It has now been 4 month that we released the Haven World feature. After a short break, and before we implement new ones in November, here’s a first recap of what you, the community, made out of this feature

At this point, we have 96 Haven Worlds per server; our goal is to reach 150!

On Remington, a total of 74 374 600 Kamas have been invested to purchase Haven Worlds, 60 530 600 on Nox and 453 100 on Amara.

The highest bid on Remington was won by Gomorrah, with a total of 3 618 400 Kamas for the Traff Algar Square – Center Haven World in Amakna. On Nox, Beaters won the most expensive Haven World, in Brakmar Headquarters, with 10 324 800 Kamas. The highest bid on Amara was won by Elysium, with 303 100 Kamas for the Headquarters Haven World of Amakna. You’ll notice that, contrary to what many thought, Bonta was not the most valued Nation!

In terms of buildings, a total of 3917 buildings and decorations have been placed in all the Haven Worlds of Remington. Nox comes very close with 3733 buildings and decorations, while Amara counts 700 of them.

The most active guilds in that regard are Damn Snoofles and La guilde, with both more than 165 constructions each. On Nox, we have 4 guilds counting more than 165 constructions: The Defiling Hand, Beaters, Epitaph and Spanish Inquisition. Congratulations to Rebellion on Amara for being the only guild with over 100 constructions!

It should also be said that 2 Haven Worlds on Remington already built a Guild Hall level 3 and 4 on Nox. No guild has reached this step on Amara yet.

To this day, we count over 7500 active players involved in guilds that have a Haven Worlds, and 4 of these guilds have reached level 10. On Nox, we have over 6000 players involved, and 5 guilds over level 10. Finally, Amara totals over 1500 players involved in an active Haven World, and one guild of level 10. As you can see, there’s still room for more!
Congratulations to all those who committed to this feature and used it just as we hoped it would be used, back when it was under development!
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Jade1 04 November 2013 15:22
Haven worlds are really fun and I hope they can be more unique in the future. Fun ideas for the devs..

  • day/'s always day time in haven worlds..maybe we can ask the rocetere Clan Member to let us change the day/night setting
  • the haven world floor should have more sand, brakmar floor, etc . Or maybe the floor look could depend on the nation or island it's in.
starfishy 04 November 2013 15:47
Our guild is level 9, and has many active members, yet we still struggle to buy anything in the haven world, as most of the people in our guild don't see it as a benefit to them, or that the rewards are too negligible to be worth the price, any plans to reduce the pricing of the first few upgrades, the curve in pricing is huge, both resource AND kama wise.
Ka-Mara 04 November 2013 15:49
1)Need a climat control at HW.
2) like said Jade ned Day/Night
3) why plants deleted if we move bildings at HW?
4) Why awery one can cut plants at HW? but seed can only gild members?
alredy see how my plnts stolen at HW :@
and then omeone who notat us gild mining us ore at HW :@
5) why HW no have mmmmmm scroll..... for erthg? why all HW look like astrub?
maybe we wana Brakmar HW stile? or Sufokia?
6) name under staf at HW deco....

( XD some ideas for devs :3 )
Rokugatsu - Member - 04 November 2013 16:29
By the amout of kamas we can tell how many people, more or less, play on each server. Poor Amara :c
Neneko88 - Member - 04 November 2013 17:51
Rokugatsu|2013-11-04 16:29:53By the amout of kamas we can tell how many people, more or less, play on each server. Poor Amara :c
it's still in beta
JustD87 - Member (+) - 04 November 2013 18:13
I love having a HW but for small guild like hours (between 3-6 regularly active members) it's become incredibly difficult to do much with the HW due to Kama costs.

It was difficult enough getting a HW to be honest.

I don't understand why the HW doesn't just have an access system like that of Haven Bags, the amount of times our HW was trolled by people coming in and opening the gate to let our mobs out was just stupid. Now we have grinded (omg the grind that is Wakfu) to get a gate just our members can interact with.
Mikutza 04 November 2013 19:10
HW's still useless btw. Any plans on changing them soon?
saphiLC2 - Member - 04 November 2013 19:18
add a way to move the "grounds" around.. i added 4 crop grounds one next to the other forming a square and i cant plant them all fully cause i get a message saying i have not enough room, and if i delete 1 of them i lose 30,000 kamas, not fair... or remove the "limit" so it dont says i have no room... you did that already with monsters... why not trees, crops and plants? start making some sense ankama.
MiniMikeh - Member - 04 November 2013 19:27
Mikutza|2013-11-04 19:10:33HW's still useless btw. Any plans on changing them soon?
how is 20% all damage and resist useless? o_o and kit skill PP wisdom etc etc
MakoSeraph - Member - 04 November 2013 20:19
None of those buildings are as cool as the Ecaflip Headquarters that resides in the Kamaradery Haven World.