With Update 1.62, we wanted to add several improvements designed to make trade easier for all players, whether you're an occasional seller or an expert in market manipulation!

Our goal is to remove as many barriers as possible that could discourage beginners when they interact with trade, while also making trade more enjoyable for players who already know this feature well.

Managing Average Prices

One of the first obstacles for players is knowing the exchange value of what they're getting, what they're ready to sell, or what they want to buy in order to avoid making mistakes during a sale or purchase.
An item's selling price in the markets can be a good indicator, but this is only available in markets, can sometimes fluctuate wildly, and not all items are necessarily available in the markets.

We therefore decided to incorporate the concept of an average price for each in-game item that can be sold.
The average price will be included in an item's description (and will therefore be accessible from any menu that displays items).

This average price is to be calculated using sales completed in markets. It will be updated regularly.
We've implemented several measures (which we won't reveal) to prevent these average prices from being abnormally manipulated by players.


We've made improvements to the use of markets in order to make trade smoother:

The durations for which items are listed has increased from 24/72/168 hours to 7/14/28 days.
We have significantly increased these durations (without imposing any conditions) to make items more available in the markets.

For accounts with an active Booster, the number of slots for selling items is now equal to the character's level.
For example, a level 65 character will have 65 sale slots. Accounts without an active Booster will have a maximum of 20 slots.

These two changes are designed to increase the number of items present in markets, and thus make it less likely for there to be no items available in the markets.
The second change gives us another way to add value to leveling up.

We've also improved the market interface:

  • The menu now displays the number of available slots.
  • The field "Price" is now in focus when an item is being listed for sale, allowing the item's price to be entered when selected.
  • Pressing "Enter" will confirm an item listing.
  • The duration of a listing is saved for the current session, instead of being reset every time you list a new item.

These changes should improve the game experience for those wanting to buy or sell, and hopefully a greater number of players will participate in trade.
The average price feature will be available once Update 1.62 goes live, but it will probably take several days for the average price values to begin to stabilize.

Category: Game design