Ever since you got wind that a new class would be coming to WAKFU, many of you have been wondering what these Huppermages will bring to the game. Before the elemental mages reveal all their secrets, we’ll tell you a bit about their Huppermagic School.

The new wind that’s about to start blowing in the World of Twelve probably has something to do with the Quadramental Breeze, but that’s not the whole story!
The Huppermagic School awaits you on the new Rok Island.
This content, in large part marked by quests, will be available to all players starting from level 1, even if they aren’t Huppermages. You’ll find, among other things:

  • A main quest, split into three parts (levels 30, 80, and 130) that should give each of these three level groups loads of experience
  • New gameplay through mini-games and tests
  • A new dungeon (level 130), The Occullege
  • And rewards–new items, spells and passives common to all classes

But some of the most important things are the pieces of the Huppermage origin puzzle you’ll find! In fact, we’ve paid special attention to this new class’s background.

Go with the flow

Since the Quadramental Breeze began blowing more fiercely, many folks from the World of Twelve have learned to use elemental power...But few are able to harness that power like the Huppermages.
Sputtering sparks, shards of rock, unstable fluids, and misty swirls of smoke all spin around at the Breeze’s mercy in a mad, frantic dance. And the Huppermages, as choreographers of this elemental mayhem, set the pace and give it purpose. Like a painter, they mix colors on their palette before daubing them onto their canvas. A little emerald green here, a touch of turquoise there, a hint of bright crimson, a splash of earthy ocher...Will the Huppermages rain down fire or flood on their enemies? It all depends on their mood...and the final picture they want to paint.
They say that being so close to the elements greatly influences the High Mages’ state of mind. So don’t be surprised if you see a Huppermage’s eyes brimming with tears during a sudden cloudburst...

Science and knowledge come first

Huppermages live in isolation, seeking to completely master the energy of the universe. When confronted with Ogrest's Chaos, they initiated the “Unity” project, which aimed to consolidate and protect the world’s knowledge by removing it from the face of the World of Twelve. And bringing it... to their floating island! The Huppermages’ command of the elements enabled them to develop resources and technology known only to themselves.
But it wouldn’t be enough! Some years later, the energy core of their island in the heavens imploded, which caused the gigantic land mass to fall, killing many Huppermages in the process. But not all of them, fortunately!
Stranded in the middle of the ocean, the mages slowly came back to their senses and then worked to restore their land. They rebuilt the Huppermagic School with what was left of the island after its fall and decided to leave their self-imposed isolation in order to recruit new members.
Thus, the Immaterial University of Bonta (IUB) was born, a secret office with a dedicated to seeking out and recruiting potential Huppermages. But the recruitment is far from finished! The school has decided to open its doors to the general public through an access platform in Astrub.
The Huppermagic School will provide you with increased knowledge, thanks to new spells and passives, plus new quests and a new dungeon.

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