[SPOILER!] The main adventure in WAKFU MMO is back with the fourth chapter in the Quest of Nations. This time the light is shining on Brakmar or should we say it's darkness... Discover more about this upcoming adventure in this devblog today!

"Ah, Brakmar! The fresh smell of sulfur, the infamous alleyways and dicey cul-de-sacs. The world's most colorful and incisive city fauna... A nation where the birth rate is rivaled only by the crime rate!

Such wonderful childhood memories...

Only a Brakmarian would dare venture into these parts. But I bet you never saw the old Brakmar, the one from my youth, when I was young Eminerell. Today, everything looks the same on the surface, but behind the wonderful layer of corruption and violence, the reality is totally different.

Plotting is outsourced now, politics is taking over and there are new laws every day... In Lebbocq's name! Whatever happened to the old Brakmarian traditions!

Anyway, I digress... I'm here to mull over something completely different...

Yes, I've made mistakes. But it was all in completely bad faith and only for personal gain! How could I have known what the little ball of metal was for? A collector always pays top dollar, and I don't have a problem with that! Hike up the price, close the sale... Archeology has its advantages after all, am I right? Bringing fragments of the past to people that want them, at the right price, of course. Anyway, that's how things work here in Brakmar.

Yes, and that's what I did. Who could say no to a huge bag of Kamas, especially when its just for an ordinary, old ball of metal that nobody knows what to do with and serves no purpose... I really needed the Kamas at the time, too.

But what really convinced me to sell the thing that day, was that the customer was a very important one, not just in terms of their wallet size. When you come face to face with someone like that, you have to put on airs and graces, be careful what you say, adjust your prices.

The customer was no other than the very impressive, Charles-Henri of Vileardent*.

That's right, the Brakmarian industrial magnate.
The founder and director of the Sidimotes & Co factory.
The talented engineer who helped design and build the transport network in our city.
The man who is personally and financially invested in rebuilding our great Brakmar.
The war hero, who fought to purify the Sidimote Moors to chase out the Ouginak rebels and stop a lavalarve invasion.
An outstanding Ouginak... a true Brakmarian. An important man with friends in high places. By my bulging purse! He even has his own militia!

I'll tell you straight up, it won't be easy for us to recover our Orichalcum... And I don't want to lose face with Jenry Hones Jr. No way!

But I'm getting sidetracked again...

Let's talk about you, what are you doing in this tavern? Are you...? ... the, waitress...? THE WAITRESS!

What the...?! I'll have a bamboo milk... Dawn Trool, nice and strong.

What? Don't stand there with your mouth hanging open, like Bernardo dia Reya! Get moving! Oh! And I'll be needing a discount, after all the time I lost nattering away to you! Don't go expecting a tip..."


Charles-Henri of Vileardent, 'Victory against the Sidimote Rebels'

The Quest of Nations - Chapter 4

The main adventure in WAKFU MMO is back with the fourth chapter in the Quest of Nations.

Some of you have already guessed, this chapter includes a visit deep into the entrails of Brakmar. You will be spared nothing – lies, bribery, low blows, corruption, dark alleys and so much more. You will have to learn to pass unnoticed and sometimes show a little muscle to get what you want from the mysterious and intimidating industrial tycoon.

Lucky for you, Eminerell Lebbocq is there to guide you through this den of vice, through the slums that lead to Charles-Henri of Vileardent's factory. But... could the mission really be that simple? Find a boss in a factory and make him give you an object he bought years ago!

An unlikely story... and your adventurer's gut is telling you that a much more ominous shadow hangs over Brakmar... Maybe that intimidating magnate, Charles-Henri, isn't the worst of your problems?

It's up to you to unravel the mystery, so keep your fingers firmly crossed that it won't be too vile. Be careful out there! In Brakmar, anything is possible...

Don't forget that this city was supposedly built by demons and is protected by one of the most infamous shushus around: Djaul, protector of the month of Descendre.

And while there may not be a single shushu roaming freely in the World of Twelve today, this city is known to be a refuge for the vilest of creatures...

Chapter 4 in the Quest of Nations includes the following content:

  • A 3-part quest for level 35 (or above) players, continuing on from Chapter 3 in the Quest of Nations (a pre-requisite)
  • A visit to a normal Brakmarian neighborhood (in other words, a dive!)
  • New and colorful, full-blooded Brakmarian characters
  • A majestic dungeon adventure
  • A new 9-piece hero set: the Tough Hero set
  • Haven Bag decorations, titles and tons of rewards to unblock or purchase from the dungeon croupier
  • Not to mention the third and latest Orichalcum, which opens the doors to the final chapter in the next update!

See you soon in the Sidimote Moors to set off on a new adventure as soon as Update 1.48, "New Days in Astrub" goes online!

*This name is subject to change.

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