[SPOILER!] Remember, a few months back, the Quest of Nations gave you the chance of becoming a legendary hero. Today, the adventure continues with Chapter 2: The Archaeologists and the Buried Temple!

Previously in the Quest of Nations...

After having explored up, down and along the shores of the island of Mount Zinit, you end up going in circles. A divine artifact is what’s missing in order for you to reach the entrance to Ogrest’s lair! No sooner said than done – off you go in search of it! But… huh… in search of what, actually? Well yeah, you can’t look for something if you don’t know what you’re looking for!

Fortunately, you’ve been able to rely on the wise counsel of good ole Pappy Pal and it wasn’t long before you found out that the artifact in question was nothing less than a... dragon! That’s all?! For a minute you were worried...

Chapter 2 of the Quest of Nations takes you on the path of archeology, and it’s a branch of archeology that specializes in the period prior to or during Ogrest's Chaos. But before you embark on this quest, you first have to prove yourself! Because the fragile archeological sites around the World of Twelve will hardly welcome in adventurers with all the finesse of a war Gobball... And who knows? Perhaps you will discover a hidden passion for antique ruins! Plumb the depths of the World of Twelve before making your way to the top of its highest peak, on Mount Zinit!

There, you will encounter both the best of friends and the worst of enemies, such as Team Missile! You can download it here :


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