The WAKFU team presents what will be new with customization in Update 1.63.

More Detailed Graphic Customization for Characters


At the end of 2018, many of you spoke up on the forums and in a poll about your desire to be able to customize the appearance of your characters more fully. 

Each player is unique and wanting to show your characters' uniqueness in the game is legitimate.

Pink hair and Gobball headgear or green hair and a bubble hat? It'll be up to you to decide what tomorrow's fashion will be (or what last year's trend was).

We've decided to add more cosmetic customization options in patch 1.63 so you can really go wild with your characters' looks.

New Hairstyles

All the classes will get 10 new additional hairstyles (5 for each gender).

Here's a sneak peek: 

You won't need any gels (or other sticky substances) to be at the height of fashion:

Broader Color Pallet

You've mentioned several times the overly restrictive nature of the color pallets allowed to personalize your characters.

In this update, we've therefore decided to extend the pallet of authorized colors and to share them between all classes to give you more customization options.

All classes will have access to:

  • 48 colors for the skin (+9 variations per color)
  • 80 colors for hair (+9 variations per color)
  • 16 eye colors for classes whose eye color can be changed.

We're crossing our fingers that in the future you'll be able to create colorful characters!

Everyone Gets a New Look

So every player can take advantage of these cosmetic improvements, when update 1.63 is released, every character will be able to change their appearance once (the first time the character is played after the release) by modifying the following attributes:

  • Colors
  • Hairstyle
  • Gender

This is the perfect opportunity to fix a few youthful errors and assert your new look.

When version 1.63 is available, feel free to share your new appearances on the forums. We're eager to laugh at be inspired by your abundant creativity!

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