1. Class

1.1. Rogue

  • Longsword correctly applies the last connection.
  • Boombot's single target detonation correctly deals damage when two air bombs are in the explosion area.

1.2. Xelor

  • Clockmaking's teleportation occurs after the effects of the Dial Master passive.
  • Position switching with the Dial via Momentary Permutation keeps the relative position of the hour cells.
  • Dark Bolt's damage is no longer inflicted twice on 9-celled monsters.
  • The Acceleration state cannot be reapplied to the maximum level.

1.3. Masqueraider

  • The characteristics "Armor given", "Armor received", "Heals performed" and "Indirect damage" are copied to the Masked Spirit according to the value at the start of combat, instead of the value at the time of summoning.
  • The "Cannot dodge" effect of the Classic Mask is no longer removed after the wearer casts a spell on the opponent.

2. Monsters

Srambad Dungeon

  • The boss Solkrupt disables players' armor limit at the start of combat. This change is intended to prevent instances where players could no longer gain armor in Phase 2.

3. Combat

Merit Points

  • Merit point gains and losses are now properly calculated in a match between a real-level player and a modulated-level player.

4. Shop

  • Items are now displayed correctly in the in-game Shop.
  • Real currency purchases in the in-game Shop now go through a launcher overlay to complete the transaction. Players who do not use the Ankama Launcher will be redirected to the web Shop.

5. Items

  • Sublimation recipes that required 15 meat now only require 10.