Intervention Steles

Four new intervention steles have been added to the following Mount Zinit dungeons:

  • Badgeroxes' Lair
  • Or'Hodruin Volcano
  • Dreggons' Sanctuary
  • Iced-Over Crest

Use them to make Aguabrial appear in the dungeons. This new boss is joining forces with the dungeon bosses.

When the steles are activated, players can unlock additional exclusive rewards.

Haven Bags

The appearance and customization options of Haven Bags have been improved:

  • A new background has been added to Haven Bags, so they're no longer floating in empty space – they now really look like bags.
  • The Orchestrion is a new machine that will be present in Haven Bags by default. It serves as a kind of jukebox to change the musical atmosphere in your Haven Bag.
  • The maximum room size has been increased from 25 cells to 36 cells.
  • A new pocket system lets you add extra (non-customizable) rooms to your Haven Bag.
  • The small translucent bridges between rooms have been removed, so rooms are now right next to each other.
  • You can get new Haven Gems in the game, which let you unlock new floor appearances.
  • A small paddock is provided to accommodate your mount when you enter your Haven Bag.
  • Animated scenery elements can be placed inside the Haven Bag (to add a raining effect, for example).
  • Heroes can add or remove Haven Bag gems.
  • Harvesting is unavailable for resources located in Haven Gems to which access is blocked.
  • Haven Bag gems can be swapped around even if the rooms have items in them.
  • A new button allows the owner of the Haven Bag to destroy resources if desired.
  • Visiting another player's Haven Bag no longer triggers an error message stating that you cannot enter a Haven Bag while moving.

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More customization options for character colors

We have expanded the customization options for character colors:

  • Characters can now be customized with nine separate colors.
  • The selectable color palette has been expanded to 16 million colors.
  • A new color chart system lets you choose exactly the color you want when creating a character.
  • There's also a new field where you can enter a hex code to define a specific color.
  • Character colors have been reset and players can redefine each of their characters' colors.

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Haven Worlds

  • All guilds can now have access to a Haven World. Here are the new rules for accessing Haven Worlds:
    • Haven Worlds are purchased through the guild interface.
    • The guild must be at least level 10.
    • A Haven World costs 100,000 guild points.
  • Ecosystems have been removed from Haven Worlds: it is no longer possible to harvest resources and fight monsters there. These changes were made in preparation for an upcoming merger of the game servers, and to reduce the substantial imbalance between the activities players are doing in the world vs. in their Haven Worlds.
  • Haven World bonuses are now correctly applied outside the Haven World's instance.
  • The bonuses for Sawmill, Forge, Fish Farm, Distillery, Gamekeeper and Windmill buildings have been increased from 5 to 10% for members of the guild that owns the Haven World. This bonus applies everywhere in the World.
  • It is now possible to restrict access to a Haven World to guild members only.
  • A new button lets you destroy the monsters and resources that are present in a Haven World.
  • A new button allows you to choose resources' state of maturity.
  • In the interface used to access all Haven Worlds, a search bar now lets you filter Haven Worlds by name.

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The Foggernaut class now offers two main archetypes: close combat and ranged.

A Water elemental path has been added to replace the Stasis path.

All elemental spells can inflict Stasis damage in exchange for Wakfu Points.

General Mechanics

Foggernauts start fights with 0/X WP. They gain WP by performing specific actions. At any time, Foggernauts can activate a Stasification mode that costs a lot of WP, but in exchange, their power increases and all their spells inflict Stasis damage.

It offers two main mechanics: Overheating and High Pressure. The two states are not stackable with each other and each one strengthens one of the Foggernaut's archetypes: Close Combat/resistant and Ranged/mobile. The states increase one level per turn and can go up to level 4.

  • High Pressure:
    • 10% close-combat damage inflicted per level
    • 7% Block per level
    • 20% HP of blockades per level
    • When a Foggernaut ends their turn with at least one enemy 1-3 cells away: The state levels up and Overheating is removed
  • Overheating:
    • 7% ranged damage inflicted per level
    • 50% of level as Dodge
    • +1 Range every two levels
    • When a Foggernaut ends their turn with no enemies 1–3 cells away: The state levels up and High Pressure is removed
  • WP Regeneration:
    • The Foggernaut gains 1 WP when the last target they hit dies (excluding summons).
    • They also gain 1 WP if they finish their turn without Stasification.

Fire Path

  • Fire Thrower
    • 4 AP / 2 RA / straight-line casting
    • 92 Fire damage (3-cell cone)
    • Removes 1 Range for 1 turn (3-cell cone)
    • 2 uses per turn
  • Blazing Fire
    • 2 AP / 2 to 3 RA
    • 46 Fire damage (1-cell cross)
    • 3 uses per turn
  • Flambé
    • 3 AP / 1 to 3 RA
    • 69 Fire damage
    • Cast on a Microbot, sets the rails Flaming (69 Fire damage when starting or ending their turn on a rail)
  • Charring
    • 4 AP / 3 to 5 RA
    • 108 Fire damage
    • Flame Return: 25 Fire damage
  • Furnace
    • 5 AP / 1 WP / 1 to 3 RA
    • 150 Fire damage
    • Cast in close combat: Incurable level 5 (1 turn)
    • Cast from a distance: 42 extra damage
    • The recast time is now 2 turns
    • 1 use per turn

Water Path

  • Wakflip
    • 2 AP / 1 to 3 RA
    • Cast in close combat: -10% Critical Hit (1 turn)
    • Cast from a distance: -10% Block (1 turn)
    • 46 Water damage
    • 2 uses per target
  • Evaporation
    • 4 AP / 3 to 4 RA / straight-line casting / non-modifiable
    • 92 Water damage in a straight line to the targeted cell
    • Teleports the Foggernaut to the targeted cell
    • The Foggernaut converts High Pressure into Overheating
    • 1 use per turn
  • Dissolution
    • 5 AP / 1 WP / 1 to 3 RA / straight-line casting / modifiable
    • 138 Water damage
    • Cast in close combat: -15% damage inflicted (1 turn)
    • Cast from a distance: -1 WP (1 time per turn)
    • 1 use per target
  • Froth
    • 4 AP / 1 to 2 RA / straight-line casting
    • 108 Water damage (1-cell horizontal line)
  • Outpouring
    • 3 AP / 2 to 3 RA / straight-line casting / non-modifiable
    • Moves closer to the target
    • 69 Water damage (1-cell cross)
    • The Foggernaut converts Overheating into High Pressure
    • 1 use per target

Earth Path

  • Pummel
    • 5 AP / 1 to 2 RA
    • 105 Earth damage
    • Cast in close combat: the Foggernaut gains 550 Armor
      -> +10% per level of High Pressure
    • Cast from a distance: Pushes 1 cell
  • Trampling
    • 3 AP / 1 to 3 RA / non-modifiable
    • 69 Earth damage
    • -3 MP
    • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target
  • Bombardment
    • 2 AP / 1 to 2 RA
    • 42 Earth damage
    • Each cast increases damage by 10% for the next Bombardment (max 50%, then goes back to 0)
    • 3 uses per turn
  • Hammer Claw
    • 4 AP / 1 to 3 RA / straight-line casting / non-modifiable
    • 92 Earth damage (3-cell horizontal line)
    • Attracts 2 cells
    • 2 uses per turn
  • Shebang
    • 6 AP / 1 WP / 0 RA / non-modifiable
    • 161 Earth damage (2-cell circle)
    • 5% extra damage per current MP (max 30%)

Non-Elemental Spells

  • Stasification (unlocked)
    • 1 WP / 0 RA / non-modifiable
    • Naturally unlocked at start of combat (3rd spell bar)
    • Applies Stasification mode to the Foggernaut
      -> Elemental damage becomes Stasis damage
      -> Blocks the Foggernaut's WP regeneration
    • The spell costs 1 WP less to disable
    • 4 turns to recast
  • Blockade
    • 3 AP / 1 WP / 1 to 4 RA / non-modifiable
    • -> Places a Blockade on an empty cell (max 1 Blockade per team)
      -> 15% of the Foggernaut's HP
      -> Gains their current amount of HP in Armor
    • 3 turns to recast
      -> Note: the Blockade can be healed, gain Armor, etc.
  • Microbot
    • 1 AP / 0 to 7 RA / non-modifiable / no line of sight
    • The spell costs 1 additional AP per use during the current turn
    • Places a Microbot (max 5 Microbots per Foggernaut), lasts forever
    • Cast on a Microbot:
      -> Removes the Microbot
    • Unlocks the Gunner spell
    • Unlocks the Microbot Removal spell
      -> Note:
      1 Microbot = 1 AP
      2 Microbots = 3 AP
      3 Microbots = 6 AP
      4 Microbots = 10 AP
  • Gunner (unlocked)
    • 2 AP / 0 RA / non-modifiable
    • Enables or disables the Gunner state (infinite):
      -> The Foggernaut can now move only on rails
      -> Spells can now be cast only in a straight line
      -> 20% damage inflicted for ranged spells
    • If the Foggernaut is pushed, pulled or teleported off the rails, the Gunner state is removed
    • 1 use per turn, cannot be under the influence of the Ironclad state
  • Dreadnought
    • 2 AP / 1 WP / 0 RA / non-modifiable
    • Applies or removes the Ironclad state (infinite)
      -> 100 Elemental Resistance
      -> 2 Range
    • 3 turns to recast, cannot be under the influence of the Gunner state
  • Turret
    • 4 AP / 1 to 4 RA
    • Summons a Turret
    • The Turret attacks enemies that start or end their turn aligned with it
    • The Turret's attack requires line of sight
    • 84 Light damage per attack
    • If the Turret is on a Microbot, it attacks enemies in close combat (always 84 damage) instead of attacking in a line
    • 1 use per turn
  • Stasis Flux
    • 1 WP / 0 to 1 RA / non-modifiable
    • 2 MP max
    • The spell costs 1 extra WP per cast during the turn
  • Stranglehold
    • 3 AP / 0 to 2 RA
    • Stabilizes the target
    • The spell costs 1 AP less if the target is on a rail/Microbot
    • 2 turns to recast


  • Energy Moderator
    • 20% damage inflicted
    • Disables the ability to regenerate 1 WP by killing an enemy

Summary of the passive: The Foggernaut is naturally more powerful but has a harder time regaining WP. An ideal passive in configurations with few enemies.

  • Oil Reserve
    • Overheating gives 10% ranged damage per level, but no longer increases Range

Summary of the passive: Increases the Foggernaut's ranged damage at the expense of their Range.

  • Wakfu Reactor
    • Regains 2 WP at the start of combat (does not increase the max)
    • -50 Elemental Resistance

Summary of the passive: Gains WP to activate Stasification from the start of the fight, but has a major impact on defense afterwards.

  • Transportation Technology
    • +3 max length of rails
    • +1 max Microbots
    • -1 max MP

Summary of the passive: The potential of rails increases but the Foggernaut loses mobility.

  • Influx of Vitality
    • -30% Stasis damage
    • Stasis damage heals the Foggernaut (50% Health Steal)

Summary of the passive: Stasis damage gains a Health Steal ability (heals the spell caster) but inflicts less damage.

  • Reinforced Armor Plating
    • Blockades are stabilized
    • Blockades have 20% less HP

Summary of the passive: Blockades are guaranteed to protect the Foggernaut and their allies, but they are less effective.

  • Heavy Duty Covering
    • 600% of level as HP
    • -3 max WP

Summary of the passive: The Foggernaut is naturally more resistant. Their max WP is greatly reduced, which also reduces their ability to inflict damage with spells like Furnace or Stasification. An ideal passive in minor fights, or when offsetting it with equipment to find a satisfactory balance.

  • Unshakable Skeleton
    • Triples the Foggernaut's Lock and halves their Dodge

Summary of the passive: Increases the Foggernaut's Lock potential at the expense of their Dodge.

  • Flaming Carapace
    • When gaining High Pressure, for each level of Overheating:
      100% of level as Armor
      20% of level as Flaming (1 turn)
      4% damage inflicted (1 turn)

Summary of the passive: Lets the Foggernaut surprise their opponent by giving up their ranged mode to enter close-combat mode. They are rewarded for adapting to the fight.

  • Light Alloy
    • 1 MP
    • -20% max HP

Summary of the passive: Increases the Foggernaut's mobility at the expense of their HP. Useful in combination with Gunner mode, or in fights where the Foggernaut might not be attacked much.

  • Gear Amputation
    • High Pressure and Overheating are both applied at level 2 at the start of the fight, but don't level up any further

Summary of the passive: Provides fixed bonuses that are immediately applied. An ideal passive if the fight is quick.

  • Limiter Removal
    • Increases the maximum level of Overheating and High Pressure by 2

Summary of the passive: The Foggernaut can raise their maximum bonuses for Overheating and High Pressure.

  • Transformer
    • Converts Critical Hits into Elemental Resistance

Summary of the passive: The Foggernaut becomes more resistant but loses their Critical Hit potential.

  • Cyclic Battery
    • Doubles the Overheating and High Pressure gained
    • Both states are removed on the turn after the max level is reached

Summary of the passive: Overheating and High Pressure bonuses increase faster but have a duration.

  • Stasis Reservoir
    • Starting turn with all WP: 4% non-Stasis damage inflicted per WP (1 turn)

Summary of the passive: Greatly increases the Foggernaut's damage when they have their maximum Wakfu Points.

  • Stationary Immobility
    • Per max WP higher than 6:
      +1 WP at start of combat
      -1 max Microbots

Summary of the passive: The Foggernaut sacrifices their ability to use rails but starts the fight with more Wakfu Points.


Iops no longer disappear after using the Charge spell through a wall.


  • The Hammle Mark state (on enemies) redirects 50% of damage received, instead of 80% as it did previously.
  • The Hammle Mark state (on enemies) no longer redirects damage received if the target is immune to damage.


You can choose a set appearance for your Drheller at the Enutrof class temple in Bonta.


  • The Long Teleportation penalty is now stackable up to level 3.
    Each level applies an extra penalty.
  • Barrier damage is no longer incorrectly redirected to Nogord.


It is no longer possible to generate a bonus linked to the Perforation passive by targeting a beacon bearing the Riddled state.


Motion Sick can no longer be triggered by position changes due to Sacrifice.


  • Blightopard Dungeon: A targeting problem relating to Blightopards dying has been fixed.
  • Black Widow:
    • Characters who attack the Black Widow inflict 20% extra damage per level of Tangled instead of 10% as previously.
    • The number of Small Arachnees summoned is now limited to six.
  • Koko the Nutt: Resistances have been added to the Kokonut summoned by Koko the Nutt.
  • Count Harebourg: increased loot drop rate on Count Harebourg (via Intervention Stele).


  • Plantalas Aplenty: The objectives that asked you to complete a dungeon at the correct level now ask you to complete it while you are either at the dungeon's level or at Stasis 21 or higher.
    Dungeons affected: The Snaptrap and Tsu's Palace.
  • Wild Estate – The Archaeologist and the Temple of Doom: The problems that caused the interfaces to freeze on the tiles in the Bwork Temple when changing heroes have been fixed.
  • Incarnam (Tutorial) – Hunting for Olavrann the External: During the step that involves clicking on the compass in one of the objectives, the quest tracking interface is recentered on-screen so as not to get hidden by the tips interface.
  • Astrub (Dragoturkey) – Yiiihaaa!: During the fight against the Dragoturkey in a group with heroes, if the fight is lost, characters who were targeted by the "Not giving a hoot" spell no longer get stuck and displayed as "undefined".
  • Bilbiza – Jellix Show: Characters will no longer be in an "out of combat" moving state in some cases when they have just started the fight against the Jellificator.
  • The Path of Knowledge – III – The Cult's Dirty Hit: Player interfaces are no longer invisible when the player is excluded from the library because a fight is already in progress.
  • Ohwymi – Spores?: Ogrest now appears correctly (in all circumstances) at the end of the hallucination area.
  • Count Harebourg – Bonta Torn Apart: The objective to meet the minister can now be correctly started again and completed after logging out during the cinematic.
  • Hunter Quests – Bosses Hunt: The "kill the boss"–type objectives are now validated at the end of the fight, which prevents the quest from being validated right in the middle of a fight (for example).
  • Hit a Nerve: the achievement can now be correctly validated.
  • Action in the Sadida Kingdom: The objective that asked you to complete a dungeon at the correct level now asks you to complete it when you are either at the dungeon's level or at Stasis 21 or higher. Dungeon affected: Lunar Altar.
  • The Moowolf Bell: The objective that asked you to defeat Milkar the Moowolf has been removed.
  • Mount Zinit – Artifake – Darkli Moon Hammer: The objective that asked you to defeat Sham Moon has been removed.


  • Kamas stored in the guild chest can now exceed the limit of 2,147,483,647 kamas.
  • Added two bonuses that each unlock 50 additional slots in the guild:
    • Level 8, 10,000 guild points, 4 days of learning
    • Level 10, 30,000 guild points, 10 days of learning


  • Region banners have been added to the Kelba, Xelorium and Sadida Kingdom areas.
  • Hordes of Chafers: The number of hordes to fight is now six.


  • The recipe for Greedopaulettes at Mythical rarity now requires components from the Blop family rather than the Treechnid family.

Improvement of the Gaming Experience Without Boosters

We have made the following changes to improve the gaming experience for accounts that do not have an active Booster:

  • The "Booster" button and its state and time left are no longer constantly displayed in the game; they are now displayed only in the character selection interface before arriving in the game.
  • The readability of the quest reward interface has been improved: Experience gains provided by Boosters are displayed in the same way as regular gains. Boosters are no longer specially highlighted in this interface.
  • The Booster interface is no longer displayed in the following situations:
    • At the end of a fight.
    • When arriving in the game.
    • When a pet dies.
    • After purchasing a Booster or after a Booster expires.
    • When opening the Heroes interface.
    • When opening the dungeon machine interface.
    • When the maximum number of items on sale in the Marketplace is reached.
    • The "Improve" button has been removed from the Heroes interface. It has been replaced by a tooltip that explains how to access the Heroes feature using the Booster when hovering over a character in the Heroes interface.

Learn more with the Devblog.


  • The color of the account chest tabs can now be chosen from a color chart.
  • It is no longer possible to merge or separate sets during a trade.
  • In the Marketplaces, the average price is filled in as the default price when an item is dropped into the sale setup interface.
  • In the Marketplaces, sidekicks are now correctly displayed separately based on their experience when the "Lowest Price" option is checked.
  • Character selection interface: Textures are now completely loaded before displaying the list of characters.
  • Character selection interface: the character XP bonus ("x2/x3") is now displayed as text, only in the character selection area and under the character's level.
  • Battlefield interface: Several cases have been fixed where the score interface (top left) could appear when the character wasn't on a Battlefield.
  • Store: When an item on sale contains a large number of items, a scroll bar now appears.


  • In fights, the "Ready" and "End of Turn" sounds are played when using the associated shortcut (before, they were only played when the user clicked on the associated button).


Certain consumables in the store have been changed (these changes are not retroactive).
Our goal is to make these consumables more convenient for players to use.

  • Experience Potion: The 100 Wisdom bonus has been replaced by a 50% combat experience bonus, it now lasts 2 hours of in-game time and costs 500 ogrines.
  • Loot Potion: The 100 Prospecting bonus has been replaced by a 50% extra combat loot bonus, it now lasts 2 hours of in-game time and costs 500 ogrines.
  • Growth Kibble: The pet's or mount's level now increases by 1 instead of 2. It now costs 200 ogrines instead of 400.
  • Exceptional Artipotion: The potion has been replaced by the Harvesting Loot Potion, which increases the amounts harvested by 50% for 2 hours of in-game time.
  • Regeneration Potion: This potion has been removed from the store.
  • Transformation Potions: These potions have been removed from the store. They will eventually reappear in the game.
  • Teleportation Scroll: These scrolls have been removed from the store.

Learn more with the news.


  • Tactical view in combat: obstacles between cells (e.g. barriers in Pandalucia) are now displayed in tactical view as a red line between two cells.
  • The client's performance has been improved in various cases that could cause files to be loaded from the computer's storage.
  • Trool Fair: The interfaces reappear correctly after the Ghostof Mansion cinematic.
  • If an account sells an item while the account is in the character selection interface, the kama value displayed will be correct when logging in.
  • Items put up for sale in the Marketplace can now exceed the limit of 2,147,483,647 kamas.
  • When a character removes a visible item of equipment, their appearance as seen by nearby characters is correctly updated.
  • A bug has been fixed that made it impossible to access the account chest tabs (they were sometimes displayed as indefinitely "Loading").