The main WAKFU adventure continues with the arrival of the fifth and final chapter in the Quest of Nations. The epic final takes us back to Sufokia to explore its forgotten depths... Find out more about the new quest in Update 1.50: Lairs and Lizards in this devblog!

[...] Blinded by grief and anger, the Monster didn’t realize it had been imprisoned in an invisible cage, designed for one purpose only: to prevent it from roaming the world and wreaking havoc.
Only its magical tears could flow freely through the invisible bars erected by the gods[...]

Extract from “Ogrest’s Gesture - Volume 6”

[...] And the dragons – ancient and powerful creatures, perhaps even more so than the gods themselves – could not be held by the same ties that bind earthly creatures. No cage, either Twelvian or divine, was capable of containing them or stopping their passage[...]

Extract from “Dragons and Gods”

[...]and despite their efforts to prevent the increasing, destructive power of the young ogre, the gods were powerless in the face of this invincible titan, named Ogrest. Powerless to destroy the uncontrollable monster, the gods devised a plan to limit his destruction. It was in these cataclysmic circumstances, that the order of the Guardians of Osamodas was established.
They were given the task of protecting a divine artifact made by Osamodas himself, which was to help the hero strong enough to take on the monster. This was not designed to give power in itself, but instead, to unlock a power capable of opening some of the divine barriers on Mount Dragons erected to contain the Monster.
Originally from the Sufokian coast, the family of guardians migrated deeper into the heart of the country, further north, where they settled in Amakna. There, from one generation to the next, the members of the family transmitted the divine instrument, a divine key to unlock a buried and forgotten power[...]

Extract of “Forgotten Legends and Ancient Artifacts - Book III”



The Quest of Nations - Chapter 5 (the final chapter)

Inhabitants of the World of Twelve, courageous and daring adventurers, hardened and valiant warriors, the time has come to end your journey through the four nations by opening Oktapodas' Sunken Temple using the three orichalcums now in your possession.

What you will find there will help you to continue onwards in your exploration and ascent of Mount Zinit, and although you are nearing your destination, we know that the waiting seems longer than ever.

You are not the only ones bursting with impatience. Many people are impatient to discover, or take possession of, the mysteries and treasures filling the halls of the temple, which is sinking gradually into the ocean’s abyss.

There are the Arkaeologists of course, who have followed you on your adventures in the nations:

  • There is the beautiful and discerning, Laura Craft, representative of the Amakna intellectuals, as sensual as she is intelligent.
  • The sometimes humorless, Jenry Hones Jr, representative of Bonta, who strives in the shadow of his father to reveal the secrets of pre-Ogrest’s Chaos to the wider public.
  • The devious but very useful, Eminerell Lebbocq, a well-educated character from Brakmar, who is in direct competition with Jenry, and who considers every new discovery as a source of personal profit.
  • Shy and studious, Milo Tchatch, the youngest Sufokian arkaeologist, but also one of the most knowledgeable, who is in charge of research and international cooperation on the Sunken Temple.
  • The clever and quick-witted, Amelia Hartlyss, a scholar working for Riktus, as silent as she is deadly.

But these are not the only people interested in the temple and its contents: There is also the Foot Clan, a branch of Ogrest's Cult, led by the mysterious Gankr. This group always seems to be in getting in the way between you and the object of your quest. Gankr’s hired henchmen keep coming at you in waves, in pairs – or even, in threes – in the shape of Team Missile. It is clear that Ogrest’s Cult are determined to foil your plan to discover the secret of the Sunken Temple. Could the tunnels they are digging under Mount Zinit be connected somehow? You can count on it. But what could the Ogrest's Cult possibly get out of carving up Mount Dragons?
Finally, there is Michelène Tordsabots, better known as Mimi the Marvelous, the charismatic and clumsy Osamodas that either chance or destiny – although she has never shown any interest in the temple – has constantly put on your path. And what is it about her ocarina that is so interesting to Team Missile? Can all of this be just a coincidence?
In the fifth and final chapter you will discover the answers to some of these questions... but perhaps not all of them.
Chapter 5 in the Quest of Nations includes the following content:

  • A 4-part quest for level 45 (or above) players, continuing on from Chapter 4 in the Quest of Nations (a pre-requisite)
  • A visit to sandy Sufokia and Oktapodas’ Sunken Temple for a whole ton of surprises
  • An epic dungeon adventure
  • A new 9-piece hero set: the Tenacious Hero Set
  • Haven Bag decorations, titles and tons of rewards to unlock or purchase from the dungeon croupier
  • Last but not least, a new artifact, that will open up many new horizons in your exploration of the World of Twelve
  • Not to mention, some extra surprises and twists!

Meet you at Steamulating Shore in Sufokia to start the adventure when Update 1.50: Lairs and Lizards is released!
Find out more about the Nation Quest finale with [Kme] and [RyF]


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