For this Incarnam redesign, we have forged strong links between several key ideas from the Krosmoz and, specifically, the WAKFU MMO: Wakfu, Stasis, Ogrest, the Chaos and its origins. These are the same concepts that we are going to progressively develop and enrich over the course of the coming updates...

“The Nations of the World of Twelve are on high alert. The constantly growing number of outlaws and villains and the establishment of the self-proclaimed Riktus Clan nation are both causes for concern.
No natural phenomenon seems to be behind this global resurgence of criminality.
The four nations’ scientomages aren’t short of hypotheses and speculation, but none of them can provide any proof of their claims.

Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar and Sufokia’s higher powers have no choice. They’re going to have to appeal to one of the most renowned independent wisemen – Otomai himself.

It’s not often that Ogrest’s father is called upon for advice, even more so since the Chaos began.
The situation is serious enough to justify disturbing the mythical and solitary Feca alchemist. In fact, the only thing the scientomages of the four nations agree on is that someone or something is most likely influencing the souls that incarnate to join the World of Twelve. However, no mere mortal dares take the risk of visiting Incarnam. The only solution is for Otomai to go to Incarnam and investigate!”

The new Incarnam in the Wakfu Era

For this Incarnam redesign, we have forged strong links between several key ideas from the Krosmoz and, specifically, the WAKFU MMO: Wakfu, Stasis, Ogrest, the Chaos and its origins. These are the same concepts that we are going to progressively develop and enrich over the course of the coming updates.
To do so, we need a “human” link, a character who is able to know these notions and develop a relationship with you. Otomai volunteered himself to become your first in-game mentor! His relationship with Ogrest and Dathura, the fact that he lived through the Age of Dofus, then Ogrest’s Chaos and the beginning of the Wakfu Era, and the mystery that surrounds him and his status as a demi-god all work to make him the ideal candidate.
For us, adding such an emblematic character with firm ties to the history of the Krosmoz as Otomai is not entirely unexpected. There’s a very good chance you’ll cross paths again later, outside of Incarnam…
In the middle of all that, we have created a prominent place for the characters you incarnate, setting out the main framework for the game straight from the tutorial, notably through a new introductory cinematic that unravels the mysteries of the appearance of your character in Incarnam, as well as their place in the Krosmoz and the Wakfu Era.
Finally, it may be a training phase to learn the basics of the game, but we couldn’t just let you wander around aimlessly. So, as soon as you incarnate, you’ll find yourself joining up with Otomai to complete a pretty important quest.

Why the make-over?

We have been following your questions and comments in the forums, and the most frequently asked question was: “Why is Incarnam getting yet another make-over?”
First of all, this make-over is part of a bigger plan that concerns the whole start of the game. Our aim is to make sure new players are greeted in the best way possible, so they can easily learn the basics, i.e. its mechanics, its ambiance and its history, and continue doing so even after the tutorial in Incarnam is over.
Additionally, the current version of Incarnam was created with a lot of limitations and restrictions, namely a basic client with a maximum size of 100 MB that allows you, even with a weak connection, to start playing quickly while the rest of the game is still loading. These 100 MB had to include both the whole basic client (software, code, game engine), the tutorial and the related data (visuals, game areas, backgrounds, sound, music, text, etc.).
However, since the creation of this tutorial two and a half years ago, a lot of the mechanics have evolved and it was, therefore, our job to adapt the training and discovery phases to these new mechanics.
What’s more, this tutorial gave an overview of a large number of aspects of the game, but without going sufficiently in-depth about any of them. We’ve decided to let the player explore some of the mechanics at the heart of the game and get used to them, while moving other aspects and mechanics to later on in the game and as the character’s progress advances.
There was also a lack of context. Incarnam doesn’t appear in the basic narrative of the game at all, and there was no supporting objective for the player. Nor did it feature prominently in the transmedia universe, the wealth of the Krosmoz or the WAKFU universe in general.
Finally, the aspect that has annoyed us the most since this tutorial was implemented, is that the players couldn’t start playing in the class of their choice right away — a restriction imposed by the 100 MB. Today, we are no longer bound by this restriction. As a result, in this new Incarnam, the player will start the adventure with a real class straight away, but will be able to try out other classes quickly and easily in a simple and not overly hostile environment.
To sum up, we believe that generally, new players weren’t learning enough about the background, such as the form of the WAKFU MMO, its game system and its objectives. They weren’t emerged in its displaced universe early enough.
All these reasons, and more, were what drove us to redesign Incarnam from scratch, both visually and mechanically, in a very deep and noticeable way, to make it richer and inject it with even more Wakfu!

And how is that applied, in practice?

In a more practical and technical way, we have wanted to update Incarnam and its tutorial in order to better reflect the main activities, features and mechanics of the WAKFU MMO. So we needed to sort through and prioritise them to ensure the new player wasn’t drowning in information, while, at the same time, making sure the basics were all there.
In this vein, we also asked ourselves the question “when?”:

  • When should the player have access to this information?
  • When is this feature useful to them?
  • When will they be really be able to make use of it?

Based on this analysis, it became clear to us that we were going to have to spread out some of the unlocking and the explanations of certain features beyond Incarnam and the basic tutorial, as is already the case, for example, in Astrub with the Haven Bag, the decorations and showcases, and with the dragoturkeys and drago-destriers.
First of all, in this Incarnam update, we’re going to introduce new players to the basics of the game, such as combat, character progression and interactions.
This also means that, over the next few updates, we’re going to make some pretty big changes to the way this start to the game is followed up. But that is another story...
Getting back to Incarnam, we are going to add various features. For example, isn’t it frustrating to have to start a character and tutorial from scratch, losing all your progress, to find the class that suits you best?
No worries! We’re giving you the chance to change class instantly and freely, as often as you like, for all characters that have not yet reached level 10. You won’t even lose any progress. This will also allow you to change your character’s sex and appearance! And you can do so as many times as you like. So, don’t you think you’re better off in the new Incarnam?

What? That’s not enough? Very well. You’ll also be able to redistribute your aptitude points for your characters that are below level 10, as often as you like and without penalty.
A number of other little things, that you may or may not notice, will also be added. For example, quests with progressive objectives and descriptions, so the Quest Book will no longer be overloaded and so players can follow their progress in a better, more simple way.
In short, as you may notice, our aim is to make life easier for all players, new and old alike. And this is just the beginning! Throughout this year’s updates and beyond, we will be constantly continuing to improve the WAKFU MMO’s interfaces and features.
Do you still have questions? We’re here to answer them!


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