It’s been a long time coming for the craft system to have a "small" dusting done so that it becomes a really interesting piece of WAKFU. It has now been quite a while that the GD team planned to tackle it and the task is not easy, as there is much to do, since the current craft system is a pile of  gameplay layers, one on top of another. That is why, instead of trying to rebalance the current craft system and attempt to just fill the cracks, we preferred to break down the walls and rebuild based on new healthy strong foundations (hopefully you are understanding this metaphor). Forget the craft system as it is now: Our revamp will not only make a few changes, but will offer you a totally different concept!
Please first note that all the information that is mentioned in this devblog is only in the state of concept and will not be implemented in the February game update, we are sharing with you our intentions and wishes. Even if the basics of the revamp announced here will remain (at least the basic principles of the system), many things may change in the future or may change during functionality development. As of today, we do not have a date to announce as far as when this feature will be implemented.

With this revamp, we want to bring you a really interesting game mechanic. In short, we wanted to ask you something different than collect thousands of resources and launch a series of 500 same recipe, then "AFK" during the 2 hours and a half that it would take for you to complete them. We want to provide an opportunity for you to: Manage and make choices (therefore possible optimization options) to make the craft system a "game within the game" and, in fact, reward those who invest into the "PvE" aspect of WAKFU.

This is all well and good, you might say, but the real question you're dying to know the answer is: "How do you achieve your goals and still fulfill our expectations?”

Like what has been done with the Guilds and Haven Worlds, we want to focus our design towards a management system based on what we will be calling the "tasks" which obviously include recipes for you to create items but not just that!

Without any further ado, here's a quick overview of the different concepts currently being considered for this feature.

Initial concept

The greatest novelty of this system, which may destabilize you the most is that you will not be a simple craftsman who only makes his own items anymore. You will become an entrepreneur who manages a Handyman’s Workshop, including stock, Kamas, workers, tools, contracts and so on! The principle is simple: Your character will be the prime contractor and the "manager" who will assign tasks and achievements to the workers you will have committed.

Here is an overview of all the concepts that will supplement this system. Again, we remind you that these are changes that we wish to see happening, “our intentions”, but a lot of things can still change.

Craft Tasks

We will discuss first the craft tasks which will be at the heart of the system.

A "task" is an action that you will simply run as the prime contractor.

There are many possible tasks: The conventional craft of an item by the craftsmen, but also the action of recruiting a new worker. To manage your tasks, you will have access to a maximum of 9 tasks slots (common to all professions at the same time). Therefore each task will occupy a slot for the entire duration of realization. This period may last from a few seconds to several days! Yes, some tasks, including making legendary items, may take several days to be completed.

So the whole system will be based on the principle of tasks that will have a well-defined duration according to what they will allow you to make. With 9 slots, you will be able to run 9 tasks at the same time. As soon as one of them is finished, you can retrieve the result, thereby freeing a slot and you will be able to start a new task.

You will start with only 1 task slot, and you will be able to unlock extra slots as you progress in your professions by completing goals in the form of achievements.

The big change for you, is that you can continue to play quite normally while your tasks will complete themselves, just like your Rotceres building your Haven World buildings. Your role will be to manage this small workshop, as well as making sure that you have enough resources and ingredients to start a task as soon as the previous one is finished for a maximum use of your time and overall maximizing your progress.

The Workers

To perform your tasks, you will need manpower!

Since it is not your character who will take on the workload, it is necessary that someone does it for you. The manpower represent skilled workers that you will use to accomplish your tasks. And it is you who will have to recruit them via specific tasks (Example: Start task "Recruiting an Apprentice Jeweler"). These recruits are "materials" required to start tasks but who are not "consumed" at the end of a task contrary to the craft ingredients.

Once the task is completed, you will again, have the manpower that you used for the previous task. The "basic" manpower will not provide any bonuses and will just run your tasks. However, more experienced workers (Example: Master Jeweler) may provide bonuses such as, for example, a time decrease of the task.

Some tasks may require more than one worker at a time and/or optional workers may be added to reduce the time of the task.

The Tools

Tools (example: Armorer’s Hammer, Blacksmith’s Anvil, etc...) are the materials that may be required (mandatory) or optional when performing tasks leading to the creation of an item.

Unlike workers, a tool may be consumed under certain conditions when performing a task. Besides the fact that a tool will be needed to start a task, they will also improve the success rate of a recipe.

The contracts

The revamp will provide a system of contracts (similar to the secured craft) allowing you to place an order with a craftsman of your choice.

In fact, you will even be able to make a request to a craftsman with a price quote: It will then be up to him to accept the contract as is, or make a counter offer, and so on. These contracts will be negotiated like a "Ping-Pong" game.

In the contract interface, the ordering player will deposit part or all of the resources needed to manufacture the item he desires, and an amount of Kamas (or not).

It will then be the turn of the craftsman to add (if necessary) what is missing for the recipe to be completed.

Once all the ingredients are together, the craftsman will start the contract, which will occupy a task slot.

The item created will then arrive directly in the inventory of the ordering player, completing and ending the contract.

Crafstman Rating System

We will integrate to these contracts, a rating system that will allow you to provide an assessment of the craftsman.

This assessment will be unique from one player to another. It will appear as a rating ranging from 0 to 5 and based on 3 or 4 criteria. For example: Interaction, Speed, Price and possibly Efficiency.

A ranked craftsmen board will be displayed with the average ratings to help customers have a number to base themselves on.

We will pass on the details, but we are considering several systems to obviously prevent the "muling" the ratings. These will be purely indicative and will not bring any concrete information: In short, they will function just like the ratings of commercial sites on the internet.

Craftsman Search

So that you can find a craftsman to offer a contract to, a system of "available craftsman" will be set up so that the craftsman can register and will only appear when they are connected to the game, therefore able to receive orders/contracts.

This should greatly facilitate the search for an available craftsman (and a good one!) and proposing him a contract.

Ultimately, we want to make it possible to start a contract with all craftsmen (and not just one in particular), but this aspect of the feature will not be put into play immediately.

Best Craftsman Leaderboard

We want to make high level craft a competition between players to determine who the best craftsmen are.

In fact, the leaderboard will be established and published for each type of profession to indicate who are the best craftsmen at the moment, and direct the customer search from the "available craftsmen" system.

High Level Craftsman Contest

We are also considering the implementation of a gameplay specific to high level craftsmen to give them a contest in order to get a specific classification of the high level craftsmen.

The goal is obviously to add a "plus" to the gameplay, rather than just "I level up my profession to the max and that's all I do."

This contest will consist of 2 distinct types of trials based on knowledge of the concerned profession. This contest will define the ranking system, which will also work by seasons and type of craft: The top ranked craftsmen will continually renew based on their individual investment in crafting.

Finally, note that the best ranked craftsmen will have access to specific recipes, which only they will be able to make!

Craft Access From the Web

You read it right.

Since you will be starting tasks for a defined time and managing certain parameters, our system was also built so that you can manage your Craftsman’s Workshop from a web interface almost identical to the in-game one.

So if you just need to login for 5 minutes to retrieve completed tasks and start new ones, we would like for you to be able to do it from a web browser without having to log into the game, or even from your smartphone or tablet!

Craft Marketplace

To facilitate transactions for the craftsmen, we are thinking about implementing a dedicated Craft Marketplace allowing you to store/buy resources for trades.

The idea is that this Marketplace can also be used from the website by offline players so they can make their purchases and start their tasks, even if they cannot connect to the game.

Still have questions? Our FAQ can surely answer you.

Do you have feedback? The forum is here for! Do not hesitate to let us know so that we can share them with the GD team.

Finally, we wish to repeat the following information: The Craft revamp is not scheduled as part of the February update, and we still do not know when it will be implemented. No matter what is decided, the Beta Server will be open early enough so that you can anticipate all the changes this revamp will bring, or share with us your reactions/feedback at that time.
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Nox16 - Member - 27 January 2014 19:31
ok so on the FAQ about the monitization your basically going to be doing xp boosts and time reducers.... not a big fan of that myself.
Ricesoup 28 January 2014 02:41
It souns exactly like the neverwinter crafting system
FinroyThePuppeteer - Member - 29 January 2014 13:56
Two words: Craft Guilds
Neskaya 29 January 2014 13:56
I'm lvl 100 in all gatherings and 100 in all crafting except for armorer and chef, which I am working on. Will my levels still be maxed? Are you increasing the max level to 200?

I would hate to see my previous work go to waste.

All good, I just read Sabi's post. It'll be nice to be able to lvl crafts more to 200 now. I have no life xD
Karakedi 29 January 2014 13:56
Where did my post go? I posted here but now I don't see my message. I didn't break any forum rules either so why I can't see my post?? :/ Also why is this thread not on official forum? I can't find it anywhere, I am replying via main page as well...

And also the date of the post before me are not correct, it shows that all posts are made on 29th of January,, wtf!!
MaxwellsD - Member - 29 January 2014 13:56
Love the basic idea; as I already said in another post I really like crafting and the idea of having people craft as an actual job in the game, with some players fighting and leveling and those who like to craft using that to make money instead. Hope this works out well, we'll see.

Can we expect this kind of "contract system" to be carried over to other player-to-player, player-to-guild and nation-to-player/guild interactions in the future? I just ask because when I first heard of the possibility, for Guilds, to ally themselves with Nations I thought Ankama would implement a system similar to this one with Guilds as Private Contractors.
AsuraBrasilX 29 January 2014 13:56
I was crying about having to collect a lot of plants to make just an item, i hope this revamp make it better. I like too much the Craft part of the game.

Like a lot of people said before, 100% sucess rate is a must have. We would not level up our professions and collect resources to put all in risk.

I suppose these tools will be something easy to obtain. And PLEASE, make a system that EVERYONE can be a Craftsman, not only elite players! (gracefully, this didn't happen in the current system. But in some games, only elite players have a good profit of craft and i hate that)
Monsieur-Balivernes 29 January 2014 13:56
Since the new level cap for profession is 200 does that mean that the current level 100 recipes will require us to be level 200 to craft or will new recipes be implemented along with the changes to augment the revamp?
Kikuihimonji - Member - 29 January 2014 13:56
So we will be able to check out available craftsmen online?
How about doing the same thing for group search?

Overall i am excited to read this all. However what will happen to those that already have 100 lvl crafts? You will downgrade everybody down to level 0 proffesions? Even if it may seem more fair for ranking concept to make everybody start togather, i can feel that those hard workers with 100 lvls proffesions will rage against it.

I like the idea to let other people do the job for you. I remember there was a system in other game where someoen could drop a receipe and then use it repeatadly and others couldn't untill they dropped it. That was cool system and people wanted to "collect them all" (the recepies i mean). Would be nice to have something similar in wakfu. I just hope you won't make us waste materials trying to figure out secret receipes...

As for letting us play the game while our craft is being worked on by someone else (NPC or player) i think it would be cool idea. However i don't think we should hire NPC. It might lead to crowd of NPC's if people start recruiting them. Instead how about entering workshop and talking to the head manager there that you want X item to be crafted? Then you will give the materials and he will tell us how long we must wait till the work is over. Obviously this may seem awkward to level our proffesion when ... someone else (recruit?) do it for us... Therefore i would avoid any NPC. Simply let us open workshop, place required materials in there and start the craft, then close the window and let us play, and allow us to have ability to open the workshop again to see the progress. This would make crafting workshops for haven bag convenient and wanted.
tig-ol-bittie - Member - 29 January 2014 13:56
TheKillerlives 29 January 2014 - 13:56
I will say that you NEED to take people with lvl 100 professions into consideration.
I mean I spent a good week or 2 getting fishing from 90-100 the other day and seeing my hard work go poof, well its annoying..

And if you are not careful when IF people see their months... or even years of hard work levelling their professions lost they will be really annoyed and may even quit.. and well I dunno about the other servers but Remington cant afford the losses. I was here when it was packed with people and over the years it has slowly got lower and lower to the point where it can be harder to find a group.. sometime even impossible..

If I lose all my high lvl profession I know that I would seriously have to consider quitting, I have worked hard getting them levelled and think it would be a slap around the face to lose them all.

A revamp of this system in a good thing.. I don't think anyone would disagree. you just need to seriously consider (and preferably tell) people who have worked VERY HARD maxing their professions they have spent months doing this that they will not be penalised for subbing and playing the game and bothering to lvl their professions.