Do you remember?... Ogrest’s Chaos, the climatic disaster that changed the face of the world... Many were lost as a result of this catastrophe. Drowned in the torrents of tears, crushed by the power of the waves, sucked into the depths of the oceans, the inhabitants of the World of Twelve found a thousand different ways to die, but almost none survived.

Survivors were divided into two categories: the lucky, completely powerless against the disaster, but who managed to escape the worst of it, and those who can attribute their survival to their own will power, strength and determination. Today, we’re going to talk about this second category, because the wild inhabitants of the Stone Perch, the new level 85 dungeon, don’t owe anything to luck.

Caught up in the sadly famous storm of 789 trying to return home, a group of birds braved the elements, shaken by the wind, beaten by the rain, roasted by the lightning, fighting back at any cost, until they managed to find shelter in the ruins of a building that escaped Ogrest’s rage almost unscathed. Once it was all over, since these creatures no longer had anywhere to return to, they decided to begin a new way of life. They put an end to migration, and temporary, unreliable housing. It was time to grow some roots. No disaster would ever chase them from their home again.

They set up their new residence on the little island that saved them. These feathery creatures only had one goal in mind, and that was to survive the next catastrophe. When they weren’t collecting new materials to strengthen their nest, they were learning more about fishing, hunting and fighting techniques. Closer than ever, guided by their obsession as much as by the pain of the loss of their loved ones, the herd developed an indomitable group spirit.

Aware that the danger could also come from living beings, these birds decided not to stray too far from home to keep their existence a secret. If a ship got too close to the island, the rule was that it wasn’t allowed to leave. And, until recently, they managed to keep their secret... But the sailors learned not too get to close to the island, where the shipwrecks were starting to stack up. And since sailors love nothing more than a good story to tell in the port taverns at night, a rumour began to spread throughout the world...

Supposedly, there was an island overflowing with treasure so precious you could use it to bribe the governments of all four nations! Equipment strong enough to resist even one of Ogrest’s flicks! A flying mount! Of course, rumours are just that, and they were soon distorted and exaggerated. The only way to check if they are true is to see them with your own eyes. Will you be daring enough to take a look? Are you the new danger for which the Wild Tofus have been training for so many generations? Or will you just be another little feather in their cap?
Starting with the next game update, go to the wild prairies in each nation to find this new content:

  • a new family of monsters: Wild Tofus;
  • their new dungeon, level 85: the Stone Perch;
  • 20 new items of equipment, including:
    • 1 epic item
    • 2 sets
    • 4 items to craft;
  • a new resource for trappers, and a delicious new recipe for chefs.
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