Simplifying steps, revamp of experience gained, addition of new rewards: the quest of Otomai's Disciples is getting an overhaul! It's time to come back to this symbolic character who, unintentionally and forevermore, has made his mark on the World of Twelve...

The famous showman and outdoor game-show presenter Alec Betrek puts his cards in the right order, and then points towards the viewers so they know he's ready.

"Right, let's start! Considered to be one of the greatest alchemists in the World of Twelve, I'm also indirectly linked to the worst chaos it's ever known."

"Errr... errr... Ferdi McGellan!" 

"No! I'm a scholar specializing in the study of living creatures and the guardian of the Primordial Ochre Dofus. Perch..."  

"Magus Ax!"

"No again! Perched on the summit of Tree Keeholo, I gave myself over to mysterious, and sometimes controversial experiences. Durin..."

"Franchiche Laliane!"

"No! For a long time, I was known but for my effective potion against myxomawose, a terrible illness passed-on by Wabbits. But in 790, my 'celebrity' found a new spurt, which I wouldn't have..."

"Stephanie of Nonmcoco!"

"Errr, no, errr... I can do without her! The lovely, sensitive creature who saw the light of day in my laboratory would definitively upheave the face of the world! This little ogre has such an insatiable appeti..."

"Stone and Thistle! Errr, Stone and Rochette!"

"Almost! That little ogre has such an insatiable appetite, and went mad for the beautiful Sadida doll, Dathura. I named him Ogrest, raised him like as if he were my son, and I transformed myself into a Mufafah and a Fly to find him again, after he disappeared."

"Stephanie of Nonmcoco!"


"Am I right!?"

"No. I gave my name to an island inhabited by new creatures and made a gargantuan laboratory out of it, for my studies. I am? I AM?"


"Yesss! Bravo! Sir, you are the lucky winner of this challenge, so leave with a lovely Web Stir Encyclopedia! You'll find everything you need in there: Mr. Nugget's Peat Pie recipe in the Mmmmmmmmmmmmmorpg's exact writing, not to mention the information needed to join Otomai's Disciples! Now, here's their coat of arms which you can proudly wear on your set!"

Be a proud member!

And you? Are you ready to become part of the cult of Otomai's Disciples? If so, take part in the quest held on their behalf! New rewards are waiting for you! Otomai will also welcome and guide you through Incarnam which has been specially revamped for the occasion.
Changes to the Otomai's Disciple quest (The Life of a Hunter) will be available in update 1.47.


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