Your ancestors perhaps already walked these shores once upon a time. Way back then, Ogrest hadn’t yet sunk it beneath kalitres of salty tears. Kokoko milk flowed freely and four bodacious turtles, warriors of legend, held sway. Today, it has resurfaced from the depths of the ocean, and more than one exotic adventure awaits you there... 

After years spent in oblivion, this tiny isle has emerged once more from the depths of the Asse Sea. You can already see its distinctive form take shape before you, through the fog... It reminds gourmets of the most delicious pastries ever baked by Xav the Baker. To others, dreamers who haven’t really got their feet on solid water, and have their heads in the heavens, it reminds them of a star on which a famous scientist is said to have once set foot.
Yes, Moon Island is back! And it comes bearing gifts: Tropike Dungeon, Kanniball Dungeon, their two new families of extraordinary creatures and more than 15 exotic resources and new profession recipes await you there! 

Tropikes family (level 170 - 200)

And let us not forget the Exquisite Runes… These are runes that have skills equal to the Twelve themselves.

In the heart of its mysterious jungle, on its beaches of golden sand, and in its dungeons, Moon Island is hiding 2 Fonts of incredible power. Fill them with the resources needed by battling the Archmonsters associated with them, and get your hands on a Metamorfo allowing you to change a classic rune into an Exquisite Rune!
But none of that answers the question you must surely be asking yourself. What on earth could have suddenly caused this island to appear again, after it’s been lying at the bottom of the ocean all these years?
Some say that LeChouque, who is second only to Moon himself when it comes to the celebrities the island is famous for, was apparently responsible. Could it be that this ghostly pirate, a roving seafarer who’s sailed the seven seas, just got tired of splashing around in the waters of the Asse Sea, with his fingers getting all wrinkly? Some people say that he used the seawater to make his own brand of rum, and gradually lowered the level of the ocean until Moon Island was left high and dry for all the astonished sailors for miles around to see.
Others, inclining more towards Moon worship, claim that the monkey with the hammer inflated his own ego to the point it became the size of a great, round Plump Tofurby, and he was able to float HIS island back to the surface all by himself.
Hmm... Well, the best way to find out more about Moon Island would be to go there, wouldn’t it? Be careful all the same because, between two Kokokonut Trees and a Maniok field, you might stumble on some Kanniballs with a voracious appetite! And you won’t live to regret it unfortunately...

Starting at level 170, a quest will invite you to take a boat to visit Moon Island.

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