• The maximum amount of Shield that can be attained by a character is 50% of max HP.
  • The maximum amount of Shield that can be attained by a summon is 100% of max HP.

Changes on Armor Values

The following spells give an additional 50% Armor:

  • Wave
  • Defensive orb

  • Up to Scratch

  • Barrier

  • Backband
  • Rift

  • Bramble
  • Fertilizer


Main Changes

  • The effects of glyphs change depending on their element.
  • Passives are unlocked from level 1 to 100, instead of 1 to 200. It also applies to Foggernauts.
  • Improvements in ranges and lines of sight.
  • Better armor values.
  • The maximum amount of armor reaches 50% of the character's HP (previously 100%).


  • The glyph gives 2 levels of Inner peace per trigger and per glyph.

  • Earth spells create a glyph which takes 60% of the spell base or adds 60% of the spell base to the glyph.
  • The Feca removes -1 MP to the targets in the glyph.
    • The loss of MP is multiplied by the spell's AP cost.

  • Water spells create a glyph that takes 60% of the spell base or adds 60% of the spell base to the glyph.
  • The Feca gains 5% Armor received (1 turn) and 5 Elemental Resistance (1 turn) each time a river glyph is triggered. 4 triggers max per turn.
    • The gain in stats is multiplied by the spell's AP cost.

  • No changes.


  • Meteorite: 1 to 3 -> 1 to 5 and without a line of sight
  • Natural Attack: 1 to 4 -> 1 to 5
  • Volcano: 1 to 3 -> 1 to 4
  • Drip: without a line of sight
  • Wave: 1 to 3 -> 1 to 4

  • The effect of Meteorite Shield becomes:
    • At the end of the target's turn:
      • Stabilized and +20% Critical Hit for the next turn

  • Cast on an ally:
    • 87 water damage around the target
  • Cast on an enemy:
    • Pulls toward the Feca (4 cells)

  • 4 AP, 1 to 5 non-changeable range
  • No longer applies Shield
  • Only inflicts damage to enemies
    • Teleports the target to the central cell of the nearest glyph (5 cells maximum)
    • Switches position if the central cell is occupied
  • 2 uses per turn

  • The effect of the shield becomes:
  • At the start of the turn:
    • 35% damage inflicted in close combat
    • Removed if the bearer ends his turn without enemy into close combat 

  • Pacified (the state cooldown) now lasts 4 turns.

  • Corrected latency issues.


The Best Defense is an Attack
  • The passive's values are doubled

Combat Armor
  • 50% of the damage inflicted on the allies is converted into Armor
  • The Feca has a -100% Armor received malus rather than a Damage inflicted one.

Removed Passive

Elemental Glyphs

New Passives

Understanding Wakfu
  • 100% Armor generated as long as the Feca has at least 1 WP
  • The Feca loses 1 WP each time he gives Armor to a target
  • The passive improves the Armor that the Feca gives to his allies or himself, but each time he does it, he loses a WP.

Map Knowledge
  • Glyphs cost 2 WP less
  • Glyphs inflict 50% less damage
  • The passive makes the glyphs much cheaper to use by lessening their damage.

Protecting the Herd
  • 200% level in HP
  • -20% Damage inflicted
  • The Feca is healed for 4% of his missing HP for each ally that was not hit during the previous turn
  • The passive strengthens the tank side of the Feca and rewards him if he fulfills his role.


  • Participating Heroes will now be properly counted in environmental quests when starting a new quest in the same area.
  • The Boss Hunt quests: Stompion, Cerebratacean, and Flamboyffalo will properly be validated.


  • Three new bread crafting recipes has been added for level 201-215 resources.


  • The music for Ogrest's fight has been remastered.