1. The Crafter Directory

With Update 1.71, we're adding a crafter directory feature. This list of crafters will allow potential clients to easily contact crafters who wish to offer their services.

Our goal is to facilitate social interactions among players and showcase crafting.

Crafters can configure the directory from the profession interface. There they can define which professions they want to be contacted about and what the minimum recipe level is that they are willing to craft.

Customers can access the list of crafters available by interacting with the stands in the main workshops in the cities of Bonta, Brakmar, Amakna, and Sufokia.

This interface lets you select a recipe and display the crafters who are willing to craft it.

For more information:

  • Read the devblog here.
  • Watch the presentation with Siu and Koko here.

2. Pet Skins

There's a new pet skin system you can use to easily change your pets' appearance (it essentially works like the one used for mount skins).

Our goal is to no longer monetize pets that provide bonuses to characters (they may eventually be only available in-game) and to offer cosmetic items in the shop that let you change pets' appearance.

After Update 1.71 is released, it will no longer be possible to get pets with bonuses from the WAKFU shop.

Only pet skins will be available in the shop.

Pet skins are items that can be consumed to be added to the list of pet skins a character knows.

Pet skins that have been learned do not take up space in a character's inventory, and they can be applied to or removed from a pet at will.

To provide a smooth transition to this new system, we made the following decisions:

  • Pets already owned have not been changed.
  • Pets that were sold in the shop and had bonuses unavailable in the game will be obtainable in-game after Update 1.72 (slated for around mid-year).
  • Pet dyes are freely accessible from the pet interface (for pets that have access to dyes).
  • Pet accessories are freely accessible from the pet interface (for pets that have access to accessories).
  • Dyes and accessories that have not been applied to pets and are in characters' inventories can be recycled into powders.

To read the devblog article, click here.

3. End-of-Fight Screen

The end-of-fight screen has been improved:

  • There's an optional mode that lets you display opponents (monsters or player characters).
  • An optional "compact" mode lets you display a simplified end-of-fight screen that only shows information about the character(s) controlled by the player.
  • Class images are displayed next to character names to make them easier to identify.
  • Main characters and Heroes can be differentiated by icons.
  • Stasis level is displayed when the combat took place in a dungeon.
  • Failed challenges have been made easier to read.
  • Experience gauges and gains are displayed better.
  • More loot can be displayed simultaneously.
  • An icon identifies characters who died during the combat.

A devblog article is available here.

4. Combat

  • A new characteristic has been added: Indirect Damage. It is visible in the character's characteristics interface. This characteristic increases the percentage of damage inflicted by glyphs, poisons, and traps (anything that isn't directly inflicted by a spell or weapon).
  • Resurrection spells return the revived fighter to their original position in the combat timeline.

5. Classes

5.1. Xelor

Revamp Summary

  • Removed the "Tick Turn/Tock Turn" mechanic: It is now a specialization that is possible through several passives.
  • Revamped the active spells to strengthen their identities.
  • Improved the class's mobility and positioning abilities through the Air path.
  • New passives to accompany several specializations and roles.
  • Xelor characters' skill points are reset and can be reassigned.


  • Damage: ranged or mid-ranged, "burst" abilities.
  • Support: hindering enemies (AP removal) and bonuses on allies.
  • Positioning: greater mobility (through the Dial) and various positioning spells.

General Mechanics

The Xelor has 12 WP. Their WP can be used for their three main roles:

  • Damage: A spell costing WP lets you temporarily increase your damage.
  • Support: A spell costing WP lets you give several AP to an ally.
  • Mobility: Each move on the Dial costs 1 WP.
  • WP can also be used to increase the Xelor's number of AP for their current turn in order to use many spells.

At end of turn:

  • The Xelor regains 1 WP.
  • The Xelor regains 1 extra WP per AP still possessed.

Fire Spells


  • 3 AP, 2 to 3 RA (straight-line casting)
  • Fire damage in a 5-cell horizontal line
  • 3 uses per turn


  • 3 AP, 3 WP, 0 RA (non-modifiable)
  • Adds X Fire damage per AP after each spell for 1 turn
  • Not using this spell for 1 turn reduces the cost of its next use by 1 AP
  • 1 use per turn

Dark Bolt

  • 4 AP, 3 to 4 RA
  • Fire damage
    • Rebounds 2 cells 1 time:
    • Damage doubled on the rebound
  • 2 uses per target


  • 5 AP, 2 to 4 RA
  • Fire Damage
  • When a Xelor kills a fighter with this spell, they regain 5 AP
  • 2 uses per turn


  • 4 AP, 3 to 5 Range (non-modifiable, no line of sight)
  • Fire Damage
  • Each casting increases the spell's minimum and maximum range by 2
  • 2 uses per target

Water Spells


  • 3 AP, 1 to 2 RA
  • At end of the target's turn: higher Water damage in a 1-cell cross around the target
  • 4 uses per turn, 1 use per target

Slow Down

  • 1 AP, 1 to 3 RA
  • Xelor then target: -2 AP
  • Water damage
  • 3 uses per turn, 2 uses per target


  • 1 WP, 1 RA (non-modifiable)
  • For X current AP:
    • Water damage * X
    • Damage applied in X turns
  • 1 use per target


  • 3 AP, 1 to 4 RA (straight-line casting)
  • Water damage
  • -1 AP
  • Each cast re-triggers its effects on previous targets (within the turn)
  • 4 uses per turn, 1 use per target


  • 4 AP, 4 to 7 RA (non-modifiable)
  • Water damage in a 1-cell cross
  • Removes 2 AP in a 1-cell cross
  • The following turn: Allies in the area gain 1 max AP for 1 turn
  • 2 uses per turn

Air Spells


  • 2 AP, 0 to 4 RA (non-modifiable)
  • Air damage on enemies
  • The target will be pushed 4 cells on the Xelor's next turn
  • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target

Tempus Fugit

  • 2 AP, 2 WP, 1 to 5 RA (non-modifiable)
  • Places a Temporal Twist on the Xelor's position and that of their target (2 turns)
  • A Temporal Twist is activated when targeted by a spell (any spell, by any fighter)
  • The fighter located on the activated twist is then teleported to the other twist (switches positions if necessary)
  • 2 turns to recast


  • 4 AP, 0 to 3 RA (in a straight line & no line of sight & requires a target to be cast)
  • Air damage in a 2-cell cross
  • Teleports targets in the area symmetrically relative to the center (switches places if the destination cell is occupied)
  • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target


  • 3 AP, 1 to 3 RA (non-modifiable)
  • Air damage on enemies
  • Teleports symmetrically relative to the target (switches places if the destination cell is occupied)
  • 3 uses per turn, 1 use per target


  • 5 AP, 1 to 3 RA
  • Air Damage
  • The Xelor is stabilized until the end of their turn
  • 2 uses per target

Non-Elemental Spells

Dial (automatically unlocked at start of fight)

  • 2 AP, 1 to 3 Range (in a straight line & non-modifiable)
  • Places a Dial (40% of the Xelor's max HP), teleports Xelor to the VI hour
  • (Switches places if the destination cell is occupied)
  • Moving from 1 hour cell to another costs no MP, but costs 1 WP
  • The current hour appears at 12 when the Dial is summoned
    • Each WP spent moves the current hour forward by 1
    • This includes movements on the dial, but also spells that have a WP cost
    • Standing on this cell gives the Xelor 30% damage inflicted
  • 3 turns to recharge

Time Theft (automatically unlocked at start of fight)

  • 1 WP, 0 RA (non-modifiable)
  • Gives 1 AP for 1 turn
  • Each time the spell is used, the number of WP converted for the following turn increases
  • Not casting this spell for a turn resets the number of WP converted (goes back down to 1)
  • 1 use per turn


  • 4 WP, 0 to 3 RA
  • 3 AP bonus (1 turn)
  • 2 turns to recharge

Against the Clock

  • 2 AP, 0 to 3 RA
  • At end of the target's turn: The target is teleported to the cell where it started its turn
  • The target cannot be targeted by Against the Clock again for 4 turns
  • 1 use per turn


  • 2 AP, 2 WP, 2 to 4 Range
  • Summons a Sinistro (20% of the Xelor's max HP) (maximum of 1 per Xelor)
  • At the start of the Xelor's turn, the Sinistro gives 1 AP and 50 Resistance to all fighters in a 3-cell circle
  • 2 turns to recast


  • 4 AP, 1 to 5 Range in a straight line (no line of sight)
  • Summons a Cog (30% of the Xelor's max HP) (maximum of 1 per Xelor)
  • If the Cog is teleported or transposed:
    • Light-type damage in a 2-cell circle around the destination cell
    • The Cog loses 10% of its max HP
  • 1 use per turn


  • 2 AP, 0 to 3 RA
  • Cast on an ally:
    • Generates 6% of max HP as Armor on the target and removes 1 WP from the Xelor (for 3 turns)
  • Cast on an enemy:
    • When the state bearer casts an AP or MP reduction spell:
      • The amount removed is reduced by 3
      • The Xelor regains 2 WP
  • 3 turns to recast


  • 2 AP, 1 to 3 RA (non-modifiable)
  • Cast on Dial/Sinistro/Cog:
    • Switches positions, then destroys the summon
  • Cast on another fighter
    • Teleports the target symmetrically in relation to the Xelor
    • (Switches places if the destination cell is occupied)
  • 1 use per turn



Dial Master

  • Enemies on an hour cell inflict -15% damage
  • The Xelor inflicts -10% damage on enemies on an hour cell


  • 2 max MP
  • At end of turn, the Xelor no longer regains 1 WP


  • 2 RA
  • 15% close-combat damage suffered

Tick, Tock

  • Odd turns: -20 Force of Will
  • Even turns: 20 Force of Will

Tock, Tick

  • Odd rounds: 25% Damage Inflicted
  • Even rounds: -25% Damage Inflicted


  • At start of turn, the Xelor teleports to the current hour
  • The Xelor has -10% Damage Inflicted if they are not on the current hour


  • +6 max WP
  • Removes half of max MP (rounded up)

Course of Time

  • When a teleportation or position swap occurs during a Xelor spell or passive:
    • -1 AP on the affected targets


  • Reverses the direction of the current hour's rotation on even turns
  • The current hour provides a better bonus (additional 15% Damage Inflicted)

Déjà Vu

  • +20% damage from behind
  • -4 max WP

Knowledge of the Past

  • Converts Range into % Damage Inflicted
    • Rate of 1:4, converted Range is lost
    • 1 Range point is not converted

Violent Omens

  • 20% Damage Inflicted at 3 to 5 RA
  • -1 MP

Dark Dimension

  • The current hour gives a Force of Will bonus:
    • 30 Force of Will instead of 30% Damage Inflicted

Slowdown of Time

  • Increases the size of the Dial
  • Elemental spells can only be cast from an hour cell if a Dial is in play


  • The Xelor's summons no longer block line of sight
  • +1 Sinistro and +1 Cog max

Specialized Mechanisms

  • When one of the Xelor's summons dies:
    • Inflicts Light-type damage to targets around their position

Momentary Permutation

  • At end of turn, the Xelor switches places with their Dial
  • The Dial gains 100 Elemental Resistance

Combat Mage

  • AP reductions in close combat have been replaced by an Armor gain for the Xelor
  • 100% of character's level as Armor for each AP that would have been removed


  • Ranged AP reductions have been replaced by application of indirect damage
  • 10% of character's level as Light damage at start of turn for each AP that would have been removed


  • -6 max WP
  • Regenerates 2 WP when the Xelor kills a target (including allies and summons)

5.2. Cra

  • The Crarsenic state now uses Critical Mastery if it is applied as a critical hit.

5.3. Eliotrope

  • The resistance penalty of Resilience can be applied several turns in a row. It is not stackable.

5.4. Eniripsa

  • The Here Mark spell no longer lets you see cells that are occupied by a trap.
  • Reduced when the Infection value is applied as a non-critical hit.
  • The Infection state now uses Critical Mastery if it is applied as a critical hit.

5.5. Feca

  • The Immunity spell no longer lets you see cells that are occupied by a trap.
  • The Telluric Whack, Rampart, and Staff spells can now be applied to the same target two turns in a row.
  • The Aegis spell no longer loses range after being cast once.
  • Improved the timing of when the damage value appears for the Staff, Defensive Orb, Drip, Volcano, and Fecastopheles spells.

5.6. Iop

  • The Lost state (Iop's Wrath) now takes Area Mastery and Critical Mastery into account.
  • Lost state damage passes through Armor.
  • Reduced Lost state damage by 20%.

5.7. Ouginak

  • The Bleeding, Fracture, and Pugnacity states now use Critical Mastery if they are applied as a critical hit.

5.8. Rogue

  • Bombs gain Combo when they are carried by a Pandawa.
  • Improved how the single-target explosion of Detonation works: This change is intended to reduce the number of effects calculated by the server, which could prevent all bombs from detonating in certain cases.
    Now, all bombs in the same element that explode inflict their damage in a single HP loss, rather than each bomb in succession.

  • Fixes applied to the Powder Wall spell: The Fire wall removes MP and the Earth wall removes Range.
  • Fixes applied to the Boombot's Detonation: Fire bombs remove MP; Earth bombs remove Range; and Earth and Air bombs inflict the correct amount of damage.

5.9. Sacrier

  • Added a specific animation for damage inflicted by Light Speed when the caster does not have Motion Sickness.

5.10. Sadida

  • The Intoxicated, Cursed, and Toxine states now use Critical Mastery if they are applied as a critical hit.
  • The Toxine state is applied at a higher value as a critical hit.
  • The Sylvan Awakening spell no longer causes the revived target to skip a turn.

5.11. Foggernaut

  • The damage bonuses of Gunner also apply to its indirect damage.

5.12. Masqueraider

  • Added new animations and effect particles for many spells:
    • Dry Cough
    • Armature
    • Deliverance
    • Manhunt
    • Sarabande
    • Fugue
    • Cavalcade
    • Acrobatics
  • The Masked Spirit spell can no longer be cast if another Masked Spirit is in the fight on the caster's team.
  • When a Masked Spirit dies, it unbewitches the AP counter on the caster. This change will let the Save sublimation work correctly.
  • The fact that the Masked Spirit cannot lock the opponent is mentioned in the spell's description.
  • Now, the Masked Spirit has a Lock value, even though it cannot lock. This change makes it possible to activate certain effects of passives linked to the current Lock value.
  • The Dance of Death spell now restores 30% of the target's max HP.
  • The death of a Masked Spirit that used Dance of Death no longer kills the revived fighter; the original Masqueraider is considered the effect caster.

5.13. Pandawa

  • The barrel is now counted as a combatant.
  • You can view the barrel's status and apply states and properties to it in combat.

6. Sidekicks

  • It is no longer possible to use a transmutation on an item that a sidekick has equipped.

7. Dungeons

  • Iced-Over Crest: The Asphyxiation poison is no longer triggered on a target with 1 HP.
  • Divine Mineral Tower: Fixed a bug where the fight got indefinitely stuck with one or more crystals.
  • Whirly Dungeon: Fixed a bug causing out-of-sync visuals of where a character is after the Whirlikid's Whirlibrave spell is cast.
  • Scramshell Dungeon: Tortumuluses in the Scramshell Dungeon are now sensitive to localized damage (side and back). They still cannot be oriented.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to bypass the level adjustment requirement in certain specific cases.

8. Monsters

  • Fixed a bug where Archmonsters went beyond the maximum limit of their number of groups in the world.

9. Achievements

  • The Crabstacean Dungeon – Stasis 41 achievement provides the right rewards.
  • Achievements with an empty name that could appear in the achievements interface no longer appear.

10. Quests

  • Grumpy Awakening: Fixed a bug where characters moved around anywhere on the battlefield inside the Explorancient's house.
  • Where Oh Where Has Moorrigold Gone?: Improved the quest's compatibility with Heroes.

11. Equipment

  • It is no longer possible to equip 2 identical rings with different rarities if they have the "Unique" criterion.

12. Mounts

  • All mounts and mount skins now make specific sounds when they are moved.

13. Sublimations

  • The Ruin, Ruin II, and Determination sublimations are now triggered based on the indirect damage rule: anything that isn't directly inflicted by a spell or weapon.
  • Light Weapon state damage passes through Armor.
  • Daggers can no longer apply the Light Weapon state.

14. Costumes

  • The Nox Costume offered as a WAKFU anniversary gift has been renamed the "Temporal Costume."

15. World

  • Added the destination "Ga Ga Island" (Trool Fair) to most boats.
  • Prims in the Shhhudoku Kingdom can be active and therefore trigger battlefields.
  • Applied a fix to the Thirster, Osamosa, and Shhhudoku Kingdom challenges. Time rift fragments apply a bonus at the start of combat for the duration of combat. This change is intended to keep Heroes from getting out of sync.
  • The map can now be opened even in instances that don't have one. The World of Twelve map will appear in this case.
  • You can take on several Mr. Punchys at once at the Astrub Kanojedo.
  • The Kit Skill point granted by the guild bonus is properly accounted for in the calculation of a player's max HP when switching game servers.

16. Guilds

  • It is no longer possible to give guild rights that you do not already have yourself.
  • Learning phase bonuses apply correctly after the server is restarted.

17. Interfaces

  • It is now possible to do multiple exchanges at the machines.
  • There should no longer be any white lines on interfaces when the interface zoom is used.
  • The adjusted level is now shown in the tooltip when you mouse over characters in the group interface.
  • Characters can now be reorganized on the selection screen with the arrows that appear on mouseover.
  • When a character logs off in a Haven World, their location is correctly shown as "Haven World" instead of a translation code.
  • Allies' and enemies' health bars are now colored differently.

18. Usability

  • Sidekicks' names display properly when you press V.
  • It is possible to remove a tracked quest using the shortcut shift + right-click.
  • It is possible to delete a chat tab by clicking the mouse wheel.
  • You can now scroll through recipe pages using the mouse wheel.
  • Recycling mode will now be deactivated when a trade is launched.

19. Spell Decks

  • The spells and passives in use with the deck displayed are now grayed out in the righthand list to show which ones can be added to it.
  • A Paste button has been added to the spell deck creation UI, similar to the Copy button that already existed.
  • A deck can now be confirmed using the Enter key.

20. Marketplaces

  • The inventory now opens and closes when the marketplace is opened and closed.
  • It is now possible to drag an item into the search field to search for the item.
  • It is now possible to search for items when the minimum level is equal to the maximum level.

21. Miscellaneous

  • Getting on and off a mount no longer causes relic auras to be offset.
  • Placing an item from your account chest on an already-existing pile in your inventory no longer displays an error.
  • A message is displayed in the chat interface after selling a Conversion Stone at the Kama Exchange.
  • The in-game notification about the advent calendar is no longer displayed erroneously.
  • Added a specific error message when sending a message in the "/c" channel when the inter-game chat service is unavailable.
  • A new title has been created to replace "Ultimate Dragonator" (a reward for the first players who successfully defeat Nogord).
  • Wakfu-oriented actions will no longer display a Stasis-type effect when the Wakfu gauge is 99% full.