Demonic Pacts

  • After losing a PvP fight with an active pact, the losing team's characters' pacts are automatically disabled.
    This change protects losers of successive attacks by letting them decide when they want to activate a pact again.
  • Removed the maximum limit (2,147,483,647) for stealing reserve experience in a fight using a pact.
  • Characters with an active pact are correctly teleported to their resurrection point when they log out in their Haven Bag in merchant mode.
  • Characters with an active pact can no longer be attacked by characters who are more than 50 levels below them.
    This change limits the impact of low-level characters who attack other characters with no hope of winning but who want to waste their targets' time.
  • The number of items displayed at the top of the pact inventory has been updated.
    This change helps to better understand the inventory's capacity limit. For example, having 39 × 99,999 Gobball Wool only counts as a single space being taken up, whereas the space limit is 50.

Dimensional Rifts

  • Carrying and throwing a target using a Boombot makes it possible to take an artifact.
  • Old wisdom and prospecting flasks work in the dimensional rifts.
  • The rift wave score now corresponds to the number of waves defeated, and not the number reached. In practice, this means there will be one wave less in the rankings. Already-registered rankings have been updated to adapt to the new calculation.


  • The Crobamoon monster's Destabilizing Cry spell now reduces dodge instead of unbewitching the target's effects.
    This change avoids major gameplay malfunctions, especially with Xelors.
  • The Spectrex the Tormentor boss's phases correctly follow one another.


  • The objective "Consult a beekeeping specialist in Amakna" in the Plantiguard quest (Tundra Sundered II) is correctly validated.
  • Achievements whose objective is to reach a profession level will be automatically validated upon login for players who already surpassed that level, for example, by earning enough experience to go up two levels, thereby skipping the level required to validate the achievement.


  • The score obtained at the end of a fight against Ogrest now appears in the end-of-fight interface.
  • Some glyphs and effects no longer had descriptions; they have now been restored.


  • It is no longer possible to bypass the level adjustment requirement in Ultimate Boss instances.