This is the last Heroes System Devblog, which will focus on the service rates for this system. Many of you have been asking about this and reacting to the news of this pay-to-play system. Here are some final comments before the service is launched on the 29th of September.

No doubt some of you out there are wide-eyed and wondering, “Just what are they going on about?!”

The Heroes System will let you play up to three characters on a single account. And no, this is not like Sidekicks. The Heroes in question are actually the other characters on your account. This means you can play using your profession character and your favorite damage dealer at the very same time!

Since they’re characters in their own right who can be played solo, Heroes keep their inventory, quests, Achievements, characteristics, etc. You manage them exactly the same way as your main character! They earn the same experience, and they have their own loot and dungeon tokens. Collectively, your Heroes will form what is known as your Company and their levels added together will provide your Company with a rank; the higher the rank, the bigger the rewards!

Of course, all your Heroes can enter a dungeon, as long as they have a key and have reached the required level. For example, if you have two characters at level 90 and one at level 60, the latter will not be able to visit Forfut.

Another important note: it’s impossible to exceed the character limit of two extra characters per account. Sidekicks don’t stack with Heroes. Therefore, you’ll need to choose between playing with either 2 Sidekicks, 2 Heroes, or 1 Sidekick and 1 Hero, in addition to your main character.

The Heroes system differs from the Sidekick system in that it is a pay-to-play service with a set duration. You choose the number of Heroes you want and the length of time you want them for. As for the rates, you can see them in the table below.

  Ogrine Price (7 days) Ogrine Price (30 days)
1 Hero 1000 2500
2 Heroes 1500 4000

This subscription plan works the same way as the Booster Packs. Buying  “1 Hero – 7 Days” service twice doesn’t give you 2 Heroes for 7 days but rather a single Hero for 14 days.

Speaking of booster packs, the XP bonus applies to all the characters you play. However, the x3 multiplier will only be applied to the lowest level character, while the highest level character will stay at x1, until both reach the same level.

But that isn't all, we are also going to be offering  a special Heroes + Booster Pack (at a lower price than the two combined) which will include 30 days of Booster Pack and 30 days of Heroes System with 2 slots for 6,500 OG!

To discover and experience the service at your ease, this service is free for 14 days starting from the “The Moon Island” update on 29th of September.

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