It's the end of summer vacation for WAKFU too! The timing is just slightly off, as it's a short time until Ouginaks will be added to the game, while Enutrofs – by popular demand – will get a revamp.

What's Planned for Ouginaks

The Ouginaks were announced early this year for DOFUS. As you might have guessed, they're finally coming to WAKFU in late 2017, and it was about time! [Exited] is here to give you a sneak peek…
Returning to Our Roots
For this new class, we focused on known, simple and effective mechanics, thus going back to the game's roots. As for new elements, the main one is a resource particular to the Ouginak class: Rage.
Ouginak's Rage  
An Ouginak generates Rage by casting spells or through passives.
Once your Ouginak has enough Rage, they can consume it to transform. You then gain different new abilities depending on what you transform into – for example, increased damage and mobility at the cost of resistance.
After transforming, you'll be unable to generate Rage. This creates a cycle, which has to be anticipated by the Ouginak as well as their opponents.
Mobile and tough, an Ouginak sails through melee combat, using their transformation cycle to hit harder and build up their capacity to survive in future turns.

An Effective Arsenal
The Ouginak has powerful abilities for single-target focus and control.
While this class's range of spells is limited, you can adjust your deck or equipment in a few ways to get a very mobile character, one able to quickly close the distance and keep their target from fleeing.
Don't bother running from an Ouginak – they'll most likely catch you! You have to take advantage of their cycle to counteract their attack power and strike when they're most vulnerable.
A Classic Offtank?
Unlike most of their peers, an Ouginak has a number of mechanics enabling them to remain with low HP and not worry about dying too soon.
This is thanks to the Ouginak's life steal and armor generation abilities, which allows them to be exposed as long as they properly manage their Rage.
In this way, Ouginaks make good use of Block, Berserk Mastery, and a high amount of HP.
Ouginak's Best Friend
We weren't about to let the Ouginak confront the dangers of the World of Twelve all alone. When playing as an Ouginak, you can summon a four-legged companion in combat. Although this companion won't directly raise your attack potential, it allows you to provide team bonuses and generate Rage, and it will sacrifice itself to save you.

What's Planned for Enutrofs

In February 2017, we posed this question to the Wakfu community: "Which class needs improvement?

While the game design team is getting on in years, they recalled that a fair number of players had expressed the desire for Enutrofs to get a little touch-up. [Siu] isn't a veteran, but he took on the task of revamping our favorite oldies.

Planned Mechanics and Elemental Spells

Enutrof mechanics were suffering from several weaknesses. Having to stay on top of mines to maximize damage was hurting the Enutrof's mobility on the field.
Moreover, the mechanic of using Broke and Pouches was overused in gameplay, and so an Enutrof would inevitably lose part of their combat arsenal when pouches were consumed, or when an enemy could not or could no longer be rendered Broke.

Without a renewable burst mechanic, the longer combat went on, the more the Enutrof's allies would surpass them in effectiveness, making them gradually less useful.
As a result, we completely reworked the class. Its strength now resides in its various loops, or gameplay "cycles." Generating a mine, changing it, moving it, consuming it, and so on – all of this improves the Enutrof's "capital." When your Enutrof has enough riches available (mines, Wakfu points, Prospecting), you can use these to apply penalties to your opponents or cause more damage.
And so there are a few possible play cycles:

  1. the first is for a short-term game, where you squander all your riches as soon as you get them;
  2. the second is centered on renewal, which guarantees damage and constant buffs/debuffs;
  3. and the third and last involves laying the groundwork for several turns… all for an explosive finish.
As for the nitty-gritty? You'll see it all in-game on the Beta server!

The Drheller, A Friend for Life

"Go get my pouches, Oscar!" For real, the time for that is over! The Drheller will become excellent at recovering mines with creation, movement, and destruction abilities that are perfectly anchored in the Enutrof's cycles.
Finally, all elemental spells will be able to be cast as a Drhellzerker. The Earth branch will no longer make people envious!

What About Pouches?

The Broke state is applied through the active Cutpurse. It lasts for one turn and causes the target to drop pouches upon their death. When a pouch is picked up, the whole team gains a temporary bonus to prospecting. Pretty handy, eh?
Fat Pouches, on the other hand, appear after a Broke boss dies. When one is picked up, a random ally will gain an item at the end of the fight. Being a team player is what matters most!
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