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  • Sublimations can now be removed from (epic or relic) emblems.
  • The old power, rune, and smithhammer items now have "old item" graphics and descriptions indicating that they must be recycled using the "recycle" button in your inventory.
  • Double-clicking on sublimation scrolls no longer generates an error message.
  • Tell-Tale Boots can now be equipped when the character has 8 WP.


  • Shadofang: The quest to obtain the relic no longer asks for Perfect Eternal Powder; instead it asks for Powder, which is obtained from recycling.


Dark Hurl

  • The Dark Hurl Deckhands now play their turns properly.

Sor'Hon and Badgwitch

  • Corrections have been made to reflected damage, which had become inconsistent. Inflicting direct damage on Sor'Hon without being in line properly reflects damage on the attacker. Inflicting direct damage on Badgwitch in the Safety Distance state no longer reflects ten times the expected damage.

  • The Blightogre no longer regains all lost MP by applying Blightorifice to itself, but only the amount of MP applied by the state.


  • Krosmoglob: Alternating Gravity no longer reflects damage several times when Air mastery is greater than Water mastery.


  • A sudden disconnection issue linked to Steam client timeouts has been fixed.