We are going to give a detailed explanation about the changes made to the acquisition rates of numerous game resources, as well as to the attempts each player makes with regards to the latter.

A number of resources (some looted or dropped) recoverable from the monsters have special or inconsistent acquisition rules. We have noticed, for example, the sometimes different loot rates for monsters from a same family or attempts set to “1 resource per team” instead of “1 resource per team player”. Similarly, rarity is not always consistent with the rates of acquisition.
These rules have changed over the course of several updates and it has been deemed necessary to standardise everything to bring it more in line with current standards.
In this file, you will find all the changes that will be implemented in WAKFU update 1.47!
Just a few things about the ratings:

  • “Rarity” columns: 1 (common – white) ; 2 (rare – green) ;  3 (mythical – orange).
  • “Rates” columns: the value is expressed as a %.
For example: 35% means the basic chance of getting the item are 35%. This rate can then be increased by the player’s Prospecting characteristic.
  • “Attempts” columns: the val (-1) means that one loot attempt is carried out per player. When the value is positive and between 1 and 6, this means that there are 1 to 6 loot attempts carried out by the team.

Due to English naming conventions of certain items, it may appear that there are more or less items listed in other versions. Items that appeared twice, and were named the same, for certain monsters were grouped and thus makes it appear like there are less.
Stay tuned for more details and news about all the features coming in the next update!

Category: Game design