1. Items

  • The Cherished Cloak now has the correct characteristics: critical mastery and distance.

2. Monsters

2.1. General

  • Several poisons that trigger on movement have been reworked so that they no longer inflict abnormally high HP losses when a Xelor moves on its dial.

2.2. Cwabplaner 

  • Cwabcrutch poison is now applied correctly.
    • It no longer inflicts abnormally high HP loss when a Xelor moves on its dial.
    • It no longer triggers on push, teleportation, or transpositon effects.
    • It triggers well when the Cwabplaner pinches a target in order to move it.

2.3. Dreggon Warrior

  • The Dreggon Warrior now has 10 AP at the start of combat. The issue where it gains AP when taking low damage has also been fixed.

2.4. Shadofang

  • Shadofang no longer takes into account the Pandawa's barrel when it is carried by the Pandawa. Other spells that take into account the number of characters in range have also been fixed.

3. Combat

3.1. Xelor

  • The passive Knowledge of the Past is triggered at the start of combat (for example, before sublimations).
  • The passive Knowledge of the Past also provides a fixed bonus of 100% of level in Elemental Mastery.
  • Distortion costs 1 WP less (it now costs 3 AP and 2 WP).

3.2. Rogue

  • The elemental visual effects of Detonation (single-target) are consistent with the element of the exploding bombs.

3.3. Masqueraider

  • It is no longer possible to summon a Masked Spirit when another spirit is present in the same team, and when the Masqueraider previously died.

3.4. Pandawa

  • Happy Hour's effect now works correctly when cast on an ally.
  • Numerous visual effects concerning the Pandawa and its barrel have been fixed.
  • The barrel no longer experiences localized damage.
  • The Pandawa can no longer cast Exhilaration when carrying anything other than its barrel.

3.5. Resurrection

  • Fixed some cases where resurrected characters did not return to the right place in the timeline.

4. Interface

4.1. End-of-fight interface

  • The Sidekick experience is now displayed correctly.
  • Battlefields with long names are now displayed correctly.
  • In some cases an item's characteristic tooltip did not display correctly, this issue has been fixed.

4.2. Marketplace

  • Dropping several items consecutively in the search field no longer blocks the search.

4.3. State Tooltip

  • State descriptions when viewed from the combat log that may have a critical effect are now displayed with an "Effects" tab and a "Critical" tab.

5. Guilds

  • Guild bonuses are now correctly displayed at login and during certain teleportations.
  • Upgrading the guild level has been fixed.