This devblog is going to give you more details on the Shustufft Crust Dimension which will arrive soon in WAKFU!


Shustufft Crust consists of a series of islands that includes one or more specific ecosystems related to each Shushu family and their dungeons.

These are organized one after another in a way that you must have completed the previous island’s dungeon in order to access the next island.

During the February update, only one island will be available. Because of the Shustufft Crust dimension being independent from the other content, we have already planned to regularly add new dungeons and new rewards in future updates.


In Shustufft Crust, dungeons have special rules. They have only one room and entering them does not require a key.

The level of monsters is not fixed because the difficulty adapts to the highest player level of the group. For example: A group of 3 players level 125, 130, 2 players 130 and 1 player 135 will face a group of level 135 monsters.
Even if there is no maximum level, a minimum level of the dungeons monsters is set. Therefore they will never be below this level.

In the ecosystem the monsters level is also set, it is based on the minimum level of the dungeon. For example, the first island of monsters will have level 100 monsters.

Each dungeon will have a daily quest which will bring you many rewards, but only for the first daily victory:
  • A bonus experience gain
  • The possibility to get the Boss’s special resource

The Boss specific challenges can increase the rate of the drop of the special resource to 100% (the base is 40%).

With each victory, players will be able to get a generic resource, which is present in all dungeons. The amount received will depend on the level of the monsters.

Please note that from the first victory, an achievement will offer a larger amount of resources.

These 2 types of resources are needed in order to make Shushu equipment items.

Also note that the access to the dungeons will be reserved to players with a certain level. This level is generally lower than the recommended level.


The equipment items cannot be obtained directly at the end of combat, but must be made ​​using crafting.

Direct rewards exist but are mainly cosmetic such as: Insignias, titles, pets or even Shushu Fireworks to launch visual effects outside of combat, not forgetting of course the amount of generic resources received for each victory.

Equipment Items

The novelty of the Shushu equipment items comes from the fact that they offer new types of bonuses.

They will be applied in the form of a passive combat state that triggers under certain conditions.

Here is a preview of the items (Localization pending):

These new effects, possibly combined in some cases, will increase the effectiveness of different style of gameplay and will give players the opportunity to improve their role or to fill some gaps
We are hoping that you will like this new content and we will be waiting for you in the kingdom of Rushu…
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