1. Combat

  • Fighters' costumes and effects now correctly appear in spectator mode.

2. Quests

  • The Hunter quest to kill the boss of the Streye family works correctly.
  • All characters can obtain the quest "Nothingness Shall Prevail", including those who already obtained the quest "Regrets Get Heavier Every Day".

3. Cap'n Atcha

  • Spells are correctly restored after the fight with Cap'n Atcha.
  • Numbers can no longer appear below Cap'n Atcha.
  • The description of the spell that is unlocked against Cap'n Atcha has changed.
  • Particles have been added to separate both sides of the battlefield.

4. Items

  • Baker

    • The recipes for Pentagrain Bread and the Inferna Loaf correctly require one infernal oil and not one divine oil.
    • Pentagrain Bread now has the right visual.
  • The key fragments for each dungeon are now dropped by Anathar.
  • The recipes for Anathar's intervention keys have changed.
  • The stats of the Lyfamulet have been corrected and changed in both rarities.
  • The stats of mythical Shoulder Throws have been corrected.
  • The Parched Belt has the right condition (AP ≥ 13).
  • Relevant level-230 items correctly attribute their % Armor Received bonus.
  • Fusing 100 fragments of a Shustuft Crust relic correctly unlocks a title for the character.
  • The recipe for the final rarity of the Hearth breastplate has been corrected.
  • The Breastplate of Terror can correctly be crafted in mythical rarity.
  • The recipe for the final rarity of the Skullcrow correctly unlocks the item in its legendary version.
  • Recipes for Anathar's items have been added.
  • Impure emblems dropped by Anathar are now legendary. You must defeat Anathar with Stasis set to 21 or higher for them to be dropped. These emblems' stats have not changed.
  • The Dominant Phytomorph drops the Corrupted Amulet instead of the legendary Corrupted Mask.

5. Monsters

  • Mineral Tower

    • The level of monsters in the level-215 Mineral Tower has been corrected.
  • Shustuft Crust

    • The HP of Ocushus in environmental quests has changed.
  • Voidivion Dungeon

    • The aura no longer changes type when Ar'Nan dies.
  • Horridemon Dungeon

    • In the event that the same spell cast can inflict damage on the same target several times, the life link only transfers the first damage value. Examples of this are Tempest and its replicas, Distortion, Detonation, etc.
      • This change aims to limit significant abuse and mechanical glitches in the dungeon that could lead to the game client shutting down.
  • Destroyer Dungeon

    • K'abah'al
      • The minimum range of Vigilant Scepter has increased by 1.
      • The Stasis level is correctly transferred to residues.
      • Incorrectly entries in this dungeon's rankings have been removed.
    • A safeguard has been added to the dungeon to end the fight if only one residue is left.