1. Monsters

1.1. Aguabrial

  • The death animation has been fixed.
  • In the quest "An Ancestral Spirit Named Aguabrial", Aguabrial's characteristics scale depending on the number of absent players in combat.

1.2. Flamboyffalo

  • The totems from the boss room now experience localized damage.

1.3. Dreggon Warrior

  • Tundra Dreggon Warrior starts combat with 10 AP.

2. Combat

2.1. Xelor


Slow Down

  • Damage has been increased (at level 200: from 25 to 29).


  • Straight-line casting has been removed.
  • The spell has been updated to 2 casts per target (clarification: the effects are not repeated on the same target).


  • The resistance gain in the Sinistro area of effect has been removed.
  • Enemies in the area take light-type damage (at level 200: 50).
  • The spell has been updated to 1 cast per turn.


Dial Master

  • Old effects have been removed.
  • New effect: The combatants (allies and enemies) starting their turn on an hour cell suffer a penalty of -15% Damage inflicted (1 turn).


  • Added new effect: 1 Range bonus on the current hour cell.

Specialized Mechanisms

  • Old effects have been removed.
  • New effect: When the Cog dies, in a size 2 cross area: Enemies suffer light-type damage (at level 200: 92).
  • New effect: When the Sinistro dies, in a size 2 cross area: allies gain 1 AP,  enemies lose 2 AP.
  • New effect: When the Dial dies, Xelor regains 1 WP.

2.2. Pandawa

  • When the barrel is carried by the Pandawa, it is no longer un-summoned by the boss Blightogre when he begins his turn.
  • The value displayed for the liters in the barrel is no longer common to all Pandawas in the team.

3. Miscellaneous

3.1. Guilds

  • Guild bonuses (such as increasing the number of members, or the amount of maximum points per week) are now taken back into account.