Hello everyone, it's been a while since I did not write a "Letter to the Community." I know some of you were asking for its return and it is now here!
Hello everyone,
For several months now, we have been working on the various international versions of WAKFU, concentrating on our production methods as well as on the content itself. The upcoming patch is a turning point for the game, as it will be the culmination of many projects that have been underway for a while.

It will focus on three objectives:
  • Strengthen the basics of the game
  • Improve progress and accessibility
  • Extend the quality of our most recent content to the beginning of the game.

It is a broad objective on which we had to make choices. I will not go into detail about each of them, but I wanted to share our way of seeing things.  

The choices that were made were all to strengthen the foundations on which we can build and develop the game, which also forced us to postpone the release of certain content.  

We asked ourselves the same questions every time we approached a point in the game: "Is the current system good? ", "How can it be improved?" , "What does that impact? ", "Is the interest for the player lives up to the time we'll spend on that particular point? ".  

Given the magnitude of the task and the limited time we had, it was important to have a clear direction and stick to it in order to change the game in a concrete way.  

I will soon return to our main projects to explain why we decided to work on them and where we are going.

The basics

To build and develop the game, you have to have a solid foundation, without it any major changes is risky.

It was a difficult decision because it impacts the rules and content which were present since launch and will change the players’ habits.   

The first point that we decided to review are the combat rules, specifically the Lock/Dodge system, the resistance system, speed system and various adjustments and rebalancing depending on these.  

I will not explain here all changes accurately, but the central idea is to reduce the random aspect by improving the understanding of the various elements of combat by the player to better control the system itself.  

The changes we have made have also an impact on the evolution feelings of the player and the possibilities that the system offers.  

The second major change on the basics concerns the storyline and the beginning of the game.

Indeed, the objective of the game was not clearly given the players, nor the basis of the World of Twelve's history.

We decided to revisit the start of the game by providing a structure closer to the latest islands and the recent content that we've made, with also adding rhythm to the narration, combat phrases, puzzles and minigames.

The main Astrub quest starts the player in his adventure by giving him the necessary information on the World of Twelve and its ultimate goal.

Dungeons in Easy Mode

Since we reviewed the beginning of the game, it was important to improve the accessibility of our main content: the dungeons.

Some players may get stuck at a low level to enter the dungeons because they have no group available. So we decided to incorporate a new difficulty mode for low level dungeons: the "Easy" mode.

They are balanced to be achievable only with two Sidekicks, there will be fewer monsters, so less drop and they will bring fewer tokens.

Greater Sense of Progression

To enhance the feeling of progression for the player, it was necessary to modify the evolution of the characteristics, access to equipment items rules and balancing.

One of the criticisms that come up often is “obtaining an item is too random." Therefore rather than adding a new feature, we decided to bring back the machines.

The rule is simple: for each defeated dungeon boss, the player gets tokens he can spend for dungeon items.  

But by improving the access to items, there was still a big obstacle: the availability of items for all types of builds and levels.

We did not have many viable solutions. So we chose to add a system of random generation of elements for the items. When a player receives an item, the characteristics are fixed, but the elements are random. That is to say, a tank build, regardless of his element, can now find happiness and will not be blocked because the item didn’t have the right element in its level range.

And I assure you, it will be also possible to redo the roll via an in-game item.  

Finally also on the item side, we had to balance all in-game items to make sure that every item was useful for the player and that the characteristics’ progression was good. It was a huge project but necessary to improve the feeling of progression.  

Speaking of progression, we have also improved the characteristics’ progression. It was disturbing to see players "save" items, and therefore not changing their character for 30 levels to up a characteristic.

So we thought of a system where the player can spend their points without saying "I should have to wait a few levels." With our new system of evolution, the player will be able to develop his characteristics at different levels. Each evolution will have a significant impact on the character.

And as you'll discover, there will be many new evolutions allowing you to open opportunities for many different builds.

PvP System

For the first "Player versus Player" WAKFU system, we had to make a choice. We had two options: either an arena system with a very thorough ranking system and another one to manage the combats or a guard system based on the political system.

We opted for the guard system for two main reasons:
  • It is a mode based on the politic system feature, which allows us to enhance one of the core features of the game and build PvP around the peculiarities of WAKFU.  
  • A system of highly competitive arena would have required a perfect balance for an interesting metagame. With all the changes we are making to the game, it is too early to start this type of system. However, we want to add it later on and after being able to change the basis of our balancing on the current PvP system.  
All the choices we have made are in line with an evolution of the guard system towards a territory conquest system.  

For example, it was important to ask the players to link their guild to a nation, because this rule will be one of the foundations of the conquest system to mobilize troops.


As I've said, we had to make choices and compromise.  

The redesign of the interfaces has been pushed bback. This is a significant task and important to the game, but it must wait a few evolutions/changes to be carried out properly.  

The capitals and politic system revamp are falling behind. We started working on "new nations" including the capitals, but it is a huge overhaul and we will give you regular updates on this.

As for politics itself, we'll work on it step by step, starting with the "war" aspect with the addition of PvP, which will evolve over the game updates.  

The class revamps were delayed for two main reasons: 
  • The need to complete the revamp of the basic combat rules in order to bring consistent revamps with the new system.
  • As well as the game designer who was in charge of this (Grou) has left the team.

However, we will still schedule class revamps to make regular changes and improvements. We managed to bring you the Sram revamp for the next game update of September, we also hope to bring you a class revamp at least once every two months.  

Finally, the craft revamp is expected to arrive early next year. The new design is set, but we had to wait two more revamps, to be able to fully concentrate on it, especially the global revamp of the items (associated with the revamp of the rules of combat) and adding the machines.

It is important for us that craft brings out items which will have a special place in the game and taking into account the different ways of obtaining them too (drop, machines).

Hopes for the September Game Update

All the changes and additions will allow us to develop the game further than we thought we could do.  

The PvP system will result in the arrival of the conquest system, the craft changes will be part of a global logic of how to obtain items.  

There are still many points we would like to push forward, starting with politics, providing an economic dimension and increasing the martial dimension (with the conquest of zone); the ecosystem by better managing natural variations; reintegration of the Mount Zinit following the new main quest, etc.  

It will still be necessary to make a lot of choices to advance the best way and make our players as happy as possible, but the direction we have set seems to be the right one.

A Big Thank You

In the recent months, the game has undergone significant changes and additions paired with a better game quality.

All this would not have been possible without the beta server and the involvement of the players and the production team.

So I wanted to finish this letter to the community in thanking all the players who gave us feedback on the features and content added to the beta server and on the forums.

Without this valuable support, the game could not have evolved as good and so quickly so thank you everyone!
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