Remember, you saw an episode all about him in WAKFU the Series. Of course you remember... you trembled like a little Enutrofette when you saw him steal Evangelyne’s shadow!  Perhaps you’ve even come across him in game, on Forfut. Vampyro hasn’t uttered his last sluurp! (That’s the sound Vampyres make when they suck your blood.)

Unless you’re ready to teach him a lesson? Huh, you’ve turned pale all of a sudden... You’re not afraid, are you? And what if somebody told you that there was a Sanefty Belt and a Vampyric Breastplate to top it all off? There may even be some equipment drops that give you the look of Vampyro himself! Enough to play a whole ton of pranks on your friends as well as your enemies!
Since January 2015, Vampyro has been fought no less than 11,733 times! Who knows, maybe you’ll be the 11,734th to fight him! Aaah! The color’s come back to your face! But hold on a moment! Before you leap into the bat’s den, make sure you read the Mayor of Forfut’s message to his citizens carefully first. You may find some of this information extremely useful...
“Fellow citizens,
These are grave times. I won’t Forfut your right to hear the truth: the future of our village is threatened.
For some time now, Count Wagnar has been prey to an evil that eats away at him a little more each day... and which is, little by little, plunging Forfut Village into the depths of shadow! After falling madly in love with Shadofang, the Shushu he was guarding, Wagnar has become no more than a shadow of his former self.
He now goes by the name of Vampyro. He’s hard to miss. He’s got a wide (and rather sharp) smile, a complexion as pale as Gobbette Milk and wears a massive purple ring on his finger. This ring is none other than Shadofang, which gives him the power to absorb people’s shadows, after which he can transform them into Ghouls! Some among you have already paid the price. Many of you have lost a friend, a brother or a mother. All of them have become mere, shambling puppets without a soul!
It’s time to put an end to all this! Today, I appeal to the bravest among you to confront Vampyro and thereby release Wagnar from the terrible curse he has fallen prey to!
Go rescue your count! Save him from the foul clutches of Shadofang!
To this end, you must first fight the Ghouls who are roaming around the place so you can get the Castle Key and gain entry to the castle.
Watch out! Because once inside, the hard part’s still to come, as you must fight hordes of terrifying monsters in every room of the castle...
So take care! And don’t forget to bring one or two Tofus along, because it is said that Vampyro is allergic to their feathers...”

Visit Forfut to face off against Vampyro, and very soon to venture into the new dungeon for this area, The Miseryeum! The new species of monster who calls this dungeon home may well put you through your paces...

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