Starting from the next update, Nations will be able to take one another on in intense NvN combats. Players will now be able to choose to become Guards and defend their Nations, or join the fearsome Riktus rebels whose clan is about to hit the game. Read on to discover all the details of this new feature.

The Big Choice: Guard or Riktus?

When you reach level 38, a tutorial window will pop up to explain the concept of PvP and how to become a Guard or a Riktus.

Becoming a Guard is as easy as pie. The only prerequisites are that you are level 38 or above, and that you belong to a Nation. Speak to the sergeant at the garrison in your Nation’s outpost to sign up as a Guard and obtain your certificate.

To join the Riktus clan, you must be level 38 or higher and begin the quest to become a Guard. As part of the quest, you can choose to go and speak to Baddoboss, the chief of the Riktus clan. He will give you the chance to join. Don’t take the decision lightly: if you accept, you will lose all links to your Nation (if you had one, that is). Bear in mind that, even though the Riktus are a clan of bandits, they can form an alliance with a Nation in order to rule over the others! Make sure you choose wisely! 

Joining the Battle: How to Activate PvP

If you decide to get involved in PvP, all you need to do to join the battle is click the button found inside your passport.

Obviously, you can only use this button if you are a Guard or a Riktus, and you should think carefully before doing so. Once you have activated the button, you will have to wait at least 4 hours (in real time) before you can deactivate PvP mode. What’s more, each deactivation will cost you 100 Merit Points.

If your character belongs to a guild, you can only activate PvP so long as their Nation is the same as the guild’s alignment, or if their Nation is allied with the guild’s Nation. (We will return to this point in more detail in the “Guild alignment” section.)

Once PvP is activated, you will need to wait 5 minutes before you can aggress another player, in order to avoid “surprise attacks”. Don’t forget, however, that other players will not have this limitation and will be able to attack you during this period if they like.

Guild Alignment

With the implementation of NvN, guilds will be able to choose to stay neutral. It will be impossible for a player belonging to a neutral guild to take part in PvP.

If a guild does decide to participate in NvN, however, it will have to make a decision and align itself with a Nation. Any guild member belonging to an enemy Nation will not be able to activate PvP.

Here are the alignment rules:
  • You can change alignment using the “Change alignment” button on the main guild page.
  • Your first alignment choice will be free. Thereafter, you will need to buy the “Change alignment” guild bonus, which becomes available at level 5 and costs 40,000 points.
  • Only the leader is permitted to change the guild’s alignment.
  • If a player with PvP activated joins a guild aligned with an enemy Nation, PvP will be deactivated automatically without any points being removed.
  • If a player has PvP activated and their guild changes alignment to an enemy Nation, PvP will be deactivated automatically without any points being removed.
  • If a player has PvP activated and their Nation changes from guild ally to guild enemy, PvP will be deactivated automatically without any points being removed. 

How to Fight by the Book

Fighting is great, but fighting like a gentleman is even better. That’s why the following rules have been put in place:
  • You will need to have PvP activated in order to aggress another player. This means that you will no longer be able to aggress a character without first activating PvP mode.
  • It will not be possible to aggress players of level 18 and under in Astrub.
  • It will not be possible to aggress players in the center of Astrub. Other non-aggro areas will be added later.
  • When a player has PvP activated, they will not be able to use Drago-Expresses or Zaaps to and from enemy Nations. When PvP mode is deactivated, the player will be considered a “neutral foreigner” in the eyes of these Nations.
  • Having a negative number of Citizenship Points will automatically activate PvP and you will be considered an Outlaw. You will be able to lose Merit, but you will not be able to gain any until your Citizenship Points are back above zero again.
  • When your Citizenship Points are positive, you can activate PvP the normal way.
  • When you join a fight, the group will need to be made up of characters from your Nation or an allied Nation.

Fighting players who are not in PvP mode

  • Being aggressed when not in PvP mode will not activate PvP mode on your character.
  • Joining the defenders (players under attack) will not activate PvP mode on your character.
  • Joining the attackers (initiators of the attack) will activate PvP mode on your character.
  • If you attack a player who does not have PvP activated, you cannot gain any Merit. However, you will lose Merit if you are defeated.
  • If you join the defenders whilst in PvP mode, you will earn Merit if you win the fight.

Fighting players who are in PvP mode

  • If an ally joins the fight, their PvP mode will automatically be activated.

Anti-abuse measures

  • You cannot aggress a player more than 50 levels above your own, a measure which aims to prevent people from separating groups using mules, for example.
  • If a player disconnects during a PvP fight, they will lose points, and the remaining player will gain points.
  • It will not be possible to enter a fight against an opponent with the same IP address as you.
  • A player who dies in PvP cannot be resuscitated using KenKO.
  • It will not be possible to aggress a fellow guild member.
  • Allowing people to beat you for money will be forbidden and subject to sanctions, as will muling using your own characters. The game rules on the site will be modified accordingly.

How to Distinguish Allies From Enemies

In order for the system to be efficient, players need to be able to distinguish potential allies from targets quickly.

All players with PvP mode activated will therefore have a distinctive element that displays around their name when you mouse over their character.

Enemies with PvP activated will display a visual effect in the color of their Nation above their heads, meaning you can spot them right away.

Neutral players (i.e. those without PvP activated) will have no visual effect and no distinctive element around their name.

Where Does Politics fit Into all This?

The addition of the NvN system is clearly going to have an impact on certain political rules:
  • It will no longer be possible for Nations to be neutral. Your Nation will always be either allied or hostile with regard to another Nation.
  • Only one alliance per Nation will be allowed, so you must choose carefully.
  • It will be possible to team up with players from enemy Nations.
  • If a player from an enemy Nation has PvP mode off, they are treated as a “neutral foreigner”.

One day, I’ll be the Greatest Warrior That Ever Lived!

Of course, PvP will be the perfect opportunity for you to show off your skills with pride.

PvP will include a ranking system with 10 levels. You start off at grade 10 with 0 Merit, and if you prove yourself as a skilled enough fighter, you will reach grade 1.

The 7 bottom grades (10 through 4) are “regular grades”, and you will need 2,000 Merit to progress from one to the next.

Grades 3, 2 and 1 are for the fighters at the top of the rankings (within each Nation). Only a set number of players will be allowed to hold these grades at a time: one player at grade 1, seven players at grade 2, and 42 players at grade 3.

A minimum threshold will also be set for the three top levels:
  • Grade 3: 14,000 Merit;
  • Grade 2: 16,000 Merit;
  • Grade 1: 18,000 Merit.

These “top-ranked” grades will be updated once a week to take into account fresh point totals. Only the person at the top of the leaderboard will be allowed to hold the grade 1 position.

What’s in it for you?

Besides the pride of being the greatest fighter in the World of Twelve, PvP will offer you the chance to obtain various rewards:

  • Visual elements: wings around your character’s name which change according to your grade and Nation. Overall, there will be 50 symbols available across all the grades and Nations.
  • Between 50 and 100 pieces of equipment. You will be able to use this gear in PvM, although its advantages will be much greater in PvP. This equipment will have grade requirements.
  • 3 different auras.
  • 10 titles.
  • And best of all, 15 costumes (3 per Nation)! You will need to be a certain grade in order to wear them, which means you’ll have to fight hard to defend your position… or die trying!

All of these elements will be available for purchase in game using a new currency called the Glory Orb.

You will earn these Orbs by winning PvP battles, and the number won will correspond to the amount of Merit gained. For example, if a fight earns you 30 Merit to help you on your way up the leaderboard, you will also receive 30 Glory Orbs.

Please note, though, that there will be a daily cap on Orb acquisition: you will be allowed to earn a maximum of 1,000 Orbs per day.
Well, now all that’s left to do is sharpen your sword, polish up your armor and wait for the magical day in September when you’ll finally be able to show the whole World of Twelve what you’re made of!
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