Despite his musky smell, the new Pandawa is far from being repulsive! Everything has been done to give the class a more enjoyable gameplay, while keeping the basic structure of the class! Ready for a taste?

First, any Pandawas reading this can be reassured. The fundamental principles and mechanics of the class remains the same. You will still find the three elementary branches: Water, Fire and Earth with the same respective roles of support, tank and damage dealer.

"But then you may wonder... what is changing?” And you are right to be asking this question, so wham! Here's the list of changes!

Carrier/ Carried

The main mechanic of the class has been changed to make it more flexible. All branches now have spells that can be cast while carrying a target or a barrel, while retaining their effects.

Of course, this technique must have a loophole to keep everything fair. So you can make the carried person fall from the shoulders of those carrying them (but not their barrel). A little tip between us: there's a counter to the counter (and maybe even a counter to the counter of the counter).

Merriment and Worn-Out

No, we are not talking about a partying Pandawa but rather, about two important states found in the Pandawa’s gameplay. Their mechanic has been revised to make them better to manage.

These two states (Merriment and Worn-Out) are always applied at the end of the turn, the difference being that Worn- Out isn’t solely a penalty state. We feel there should be a dynamic between these two states and the Sober state. Merriment, Worn-Out and Sober all have their own advantage and a good Pandawa should be able to switch between these states to enjoy.


The Dizzy state has also been reviewed. The state itself will now be just a marker on the target with no effects However, when certain spells are cast on the ‘Dizzy Pandawa’, levels to the state and bonuses will be applied depending on the levels of the Dizzy state. Another cool feature is that other spells will consume it to inflict penalties on the opponents. Dizzy’s duration becomes infinite.

When the calcium’s high, Dizzy at max level will give back to the Pandawa a Wakfu Point!


Several improvements were made to the Barrel, a faithful ally of the Pandawa. We cannot list all of them here, but here are the most important ones. First, the barrel now has real Health Points, which are linked to the max Health Points of its summoner. This will aid the use of the Barrel in PVP with greater possibilities.

More passives will allow to make better use of the Barrel. This revamp includes: healing for the Pandawa, reducing the cost of summons, increasing range and the ability to get all the targets, around the barrel, Dizzy at the start of turn.

One of the most important changes is that the Pandawa will now be able to summon up to two barrels. Very useful in creating combos!

Earth Branch

In order to make the branch more flexible, and to create synergies between different elements, the spells of the Earth elemental branch can now be cast without having to carry the barrel. The costs of the different spells have been also revised.

Water Branch

Our focus was to make the Water branch easier to use.

The Water branch maintains its principle of modifying areas of effects relating to the use of the Barrel. While the range of Water spells have been reduced, the good news is that new healing options have been added; the Milky Breath, Milk Wave and Milky Cloud Glyph have the ability to heal.

Fire Branch

This branch is now focused toward mid-range damage. Dairy Springer becomes easier to use, giving the user extra mobility.

Our main wish is for all these changes to energize and improve the gameplay of this class for all builds to shine!

As a bonus, you can also compare both previous and new versions of the Pandawa by using the before and after encyclopedia class links beblow:

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