Hi everyone! For those who aren’t familiar with my articles, I’ll be giving you an insider’s perspective on the major changes in the works for WAKFU. I’ll try to explain our choices, our constraints, the directions we’re taking, etc.

The Spell Deck

I’ll start with the spell deck, since the beta’s already been out for a while and it will be included in the next patch.
We’ve been reading your feedback and I think it’s important to talk a bit more about this project and explain the reasoning behind some of our choices.
This feature can be divided into two parts, which I will address separately
  • The deck system
  • Class improvements

The Deck System

The deck system is almost finished. This week, we added the deck tab system and we have to create the last graphic elements. We’re currently integrating the tutorials and unlock notifications to give a feeling of progress.

The most negative feedback we received was mostly related to the limited number of spell slots (12). First of all, this change can’t be analyzed without also considering all the modifications we’ve made. 

With the deck system, it’s now possible to have all your spells at the maximum level, which gives you access to your class’s full potential. However, if the system didn’t have a spell limit, there would be no difference between two characters from the same class. Our goal is to put a system in place where players can change builds depending on what they like playing, their group, and the enemies they face. With this system, players are no longer restricted to playing the same spells all the time; instead, they will be able to adapt quickly.
That’s why we’ve also added new passive spells to help you specialize your characters even further.

This brings me to tri-elemental characters, the “jack of all trade” characters that can “do it all.” Characters who can “do it all” reduce the tactical scope of the classes, which is the opposite of what we wanted to accomplish with this feature. For example, with 12 active spells, you can keep playing a tri-elemental character, but you’ll have to make concessions in terms of non-elemental spells. You’ll increase your offensive abilities while reducing your tactical abilities. Conversely, using your class’s full tactical potential will reduce your offensive abilities.

This is the basis of classic tactical RPGs: tactical choices are made depending on the make-up of a group, with each character being highly specialized. We can’t completely apply that model, since each player must still be able to play alone, but having access to all possibilities in the game considerably reduces the motiivation to form a group and destroys the concept of roles.

I am aware that it will be a major change for some of you, but this system will create new possibilities in the overall game, especially a progression towards more tactical combat.


Class Improvements

We’re progressing slowly but surely with the classes. Our goal is to get through the majority before the release of the beta in mid-June. I won’t go into detail here, but please give us your feedback in the various topics in the forum’s beta section. The work on the classes turned out to be more complicated than we expected. Within a short period of time, several unexpected issues slowed down the game design team’s progress. But don’t worry, you’ll see the results in the next patch.

I was able to read some comments from players who are worried that “their class will be nerfed.” Just like with the deck system, you have to look at all the additions together to get a more accurate idea of the changes. The damage inflicted by some spells has been reduced, because new passive spells have been added. For example, base healing spells have been greatly reduced, because a specific passive spell that increases all healing (at the cost of damage) has been added. But players who specialize in healing will have the same healing abilities as before.

More comprehensive adjustments have been or are being made, but the goal of the new system is not to nerf classes.

Nation Quests


The group working on this project is making excellent progress. Despite a week-long delay due to internal technical issues, this project will be finished in time for the upcoming patch. Graphic production and animation are finished, and we should be able to continue integrating the different elements this week. Check out the beta on the weekend to see for yourself!

Very High Level Content (VHL)

Graphic pre-production started last week. The work group’s goal is to conduct research on environments and monsters. I can’t say much right now, but this big project has been launched and is expected to be completed in time for the third major update of the year.

The game design team will meet with pre-production at the end of June (that’s the team that’s currently working on the class improvements). However, we wanted to let you know that we’ve decided to put the majority of VHL content on a new island... I’ll be able to tell you more over the course of the coming weeks!

Heroes System

And last but not least, Heroes! As a reminder, the Heroes system is separated into a few major projects:
  • Company system
  • Review of quests

Despite a lost week last month (and a lot of public holidays), we’re making progress and expect to finalize the system in about a month. That doesn’t mean that the work will be done, but that all the components will be present. We’ll still have to debug and make improvements based on your feedback.

Company System

The Company level and reward system is almost finished. The rewards themselves have already been integrated!

And may I say they’re pretty awesome! We’re going to post a whole Devblog explaining how the system works and showing you a few of the rewards that will be available when it’s released.

Review of Quests

We’re still reviewing the scripts for different quests in the game. The team is currently working on Calamar Island. On the Hero side, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, even though we’re not there yet.

We’ll be putting out a Devblog that will explain each aspect of the feature in more detail. So there you have it: the next community letters, even though it took a bit longer than usual to get to you. 

See you next time!
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