1. Shustuft Crust

The maximum player level is now 230.

An expansion of the game's content has been added: The Forgotten Islands of the Shustuft Crust.

Five new game areas are now available, each with a quest, a dungeon, and new droppable items.
  • Kingdom of Despair – Phytomorphs (level group 216 to 230);
  • Void Spiral – Voidivions (level group 216 to 230);
  • Citadel of Horror – Horridemons (level group 216 to 230);
  • Dementya – Streyes (level group 216 to 230);
  • Route of the Dead – Destroyers (level group 216 to 230).

Shustuft Crust dungeons have several specific features:

  • They only have two rooms.
  • An intervention stele can be found in each boss room to face Anathar.
  • Each dungeon has a fragment of a key to enter Rushu's Palace.

Learn more with the Devblog.

The next part of the Eliocalypse's main quest has been added. It will take you through the Shustuft Crust in search of the extinguished stars.

You must have already completed the Eliocalypse's previous quests and be at level 215. The arc's conclusion will be revealed in a later update.

2. Custom Interface Themes

It is now possible to use custom interface themes to change the game client's appearance.

Learn more with the Devblog. 

3. Combat

  • Characters are turned in the right direction in combat in all game clients.
  • The Demonic Pressure state is correctly displayed for all characters.

4. Classes




  • The Rear Resistance gain for the target ends at the end of the Eliotrope's turn.


Bold/Bloodthirsty Punishment

  • Limited to 2 per turn.



  • The flashback of Charring can no longer knock the caster out.



  • Neutral damage that the Cog inflicts on itself passes through any form of immunity.

5. World

Heroes correctly enter and exit the Shushu prison (especially in the event of a logout in the tomb).

Cap'n Atcha is getting a furry nice makeover!
  • Aiming cells are no longer around fighters but are scattered across the map;
  • The failure counter is now kept between server shutdowns and logins;
  • Fixed the bug that stopped Cap'n Atcha from appearing in some cases after changing areas after a failure.

Many issues with Environmental Quests and Heroes have been fixed.

  • Heroes should correctly earn their intended rewards in all cases.

Several graphics issues have been fixed, including:

  • Aerial Tofu Skin;
  • Whisperer Costume;
  • Many small issues in the game's areas.

A bug that could display incorrect lighting on world backgrounds has been fixed. 
The day/night cycle has been restored in the Mount Zinit Summit area.

6. Monsters

Shadofang can no longer use the Dimensional Crack spell on the glyph on which one of her creatures will be summoned.

Inflicting damage on Sor'Hon with a weapon no longer unexpectedly disembodies the player.

Pandala Ghost Dungeon:
  • The Pandulum monster is stabilized from the start of the fight.
  • The Ghostly Protection state is only applied when 10% of HP or more have been removed from the target in one turn.

Several fixes have been made to the AI, either globally or specifically.

7. Items

The following items now correctly have the equipment condition "CH > -10":

  • Enchanting Hat;
  • Icehorn Epaulettes;
  • Necroforged Boots;
  • Amulet of Respite.

The stats of the Parched Belt have been nerfed in both rarities. The power assigned to this belt was abnormal and exceeded the intended model.

Rolling Run

  • Fixed the sound of the Rolling Run.

Ancestral Energy (Relic Sublimation)

  • The damage inflicted and resistance bonuses are now 4% and 15 per level of the state, respectively.

8. Quests

The Survival Training (Kokoko Mercenaries) quest's objectives are correctly validated with Heroes.

9. Interfaces

  • A tab for the interface has been added to the game's options menu. It contains:
    • The interface size setting (previously in the video tab);
    • A button to apply the custom theme's changes without restarting the game;
    • A button to access the custom theme's installation folder.
  • Adding a Hero with a temporary inventory while the temporary inventory interface is already open now correctly displays the newly added Hero.
  • The name of the character locking the fight is now correctly displayed in some Pact fight configurations.
  • Leaving recycling mode removes the recycling preview in separate inventories.
  • An option to no longer cap the game's background FPS has been added.
  • Searching in the store works correctly again.
  • A translation key that was displayed when the game launched has been fixed.
  • Adding the same item on both sides of an exchange no longer makes the items visually disappear.

A search field has been added to several interfaces:

  • Machines
  • Emotes
  • Achievements

10. Fan Dev

Added a JSON file for the interface theme:
It contains the information for all the images using the textures that we allow to be overlaid using the interface theme system.

The images are available via the link:
Although TGA files are referenced in the paths of the JSON's textures, we offer the images in PNG format.