Cras have had trouble staying competitive compared to the other classes for some time now. When playing alone, Cras are penalized by the small size of the battlefield and the number of monsters that can easily reach them.
In group play, Cras inflicted less damage in comparison to other classes.

This rework aims to correct Cra’s weakest elements and bring Cras up to level with the other classes while also strengthening their distance damage-dealing gameplay (they’re archers after all!) We will do this by making Cras more dynamic, giving them a stronger strategic element (which we are trying to bring to all reworked classes) and by applying the new balancing standards (final damage, etc.). Here’s what we did to reach this goal:
First of all, we removed the majority of MP costs from Cra spells. Since Cras need mobility to keep their distance from opponents and constantly need to reposition themselves, these costs were counterproductive. New effects and passive spells will compensate for the apparent loss of hefty damage on some spells that have lost their MP cost.
In order to continue keeping their distance and fulfilling their distance damage-dealer role, Cras now have two MP loss spells (including an MP steal) and a Range loss spell with effective and immediate effects.
Next, we also wanted to reward Cras who manage to keep their role thanks to the “Evasive” effect. Cras become Evasive when they start their turn without any opponents nearby (within 3 squares). Being Evasive lets them inflict more damage with certain spells, and a passive spell lets them get additional bonuses when they become Evasive.
To further strengthen Cra’s mobility, we’ve introduced a new “Precision” mechanism. When Cras move, they gain Precision. Precision increases their chances to score Critical Hits and Critical Damage during their current turn. Together with their other passive spells, Cras can indeed rely on Critical Hits at the heart of their gameplay.
We decided to go to a single Beacon, which is now an active spell, instead of the three elemental Beacons. This lets Cras unlock no fewer than three new elemental spells, while giving them better control of the battlefield through the choice of effects that they’ll place on the Beacon.
Cra now works with three elemental states: Flamboyant (Fire branch), Reach (Air branch), and Riddled (Earth branch). Flamboyant increases damage in the area around Cras, letting them steal HP with the Voracious Arrow. Reach increases their single-target damage and lets Cras shoot powerful Poisoned Arrows. As before, Riddled lets them shoot Destructive Arrows that are...well, destructive.
But that’s not all. We’ve overlapped these three states in such a way as to create real synergy between elemental branches and open up numerous rich, diverse possibilities. Don’t worry though, single elements are still possible, and the base effects of the spells are still simple and effective!
Next, we tried to standardize increases to damage spells that were too weak:

  • Transition to final damage for bonuses
  • The aforementioned “Evasive” mechanism
  • The aforementioned “Precision” mechanism
  • The aforementioned mechanisms related to Cra’s elemental states
  • The “Sharpening” mechanism (with every spell cast, Cras generate Sharpening). They can also get Sharpening through other mechanisms. When Sharpening reaches 100, Cras regenerate 1 Wakfu Point and inflict more damage on the following spell.

As you can imagine, with some good timing, Cras will be able to inflict massive damage. But wait, there’s more! They now have excellent strategic possibilities, such as getting rewards for keeping their distance, positioning using the Beacon’s Windy effect, regenerating Wakfu Points, attempting to immobilize targets, removing Range, stabilizing targets, giving allies Range, opening up a line of sight on targets with Homing Arrow, regenerating with HP steals, and more....
We’ll let you discover it all for yourself on March the 17th

Category: Game design