Devblog: Tutorial Devblog - September 19, 2023 - [Ankama]WAKFU
Update 1.81 will feature a full revamp of the tutorial and first minutes of play.
We had the goal of removing single-target and area masteries, and so we got started on that project. During the concept phase, we realized we didn't like the rules governing how masteries were assigned to items. That's one of the reasons we decided to significantly alter items and masteries; now we'll describe the progress we've made on this project, plus offer specific elements that you'll see when Update 1.81 comes out.
After the first two changes to the account entity (in 1.75 and 1.76), players now have a cosmetics inventory that brings together costumes, mount and pet skins, auras, finishers, and runs at the account and server level.
Ereboria, also known as the Cursed Island, is hiding some big secrets thanks to the complicity of its inhabitants. More about the latest land to appear in the World of Twelve is revealed in this devblog. Embark on a transmedia adventure that connects the animated series Lance-Dur and WAKFU, and the games DOFUS and WAVEN, and dispel the menacing shadow that looms over the tropical island!
2022 was an opportunity to thoroughly rework three classes: Osamodas, Ouginak, and Foggernaut. We would like to take stock of these three rounds of balancing and tell you what we're planning for the classes in 2023. This article is a compilation of several considerations of the GD team – our vision right now may change over the years. However, we feel it necessary to go over things with the community.

Have you thought updates were taking a bit too long to download? Does your 4G data max out with every new version of WAKFU? Soon that'll be ancient history! Read on to learn how the launcher's update engine will change.

The results of our April 2022 satisfaction survey told us how satisfied our players were with the animations for each class, and the Eniripsa class ended up with the lowest satisfaction score. We sat down with Lolzewolf, lead animator and FX artist on the WAKFU team, to talk about the class animations overhaul for update 1.77.
Surveys conducted from 2018 to 2021 have indicated the community's interest in seeing some updates to the in-game tactical view. In version 1.77 of WAKFU, we'll be introducing a number of new elements aimed at improving the user experience in combat.
In Update 1.76, we're improving all the dungeons in the game with a number of different changes. These changes will enable us to provide a more balanced and accessible gameplay experience, while also adding new challenges.

In Update 1.75, we launched a process aimed at moving certain types of items from the character level to the account level. We linked costumes, pet skins and mount skins to the account (and server).

Several months ago, we conducted a poll about features in the game to better understand your expectations. The majority said that game ergonomics were important to you. For that reason, we focused on several areas to improve the user-friendliness of the game interface.

Among these areas, we decided to adapt how cosmetics function in the game in 1.75.

Some of the graphic designers on the WAKFU team are working on visual and technical upgrades for the game to further improve the quality and user-friendliness of the experience when customizing your favorite classes.

The Sram and Foggernaut classes have fewer customization options, so we have decided to focus on these classes.

In this devblog, you can find out more about how we are going about this.

Devblog: Rushu Devblog - January 18, 2022 - [Ankama]WAKFU

A big beard. A jolly big character all in red. Have the holidays refused to go away?

You might be the one sticking stubbornly around because even though he doesn't usually hand out gifts, Rushu loves giving you what-for! The Lord of the Shadows in person is waiting for you in his palace, ready to rumble!

In WAKFU Update 1.74, we're increasing the maximum level for characters to 230. We're also adding a content expansion for players from level 216 to 230. It will include five new islands in the Shustuft Crust on which you'll find five monster families, each with their own dungeons, sets and quests.

With WAKFU Update 1.74, we're adding the option to create and modify custom interface themes.

The results of recent surveys reconfirmed to us that you would like an improved appearance for interfaces in the game, including the ability to customize them however you like. To allow for this, we're providing tools for you to change their textures and coloration without altering their size or functionality.

In WAKFU, we've traditionally applied temporary bonuses (XP, loot, professions, etc.) during important events (game anniversaries, new year, etc.) We've decided to improve the way these bonuses work and clarify how they are used.
In Update 1.73, we're adding two new dimensional rifts and a legendary artifact system, plus we're increasing experience gains and loot.  


Currently, Battlefields have very low participation rates, making them less relevant and putting them in a vicious cycle: The less often players participate in them, the less appealing they are, and then players participate in them less! In Update 1.73, the frequency of Battlefields will change in order to bring players together, thereby boosting participation.

For Update 1.73, we've decided to make multiple significant changes to the Demonic Pact system to give characters more protection against anti-gaming (blocking a target in combat for as long as possible). We're also taking the opportunity to expand on this feature by making it easier to hide in the scenery.

In Update 1.72, we're adding a new feature that will allow you to take on "infinite" waves of monsters.
Dimensional Rifts are inspired in part by the old Mobile Arenas, but also add some new mechanics. This new content complements the dungeons you know and love by offering a different gameplay experience: rifts will offer unpredictable battles, each one different from the last, and ask players to make additional choices over the course of a battle.
In Update 1.72, we're introducing a new "wild PvP" system called Demonic Pacts. For players who decide to participate, it will allow them to do battle just about everywhere in the world of Wakfu. The more risks you take, the more rewards you'll be able to win.
Back in 2020, we told you about some of our intentions for the class revamp that we had in the pipeline. Today, with our overhaul of the Xelor class rapidly approaching, we're back to share more details of our plans and the changes we'll be making.
In Update 1.71, we decided to improve the end-of-fight interface. It shows more fight information and is easier to read.
In Update 1.71, we're adding a new feature that lets you easily change the appearance of pets so that players can separate the bonus provided by a pet from its appearance. It will work much the same way as mount skins.