Twenty kamas to go to the island of your dreams! Now that’s a golden deal, isn’t? You only have to pay for the boat ride from your Nation’s port once, and you get to be a tourist for the year! So, alright, yes, it’s raining, it’s dark, and it smells like an 80-year-old’s adult diaper. But what were you expecting for only 20 kamas?

Monk Island

This island is populated by lecherous and decrepit old monks. Their hygiene is matched only by that of the rats they live in harmony with—nearly symbiotically, actually. It’s impossible to tell whether it’s the rats or the Skidmonks making those horrendous squeaking noises. And above all, do not trust the Felonious Monks! Their jolly robes and frail appearance hide a bunch of warlike old dudes who will think nothing of whacking you upside the head hard enough to make you wake up with a hangover. The ghost of Dan Sominik Kraust will guide you through these inhospitable lands (which is not saying much, for a hospice!) and will take you to the Undieworld, where the sour Nun rules over the monks with an iron fist.
When he was going out with the Undieworld’s Nun, Dan Sominik Kraust felt like he needed a little change of scene. It has to be said that, when faced with the choice between an ancient nun and a young librarian with the face of an angel, the old priest didn’t take long to make up his mind. Unfortunately, the Nun discovered them one day playing Leap-Gobball. And the Nun never forgives. Nope, never. Furious, she seized the couple and instantly burnt them to ashes, then saved the same fate for herself. And do you think her revenge stopped there? Far from it! Not content with having bumped off Dan and his librarian, the Nun’s ghost threw her old boyfriend’s spirit out of the Undieworld, then straight away locked him out of it. And then she went back in to torture the ghost of Dan’s mistress. He’s now counting on your help to get in there and save the librarian. If you get the chance to give the Nun a good kick in the backside on the way, you’ll find the mission even more fun!

Monk Island Monsters

Even if the monsters were the Island’s only inhabitants, the unusual countryside would still be worth visiting for its unique charm. Unfortunately, this region is infested with very nasty rats who are carriers of more than a few diseases. These dirty rodents would be happy to give you their germs in just a few bites. As for the monks, they’re more than a bit rusty, but that doesn’t stop them from being formidable adversaries. Don’t be surprised if, even though their Perception isn’t exactly what it once was, their Willpower remains as indomitable as ever.

Tip: Defeating the Nun

The Nun is a real old bag. What’s more, she’s an old bag with a thick skin! If you want to get the best of her, it’s all a question of timing. You have to juggle between the mistress of the place and her summons throughout the entire battle.
Because, yes, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that the Nun calls up summons. Quite regularly, actually. Initially, she is happy to merely summon a few monks who will amble over and block your line of sight and also drain your HP. The worst thing about it is that each of the monks adds to the Nun’s in-game Resistance through summons.
We highly advise you to kill these summons as soon as possible. Otherwise, your most powerful blows will have no more effect on your opponent than a Wodent scratch.
Are you getting the picture? That’s great. But don’t lose sight of the Nun herself either. Fun fact, the Nun frequently re-enters Concentration. This state has two effects that are not gonna make you a happy camper. First of all, the Nun unlocks a new spell called “Spectral Charge.” This spell triggers at the beginning of her next turn and deals heavy damage. Secondly, every time the Nun takes a hit, her damage dealt increases by 20% of extra damage per hit.
To make it simple, when her hands glow, run and get out of her way, and above all, don’t hit her! Let’s repeat that for the Iops among you: shiny hand = run + don’t hit
If you can manage to juggle between the Nun’s damage zones, the summons and the small windows when you can hit her, the rest should be a piece of cake!