You might have just finished Chillberg Island but you do not have the level you rub your shoulders with the Wabbits? Discover what awaits you on Saharash Island, the next new WAKFU adventure island available with the next game update on March 18th!

Would you like more desert?

Saharash is the next WAKFU adventure island accessible to all adventurers of the World of Twelve.

Starting at level 115, a quest will ask you to take a boat to visit Saharash Island.

Indeed, the original expedition to explore the island hasn’t come back yet and it is up to you to find out what is the reason!
And unlike Bilbiza Island, you may not want to stay sunbathing for too long.

This island is the favorite playground for players between level 115 and 135 and will be the link between Chillberg Island and Wabbit Island.

Cactus, Cactus everywhere 

Arriving to Saharash Island will not be that easy. Indeed, the island will offer a main quest consisting of two chapters.

Each of these chapters will allow you to visit an area with its own Clan Member and its own ecosystem. Of course, you'll also come face to face with two families of monsters, each including between four and five new enemies.


Just like for Wabbit Island, the conclusion of this quest will take you through a Temple that will give you access to a mysterious artifact.

And if you still didn’t eat enough sand by then, four environmental quests per area shall fill you up.

Note that the island will be divided into two areas, with the first area available starting March 18th, and the second area on April 4th.


Let’s not forget to mention the existence of one dungeon per area and especially: the introduction of the "Hardcore" mode.

Both dungeons of Saharash Island will operate as normal, but we will give the opportunity to the more experienced players to relive it in a more difficult version.

This will result in several changes:
  • Increased difficulty
  • Experience gain increased
  • Drop rate doubled on all the Boss resources
  • Drop rate doubled on all mythical and legendary items from the family of monsters and the Boss
Please note that there will be no drop of rare resources or rare items (green) from the family of monsters, no rare item or key drop from the Boss. These resources and items will be obtained only by doing the dungeons in their "classic mode" difficulty version or from the monsters present in the ecosystem.

A few more grains of sand

And if you need a break between battles to increase your profession level or re decorating your Haven Bag, rest assured you will not be set aside!

Saharash in a few important numbers is:
  • 1 Artifact
  • 1 Costume
  • More than a dozen of decorations
  • 30 new resources
  • 30 new crafts
  • 30 new equipment items

This new island will still reserves you many surprises. We look forward in seeing you discover it in a few weeks!

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