A new adventure awaits you in the recently released WAKFU Raiders! Assemble a team of super powerful warriors and kick the butts of all those who dare stand in your way! At the end of the road gifts for your favorite MMO Game and all the answers to this world’s anomalies lie waiting for you... But which world are we talking about? Hmm... Do you know Yakusha?


Available on the App Store and Google Play, WAKFU Raiders today reveals some of its backstory for you.
Through images from the game, some among you have already noticed several anomalies... Some of you have spotted creatures and characters turning up in odd places... Is this as designed? And first of all, where is this adventure taking place? Huh?!
Before telling you the tale of Yakusha, the main character from this brand new quest, let’s get some major details straight. You will indeed be trawling the length and depth of the lands of the World of Twelve, but... it’s not the world you think it is! Since the beginning, you may well have read the following about WAKFU Raiders: “you must lead the investigation into the anomalies of a parallel world”... Do you see? Are you beginning to catch on to where we’re going with this?
To sum it all up, if you have any questions about the anomalies in this world, it’s up to you to find the answers. It’s all part of the game!

The god of mirror images

You know the god Ecaflip? He had several kids. Among them are Kerub Crepin, Atcham, Ush Galesh and Yakusha, lovechild of a romance between the feline god and a mortal, which makes him a demigod (are you following this so far?) Although Kerub and Atcham came from the same litter, Ush and Yakusha both have different mothers. Another point the last two have in common is undoubtedly their father’s lack of recognition of either during their childhood, and thus their ambition as adults is practically identical. Both seek after power and public adulation. They are demigods after all!
Although Yakusha has the same goals as his half-brother Ush, he has always had a more taciturn and solitary nature. His schemes rely on plans that are much more convoluted and which have been carefully designed to conceal his involvement. Plans like that often involve Yakusha’s divine powers, such as making copies of himself or other items!

The story of WAKFU Raiders takes place when Yakusha is still young, in year 980 of the Wakfu Era. It’s all about his first attempt to grow in power and inspire more devoted followers...

The gifts

If you complete the last mission of the tutorial Incarnam (mission 1-15), you will get the title: Mirror Voyager and an emote "Brandish a flaming sword". The code will need to be entered at the following page:

You now know everything!
The fate of the new World of Twelve is in your hands!
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