To sum it up: this feature will allow you to create items for your friends, but also for clients, in an entirely secure way. This is one of the community's recurring requests; we wanted to respond to it, while adapting it to WAKFU.

Why go through the Haven Bag?

We wanted to go through the Haven Bag because this is one of the core features of Wakfu. It's one of the first parts of bringing Haven Bags up to date, by gradually offering you more real things to do there, motivating you to go through there daily, and even inviting other players inside.
Let's look at a few details about how it really works!

How does it work for the craftsman?

The principle of Secure Crafting on Wakfu is that the craftsman "rents out" their machines and profession level to the client… And it all happens in the Haven Bag!
The craftsman's first step is to set their prices. After all, hard work deserves payment! To do so, the craftsman must go to their Haven Bag and open the Gratuities interface from their instrument panel.
The instrument panel replaces the current machines and brings them all together, allowing you to manage your Haven Bag.

A preview of the instrument panel

The craftsman is then presented with the Gratuities interface, where they'll be able to set the prices for the recipes they'll make for clients. The prices they set will depend on the recipe level, and they will be able to name a different price for other items' equipment (components, resources, runes, etc.). They will also be able to make all recipes free for their Guild.

"Given the rates you're offering, thank Enutrof we're in the same Guild!"

How does it work for the client?

They go to the craftsman's Haven Bag – when they're online and present – and use the machines the craftsman has placed in their Haven Bag.

[Dy7] has just crafted the final piece of their Minatsu Set...

The client is presented with the usual crafting interface. The craftsman's details can be seen there: name and level, available recipes, as well as rates.

It's a bit expensive at Alonfred's...

We've also modified it for the occasion, in order to switch from the "pages per group of 10 levels" system to a filter-by-level system.
This improvement will allow you to view valid recipes you have all the ingredients for or to search for recipes without having to already be on the right page, which wasn't a very practical way of working…

A few more details...

The craftsman gains experience when a recipe is made this way. Thanks to this feature, it is therefore possible to develop the crafting profession of more than one character. It's even possible to develop several crafting professions at the same time.
Moreover, we've reviewed obtaining crafting machines to be placed in Haven Bags, so as to reduce them to three crafting machines per profession. The crafting machines you already owned will become machines which allow you to make all recipes from level 0 to 100, whereas two new machines will exist: a mid-level one for recipe levels 0 to 80, and a low-level one for recipe levels 0 to 40.
These machines are to be crafted using the handyman profession, whose recipes have been made easier.

Thank you for reading this new Devblog. We hope you'll enjoy this new feature!

* The text in the UI hasn't been translated yet, but will be in time of the update.

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