
  • The Ogrest fight rankings now unlock chests at the end of the month (Eternal Ultimate Boss Chest). This also applies to the Rushu fight rankings.

7. Interfaces

The armor bar in combat has been corrected:
  • It can now completely fill up when the target has the maximum amount of armor:
    • 50% of max HP for players
    • 100% of max HP for summons and monsters

8. Modding

  • Various colors have been added to themes so you can modify the hero management interface.
  • Class profiles have a transparent background to achieve a better look with themes.
  • Certain texts that had a fixed color now use the theme color (e.g. the Zaap interface).
  • The background color of rows in the end-of-combat report can now be changed.

9. Miscellaneous

  • Resources harvested from trees are in the category "Lumberjack's Harvests" instead of Farmer.
  • The text in the Drumble Blop's Crumbly state shows the correct value.
  • Launching combat in the water for the quest "The Legend of the Sunken Temple" no longer causes the translation key to appear.