The Protoflex is the new Sidekick that you can choose to have by your side starting with the next game update on March 18th... But who or what is this Protoflex? Where does he come from? This great robot of a new era…
Of all the strange things that have been found off the Sufokia’s shores, the Protoflex is probably the most enigmatic and the most disturbing fact is not so much the amount of these machines, which have been found in the depths of the region, but especially the fact that most of these "things" are still operational.

In view of some characteristics reminiscent of the infamous Sire Flexington which gives it its name, this machine is clearly carrying the Foggernaut signature, as said by the Foggernaut archaeologists. But not like the Foggernauts which are now roaming our streets and fields.

No, the Protoflex, is a creation of  the "original" Foggernauts. It even seems that they date precisely from the time when the Foggernauts were separated into two factions:
  • On one side those who continued to believe in Oktapodas, and accepted to live their lives with nothing more than a body of flesh and blood.
  • On the other side, the Foggernauts we know today, those who have mastered Stasis and created mechanical body to receive their conscience and prolong their lives.

Then come the questions that all sciencemages of the World of Twelve have been asking themselves:

Is it a prototype of our Foggernaut mechanical ancestors, or is it from the other Foggernaut faction? Is there "someone" in this complex mechanic? A ghost in the machine? Why were there so many Protoflex? Are these war machines? Are these receptacles for Foggernaut "souls" that haven’t got their "receptacle" yet? How does the Protoflex repair itself? What is their source of energy?

Nobody dared try to take apart an “active” Protoflex, and the rare damaged and inactive “specimens” have almost nothing to give to the "experts" even when disassembled and examined from every angle. The only thing that is for sure is that they do not work on Stasis, as their contemporary "counterparts”.

Remains one last question, raised by a protologue now renamed Asiic Amivos, a question which scientists are afraid to find an answer: Why does an activated Protoflex “links itself” to a person and protects that person, even to the point of jeopardizing its own "existence", as if following some kind of rule, or laws, maybe even the laws of the prototic?

All this still remains to be discovered...
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Jade1 07 March 2014 22:11
Pandawa and sram revamp?

Wasting dev time on more multiman sleep 
axemangx 08 March 2014 00:06
Seems like a stasis sidekick.

My one gripe is that some of the other ones need some heavy refurbishing, though.
JbcX 08 March 2014 00:23
Anything that adds more variety or lore to the game is a +1 from me.
KamiKumo - Member (+) - 08 March 2014 00:30
YES! OHMIGOD YES AH AH AH AND OH! It's precisely what we want, MORE STUFF TO BUY FROM YOU! More things to pay for instead of correcting shit yer throwing at us each "update". Yer like greedy fat chuby kid licking his lolipop. And then licking his/hers sticky fingers while puting on a smile that could embarass Cheshire Cat and put him into coma.

GET the POOR and CRYING Pandawas and Srams PROMISED REVAMP
Get yer ass off that golden throne and answer our questions.
Ankama *ptui* worst game publisher evar.
MiniMikeh - Member - 08 March 2014 00:39
Gynrei|2014-03-07 21:20:11
TommyTrouble|2014-03-07 20:41:06Does he increase our droprates and roll again for Relic Fragments? Does he lower the PP lock threshold to something humane? Because that's what we're looking for: The Drop Revamp. If it comes in the form of a Foggernaut Prototype, well, at least it will finally be here.

Soooo much this^^

I want a new sidekick with these features. To make up for the quackquack nerf... I believe the new sidekick should look like this:

im laughing so hard at this holy crap

Also i'm glad we got some info on him finally still no info on how we get him though? quest reward? boutique?
saphiLC2 - Member - 08 March 2014 08:31
yay a new multicrap... fix the game first... stop wasting your time and our time... im not buying stuff from the shop until the game is playable again.
-DeathTheKid 08 March 2014 16:23
This lag is so frustrating T-T

Please fix.
DJKac - Member - 08 March 2014 16:24
Razortime? Is that you?
Jade1 08 March 2014 18:09
They figured out that people will buy multiman with money and sell them at the market with kamas. We'll prolly get 4 more multiman this year.
Toastman7 - Member (+) - 08 March 2014 18:35
Looks great!