The time has finally come to take on Ogrest, closing out a saga that began early this year with Mount Zinit. But nothing and nobody – not even Otomai? – has prepared you for what's to come when you knock on his door.

Players who've been around will still remember their first steps into Mount Zinit, when Ogrest smacked them straight into Astrub. These players might have a vague idea of what awaits them; at any rate, new and old alike can refresh their memory however they see fit!

[3xited] and [Siu] have been anxiously waiting to give you a preview of the encounter at the summit, while at the same time not spoiling all the combat mechanics!

The Fight

The Krosmoz is in peril: nothing can stop the rising waters as they slowly engulf the World of Twelve. It's getting ever-more urgent to stop Ogrest's Chaos before everything disappears!

As long as Ogrest is worked up, his Chaos will continue to rage, deeply affecting how the world looks – providing a constant reminder that a nasty fight for survival is taking place atop Mount Zinit. This fight will even impact the various nations, shaking the trees of the verdant forests of Bonta and making the mines of Brakmar tremble, deep as they may be…

An Ultimate Boss system that's classic but not overly so


The Ogrest battle is similar to a classic Ultimate Boss fight in a few ways: you can enter his lair to try and face him three times a week; you'll get tokens from combat and achievements you can spend; and so on.

What sets Ogrest apart from other Ultimate Bosses, however, is how the fight plays out. To calm Ogrest, you'll have to last 20 turns while dealing as much damage to him as possible. This damage score will determine whether or not you're successful in facing Ogrest, along with the rewards you get. 

Although surviving will be key, you're also going to have to take huge risks if you want to inflict serious damage on Ogrest. In other words, you'll need to get a little crazy, even when using well-worn strategies!



As soon as the cumulative score of the top 100 players on the server reaches 25 million*, the Chaos ends until the month is over. Ogrest can still be confronted "normally" after this point. That means you'll be able to get a higher score and continue trying to land personal rewards.

In short, you have the option to work with others and share information to successfully pacify Ogrest, or keep the knowledge to yourself and lead the rankings. It's all up to you!


Info Boxes

To help you in the fight, a box/window will constantly display your damage score as well as what phase you're currently in. You can click on this box to make it disappear until the next character's turn.

Info Box

After each victory, a score is logged for each player. This score amounts to the total damage one's team dealt to Ogrest in the fight, and it will be logged in the Ogrest tab of the dungeon window.

This Ogrest leaderboard works like other dungeon leaderboards: if a player has fought the boss multiple times, whether in a single team or multiple teams, their overall best score is recorded in the leaderboard.

In addition to the classic leaderboard, a progress bar (or "Pr'Ogrest Bar") shows all players how close the server is to completing the main objective.


Let's move on to the subject you've all been waiting for: rewards!

As we explained above, each team's score will come from the amount of damage inflicted on Ogrest, divided equally between the six players in the team. Your score will contribute to both personal and collective outcomes.

Individual Rewards

Individual rewards will be gained at the end of the fight if you last 20 turns.

You must achieve a minimum score of 1 million* to obtain the initial rewards, which include tokens. Others can only be obtained at higher stages. Additionally, the higher your score, the greater your chances of picking up rewards.

You might receive new decorations, divine weapons, legendary armor, or other items. Certain rewards will far surpass your wildest dreams. You're not the first to try and take Ogrest down, and those who came before you left more than just their remains…

> 1 000 000
> 1 500 000
> 2 000 000
> 2 500 000

Community Rewards

Once the cumulative score of the top 100 players fills up the progress bar, Ogrest will be weakened and peace will return to the World of Twelve – until the month's end, that is! In the interim, some of Ogrest's tears will remain and can be collected in a few different ways. These will be accessible in all areas and to all players, such as through new combat challenges, and drops from any monsters in the game. You can also find quite a few in dungeons which you complete at your level, and even more in the highest Stasis difficulties.

Ogrest's Tears will have a few purposes:

Improving Ogrest equipment 

Ogrest equipment will be upgraded to legendary in the usual way, so the Ogrest's Tears are simply replacing the boss resources in the recipes.

Crafting "Souvenir" items

Souvenir items are especially rare Level 200 items. They have the characteristics of a legendary Level 200 item but are more exotic, similar to certain pieces of Moon Island equipment (the Thing Thongs, for example). You'll need lower-level items and resources to craft them. We can all remember having a favorite item that we would eventually abandon after new content made it obsolete. But the item may not be lost to time after all… You might just rediscover it among the new Souvenir items!

These exotic characteristics will accompany the all-new optimization mode below.

Improving your epics and relics

You can use tears to improve your epic items and relics of all levels, also through crafting. This upgrade won't change their level or characteristics, but it will add a special rune slot.

New runes can be obtained from the dungeon ranking end-of-season chests. These runes have only one level and can be applied to epics and relics of any level; epic runes go in epic slots, and relic runes fit into relic slots. Some of them will allow you to specialize your character to a greater extent, while others will enhance existing gameplay or even allow for new play styles, among other features.

In conclusion, here are a few examples of epic and relic runes – we'll let you discover the other ones in-game!

  • Epic Rune of the Unraveling - converts 50% of the player's Critical Mastery into Elemental Mastery.
  • Epic Rune of Perseverance - 10% to Critical Hits if the bearer has 40% or more Block at the start of combat.
  • Relic Rune of Variation - if the bearer has used only one element during their turn, they gain 15% Elemental Mastery for their other elements on the next turn.

We will start with these default scores. We will then study the data and fine tune it if needed after the update.
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