The WAKFU team presents what will be new with Stasis dungeons in Update 1.63.

After improving and balancing all the monsters and dungeons in the Nations during the December 2018 expansion, we wanted to continue to work on the dungeon system in iterations.

In update 1.63, we decided to improve how the dungeon Stasis levels operate to encourage players to use this difficulty management feature and give players more possibilities.

We all have our "favorite" dungeons but they can rapidly become obsolete and no longer be a challenge or offer interesting rewards (outside of competitive mode) as characters' power evolves.

With this update, we would like to give you an opportunity to revisit old dungeons and rediscover them with greater difficulty and greater rewards.

Higher Maximum Stasis Level

In normal mode, you'll now have access to 50 Stasis levels for dungeons (compared to the current 20 levels).

We made this change to let players increase the difficulty and rewards in dungeons in normal mode more.

Dungeons in normal mode can therefore stay "profitable" longer and better follow characters' progress.

The monster power curve (based on Stasis level) is identical in normal and competitive mode, but the reward curves are different because competitive mode is still more difficult (in competitive mode, players cannot exceed the dungeon's difficulty level).

Maximum bonus with Stasis set at 50:

  Normal Competitive
XP 200% 600%
Loot 200% 600%

Display and Modification of Reward Thresholds

We took advantage of this update to correct a few inconsistencies in the Stasis thresholds that unlocked certain item rarities.

The list of equipment rarities and Stasis thresholds at which they are unlocked: 

Rarity Now 1.63
Common (white) 1 1
Rare (green) 1 1
Mythical (orange) 1 1
Legendary (yellow) 21 21
Epic (pink) 1 21
Relic (purple) 11 21

To us, making obtaining Epic and Relic rarities reserved for characters who increase dungeon difficulty seemed relevant.

Increasing the Stasis level to its maximum (50) in normal mode will now let you obtain the Legendary, Epic and Relic rarities outside of competitive mode.

We're making this change to make them slightly more accessible.

Now, when you select a Stasis threshold for a dungeon, in addition to the usual associated bonuses, the game will also display the various equipment rarities that will be unlocked.

Elimination of Stasis Level Requirements

In competitive mode, you need to have reached certain Stasis thresholds to unlock the next thresholds.
This restriction will disappear in version 1.63 because we want players to be able to choose the difficulty they want directly (without necessarily having to complete the same dungeon several times at lower difficulty levels only to unlock higher levels).

Comparison of Stasis prerequisites needed to unlock access to Stasis thresholds:

Stasis Threshold Stasis Prerequisite in 1.62 Stasis Prerequisite in 1.63
1-10 / /
11-20 / /
21-30 20 /
31-40 30 /
41-50 40 /

Improving Reward Visibility

We have also decided to improve the visibility of competitive mode rewards by making several changes to the interface:

  • The interface showing potential rewards is now always displayed when you open the dungeon reward interface.
  • The potential rewards now have tooltips that give the details of the contents of chests or items.
  • When a character has not yet completed the dungeon in competitive mode during the current month, a message is displayed explaining how to obtain the rewards in competitive mode.
  • The button to open the reward interface has been moved to make it more visible.

These changes can be tested in the new 1.63 beta version.

We hope they'll inspire you to try even more dungeons!

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